9 Types of Facebook Ads that Drives Heavy Traffic & Profit


3 Jun, 2024



Do you know 47% of customers say that Facebook is their #1 influencer in terms of buying decisions, while 70% of marketers say they use Facebook to get new customers?

Is your business website still dependent on organic reach?

Do you know due to almost 3 million active users on Facebook and content published in huge quantity and variety on this platform every day, the organic reach has started declining? 

Why is Facebook organic reach decreasing?

There are 2 major reasons behind such an ordeal:

  • There are more than 30 billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook. And there is limited space in the news feed for it to be shown. Chances of having your post’s reach increase within so many pieces of content are too less.
  • Facebook shares only the most relevant & exceptional content with each user. 

Your organic posts on Facebook get viewed by your followers or people who have most viewed your page in the past, while paid ads allow you to target people who haven’t liked your page but have similar interests.

When to seek Facebook paid ads?

  • When your business page is new or old and has no strong followership from the target audience.
  • When your organic posts are not reaching your targets.
  • When you want to increase your revenue generation in a faster span.
  • When you have the desired marketing budget to allocate.
  • When you have a dedicated Social media marketing team to run your ads.

For any brand (especially the ones that are starting), positing heavy heaps of content on a routine basis isn’t just enough - they need an equal ratio of organic posts plus paid ads to reach & engage the masses. Facebook ads are essential for online businesses whose organic posting’s reach is declining and have difficulty in creating engagement with potential customers. 

Now you are convinced with why Facebook ads are important, continue reading as below you will find the 9 important Facebook Ad types to have for your business, along with 6 best practices to draft & optimize your different Facebook ad formats or types.

Here in the following article, you will learn:

  • 9 different types of Facebook ads - their purpose, best way to draft them, and more
  • 6 Best practices for Facebook ad categories or types
  • The best placement of type of Facebook ads

Before moving ahead, first, know what is the objective of each type of Facebook ads and different types of Facebook ad formats.

Want to run Facebook Ads Campaign for your Business?

  • Massive Customers Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Enhance Brand Awareness
  • Earning more Profits

Objectives of each type of Facebook ads

The objectives of different types of Facebook ads are dependent on your business goals. Thus, firstly determine the objective you wish to fulfill with your Facebook ads. The most common objectives you as a business website would want to fulfill are:

  • Massive customers reach
  • Positive & lead-generating Brand awareness
  • Engagement of the audience with the business page
  • Audience redirection to the main business website
  • Smaller conversions within the website
  • Ultimate conversions by the closing of the maximum sales cycle
  • Earning more response and profits than the cost incurred on ads

Facebook Ad formats

Once you are clear of your Facebook ads objectives, understand & determine the general types of Facebook ad formats:

  • Facebook Photo or imagery ads
  • Facebook Video ads
  • Facebook Slideshow ads
  • Facebook carousel ads
  • Facebook lead forms ads
  • Facebook canvas ads

9 Different Types of Facebook Ads for Ultimate Traffic & Conversions

Here are the 9 best Facebook Ad types that help to engage with audiences who have never responded to your page but happen to be your target audience. These different types of Facebook ads are effective at inviting a large number of audiences to your Facebook Business Page and to your ultimate website’s landing page to close them as your final customers.

1. Facebook Conversion Ads

  • When you want to redirect your audience from ads to your business page or ultimate business website, these ads act greatly to compel your potential audience to drive them to your Facebook Business page or your main website landing page. 
  • The purpose of such ads is to persuade the audience to either buy from you or take at least certain actions that could drive them closer towards ultimate sales.
  • A conversion ad with a compelling headline comprising of crisp information, media attachment as a brand image or video, along with a powerful CTA button on the bottom right of the ad with power words like “click now”, “Visit page”, “Go to website”, “Learn More”,  “Book your spot now”, any other power word related to your offering can help in gaining leads & customers.
  • Such ads can consist of a campaign tempting the users towards main websites or especially towards the products pages to drive sales, or have information as directions to your store that tempts users to walk into your store for buying. Facebook conversion ads

2. Facebook like ads

  • These Facebook like ads are designed to persuade your would-be audience to like your business page on Facebook.
  • Such ads consist of a compelling headline with key & crisp information, imagery, or video in attachment and have a CTA on the top right with the power word “Like this Page”.
  • The ads will reach the audience who would be interested in liking and engaging with your business page and website.
  • Such Facebook like ads helps to increase the followership of your page and ultimately increase your brand’s widespread reach.facebook likes ads

3. Facebook Carousel Ads

  • Facebook Carousel style ads show 3-5 images or videos (maximum 10 media) of products or services, headlines (written post or copy), and website links or CTAs in one place—the audience can scroll the ads horizontally & vertically when viewed.
  • You can select your best selling product videos or images for display. 
  • This type of Facebook ad can be used to showcase specific products or apps, to tell a brand story through carousel imagery or show one long, high-quality image divided into different blocks.
  • You can even add a mix of videos or images into such an ad.

Carousel Ad with Single Image Display

Carousel Ad with Single Image Display

Carousel Ad with Multiple Images

Carousel Ad with Multiple Images

Facebook Carousel Ad with a Mix of Video & Imagery

Facebook Carousel Ad with a Mix of Video & Imagery

4. Business Application Ads

  • The application ads are aimed at inviting and prompting your audience to install your business’s mobile application on any platform, be it desktop, or be it mobile phones.
  •  If you have a business’s mobile app, you can direct such ads with a link to the Play Store or App store (wherever the app is deployed for use).
  • By linking your application ad with your Play Store or App store, you will automatically have its ratings along with numbers related to how many people installed this app or so along with a CTA having compelling words like “Install Now”, “Get this app” or so.

Business Application Ads

5. Offer to claim ads

  • Facebook ads with offers are quite popular in different types of Facebook ads.
  • Such ads have a catchy headline with the recent offer as a discount, rebate, or special claims with strong CTA buttons and power words like “signup now”, “get the offer”, “claim now”, “shop now” or so.
  • Businesses can add any new offer, discount percentages, coupon codes, or special offers into such ads to drive the audience to their main website.Offer to claim ads

6. Event Invitation ads

  • Events invitation ads are useful when you have certain events to conduct for your product and need to invite vast audiences to attend it.
  • Such ads have a strong headline with all details to events, imagery or a video, and at the bottom, there are pointed details related to a business event with the date of event, timing & place of the event, how many people are going, how many have shown interest along with a powerful CTA button with action words like “Interested”, “Learn More”, “Book Tickets”, “Get the address” and so on.Event Invitation ads


7. Facebook Dynamic product ads

  • The dynamic product ads are for the prospects who have in the past showed an interest in your website.
  • These ads auto-populate and emerge in front of the audience to promote business products that are best sellers or are similar to visitors’ searches in the past.
  • You just have to set your product catalog with a compelling campaign and set a time duration for it to run - rest, the ad will continue to run as long as you allow it.
  • Pro tips for dynamic ads - use clear and quality imagery in your ad, and the product catalog you are mentioning, make sure it is available. And since the ad will auto-populate, ensure there are no out-of-stock items, broken links, obsolete pricing - such variables whenever are subjected to change, update them timely.

Facebook Dynamic product ads

8. Facebook Slideshow ads

  • In slideshow ads, photos as slideshow are used to tell a complete story. 
  • You can simply use any video making tool to combine & create a slideshow out of multiple images - by putting nice edit, texts, or music. 
  • If you do not want to additionally use any video creation tool, the Facebook ad manager provides slideshow creation tools with creative & stellar formats, music and text overlays, and other superlative features to add.
  • Use high-quality images for the slideshow, make sure all the images you are using are relatable, and on combing represents a wholesome story to the viewers, add a descriptive image on the slideshow’s thumbnail as this is from where viewers will decide whether to watch the complete slideshow or not.

Facebook Slideshow ads

9. Facebook Lead Form Ads

  • Lead form ads just like they sound are the kind of ads that when clicked pop out a business lead form (customized fields of information).
  • The purpose of such ads is to retrieve information from the users as their email or contact address to let them have access to business resources like newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, and other essential information users would like to receive.
  • Make sure the lead forms you are creating are concise, have details on what this lead form is all about, and has imagery relatable to the purpose you are serving.

Facebook Lead Form Ads

Facebook Ad Categories

Here are the common Facebook ad categories within which the types of Facebook ads discussed above can be majorly grouped within:

  • Facebooks ads for brand building
  • Facebooks ads for website traffic
  • Facebook ads for leads 
  • Facebook ads for conversions

6 Best Practices to make most from your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are smarter than ever, with few inputs and considerations you get an ad that’s ready to reach and compel the masses. However, the success of Facebook ads depends partially on how well you or the marketer implements it. Thus here are the key practices to make your ads look and perform nothing but only best.

1. Make sure your all the Facebook ad types are specific to your target audience

Choose your audienceIf you will focus on targeting every widely located audience, who are not even your target audience, your conversion or response to ads will drastically tank. Facebook’s targeting capabilities are smarter than ever. With them:

  • You can identify the audience who is most likely to buy from you by knowing their demographics, locations, behavior, interests, and more.
  • Identify your target audience, prepare the ad campaign based on their preferences, and target your ads only to them.

2. Are the ads relevant to your target audience queries?

Okay, so you have understood the golden rule of targeting only the audience that is likely to be your future customer. But ensure the ads you are placing are relevant to your viewers’ queries.

  • Since you will be spending so much money on placing the ads, ensure the ads you have created are relevant to your viewers’ interest.
  • Facebook launched a very cool feature back in 2015 that rates the Facebook ads. The feature will score your ads high if it has the relevant headline, media, CTA, and destination page for the audience.

Ads Performance

3. Place only visually attractive ads

Visually attractive adsAds with appealing visuals outperform the ads with basic or dull visuals. The ads with visuals not only do well in Facebook algorithms but also do well in the eyes of the target audience.

  • Doesn’t matter what kind of ad you are creating, conjoin beautiful, well pixelated &  sized, appealing images in it.
  • Even if you are placing the videos in the ads, make sure its thumbnail image is attractive and appealing enough to tempt users to play the video.

4. Share a provoking value proposition in each add

value proposition adsA value proposition is a cause or reason that tempts the user to click and introspect your ad in detail. Every kind of ad needs a believable value proposition describing and luring the audience on why they need to click on the ad right away.

  • Putting basic ad headings or statements like “ Get world’s best sandwiches here” won’t be enough or too tempting to drive your audience to click on that ad. Put actionable statements, if possible backed with percentages or numerals as - “Get the world’s best sandwiches at 20% off on first order, try yours now to claim the discount”. 
  • Add a unique value than your competitors, try experimenting and adding extra information your contemporaries might be missing at.

5. Make sure the ad copy and visuals are in alignment

Ensure that your ad copy and visuals are in alignment and share great relatability. Imagine, if you are selling astrological jewelry and putting an image on astrological signs, just because both the elements share the same keyword “astrology”, doing so will be a total blunder.

  • An ad copy that is in synchronization with its visual gets more clicks, engagements, and conversions.
  • However, if you do want to create a small contrast between your ad copy and your visuals, based on above example, you can make the ad copy all about the astrological jewelry and in forms of images or videos, you can add more information like who should buy such jewelry, how each zodiac can benefit from such jewelry and so on

6. Make sure your ad has clear CTA

A CTA within an ad can be a closing statement on the ad copy persuading the viewers to click on the ad or it can be button placed with powerful words like “buy now”, “Learn More”, “Like Page” and so on. Your CTAs should be composed of crisp, believable & persuasive information, numbers, or percentages that could encourage the viewers to click on the ads without a second thought.

Facebooks ads Ideal Placements

Once you are done with understanding the Facebook Ad types and the best practices to make the most from any type of Facebook ad, you need to understand the best placement of your ad for the audience’s clear viewing. Facebooks ads Ideal Placements

Facebook Ad Placement 1 - At right Column

  • The Facebook ad with placement on the right column on Desktop Facebook is traditional and is used even today.
  • Such ads placements however get fewer clicks & conversion in comparison to ads placed in the news feed.
  • However, if you wish to market facebook ads the best, use appealing visuals, copy, and Brand proposition to tempt the audience to click or engage with it.

Facebook Ad Placement 2 - Desktop News Feed

  • Here the Facebook ads are placed to appear in the desktop user’s Facebook news feed.
  • Such ad placements get more clicks & conversion than the ads placed in the right corners.

Facebook Ad Placement 3 - In Mobile News Feeds

  • Like the desktop placements, such ads are placed in the mobile user’s Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Again such placement of add is quite suitable as the chances of having desired clicks & engagement with ads are quite huge.

Final Thoughts on 9 Best Facebook Ad Types!

With the above guide, we are done answering your query regarding “different types of Facebook ads”, and learning Facebook ad formats in which these ads are commonly represented, Facebook ad categories, and 6 great practices on how to optimize the ads for greater reach, followed by best options to place the Facebook ads for viewers.

With Facebook’s organic reach declining, having a fail-proof, actionable, and optimized Facebook paid ads marketing is immense to result in the website's effective & quick traffic, lead, and revenue generation.

You can opt for any one of the discussed ads or can have a combination of them, provided you need to have a fixed budget to spend, an attractive landing page of the website, and a dedicated digital marketing agency by the side that could help you to optimize Facebook ad campaigns.

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