How To Make Instagram Reels Viral With Simple Hacks

 18 Nov, 2022


It seems like there's a new Instagram upgrade week after week.

Was it obvious to you that the user interface had changed? When you go to upload something to your feed, tapping the camera icon brings up the Reels and Story sections first.

Also, Instagram's relatively new Reels feature expanded from supporting 15- and 30-second videos to 90-second videos rather quickly.

Instagram Reels is a must-see if you haven't already. Users who take advantage of Instagram's latest feature might expect a flood of new followers.

What exactly are Instagram Reels, then? 

This Instagram function enables you to produce and publish engaging but brief videos to your followers and the Instagram community at large. Instagram's Reels feature enables users to create short videos with audio, augmented reality (AR) effects, and speed editing, much like TikTok.

Is this your first time using a reel? It's all right! Instagram's new video feature is short but sweet, with categories spanning education, humor, fashion, travel, and more. It's the latest thing that every creative and brand absolutely needs to have.

Currently, creating Reels for your company or business is a true growth hack on Instagram. If you think you need help, you can also consider hiring a digital marketing company.

Find out in this post what Instagram Reels are, what video editing tools are available, and how to make your reels go viral and gain new followers.

Benefits Of Making Instagram Reels

If you are wondering what if your Instagram reels viral, here is your answer.

Bring Your Brand to New Heights

To enhance your videos for sharing on Instagram, use a reel. If your highlighted reel is shown as the featured video on Explore feeds, it will be seen by the relevant individuals and may have a greater impact than if it were only featured on your profile. A brand can receive exposure to a new audience by posting in Explore. In addition, your brand's top video will be featured in a much larger format than the rest of the page's content.

Instagram reels video views data

Involve Your Audience

It's important to keep an eye on what's popular when you access the Instagram Reels page to create a video with your own unique perspective. Also, keep an eye on the hashtags, sounds, and effects used in Instagram Reels, so you can jump on the next big trend as soon as it hits. You may attract the attention of both your current followers and potential new ones by including these characteristics in your profile's metadata and capitalizing on the fact that they are sought after by users of the site.

Raise Your Profits By Effortlessly Increasing Sales

Instagram posts can now be directly purchased, and this feature has been added to Reels. You just need to make a video and label the items in your catalog related to the subject matter. This is another method of Instagram video optimization that can be used to increase your brand's bottom line.

Want to Viral Your Reels On Instagram?

  • Build Your Brand Identity
  • Reach Wider Audience
  • Engage with Your Audience

How To Viral Reels On Instagram

If you want more views on your Reels and are curious to know how to viral Instagram reels, consider some of these strategies for making reels viral.

#HACK 1 Create Original Content

Instagram users who regularly post unique content are more likely to be included in the app's Reels section.

Instagram Reels sees daily posts from thousands, if not millions, of creators, so standing out is no easy feat.

The good news is that when it comes to creating viral Instagram Reels, you don't have to start from scratch. The most important thing is to make something that may either teach or entertain people in your own special way. Any idea may be made new and interesting by adding a twist or a new perspective.

#HACK 2 Include Text On Videos And Captions

Including subtitles and on-screen text in your videos is a no-brainer if you want to attract a wider audience.

Subtitles are helpful for people of all hearing levels, not only those who prefer to watch silently. You can use the "closed caption" sticker to add subtitles when uploading videos to Instagram. A few seconds may pass while the audio is being transcribed. After they've made it, you may go back and make any necessary changes to the text.

Closed captions should be centered on the screen to ensure all Instagram users see them.

#HACK 3 Prompt Your Audience To Click On Your Bio Link

You can get more clicks from Reels if you have a prominent call-to-action(CTA) telling visitors to visit your bio link.

You can do this in a variety of ways, including a voiceover, a caption, or on-screen text. This is a fantastic method of maximizing the benefits of the link in the bio, and it requires only a few moments of your time to implement.

#HACK 4 Take The Lead Quickly On Trends

Reels come and go fairly swiftly.

Take a few moments every morning to check out the Instagram Reels page and other creators' profiles to see what they're sharing and get in on a trend before it dies out. If so, you may find out how often other artists have utilized the song by clicking on it. You can get an idea of what's currently popular by browsing the videos.

It looks easy so far, isn’t it? Wondering what's more and how to make Instagram reels viral? Talk to a digital marketing agency to market your business, raise your profits and increase your social media engagement.

#HACK 5 Share Your Reels To Your Feed

You may not know this, but posting Reels to your Instagram feed is a great method to get more people to see them and improve the likelihood that they will become viral.

Keep this in mind, and choose the option to publish your Reels on Instagram. If not, your Reel might never be viewed by the people searching. If you're afraid about Instagram Reel clashing with your feed's style, you can always add a custom cover image.

#HACK 6 Place Text On Screen Most Effectively

The placement of any on-screen text, whether it be closed captions or otherwise, is crucial. Inadequate text visibility can be a huge disincentive for viewers to watch a video. Especially if you plan on posting it to your feed, keep your text within the 4:5 aspect ratio. In this manner, the text will be displayed when a user opens your Reel feed. This may not seem like a big thing, but it greatly improves the reading experience if you curate the positioning of your text.

#HACK 7 Stick To A Specific Topic And Consistently Post About It

When you find your Instagram Reels niche and stick to it, you can quickly become a viral sensation.

Instagram has attracted a huge audience with diverse tastes and passions. There is a market for any product or service. Moreover, don't give up if your Reels' first few segments don't get many views or comments immediately. It's a matter of trial and error, like with anything else on social media.

 engagement rate for Instagram Reels

#HACK 8 Give Something Of Value And Spread Educational Content

You'd be wrong to assume that the newest dancing trends were the only ones that appreciated Reels. Many artists are finding success by spreading useful information through viral videos and other forms of online media.

Helping your target demographic learn more about a subject is a win-win for both you and them, so don't overlook the educational value of content creation.

#HACK 9 Use Hashtags

Using between three and five hashtags is a wonderful method to help the Instagram algorithm understand your content and show it to people interested. Now you must be thinking, how to make my reels viral?

By utilizing hashtags like #skincare, #makeover, and #makeuplook, you may let the Instagram Reels algorithm know that your material is related to cosmetics, increasing the chances that it will be shown to individuals who are already interested in the content of a similar nature.

The addition of keyword search, which Instagram has recently implemented in a number of countries, means that visitors looking for information on similar topics will be able to find your post.

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#HACK 10 Make Your Own Audio Or Use Instagram Music

If you want more people to watch your Instagram Reel, one of Instagram's recommendations is to use music from the Instagram music library or to make your own original audio. 

Instagram has a large Instagram music library to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect track for your video. You may search for a song or artist, listen to what's popular right now, explore different genres, and more.

#HACK 11 Create A Story And Post It On Instagram

If you have an Instagram Reel, you should definitely post it to your Instagram Stories. To get your Reel in front of as many people as possible, you should post it as widely as possible. If you want to entice people to click and watch your entire Instagram Reel, you may easily cover up a portion of it with a GIF or image.

#HACK 12 Post Your Videos During Peak Viewing Hours

You can't just publish whenever. If you want to reach your intended audience, you need to know when they are most likely to be online and available and what is the best time to post on Instagram. When you've figured out when your posts will get the most attention, schedule them then. In this manner, you'll have a better engagement rate.

Instagram Reels reach


Building Instagram Reels is a powerful strategy for expanding your Instagram audience.

You may differentiate yourself from competitors, create a niche for yourself, and attract new readers by following these hacks.

When contributing to Reels, please keep the following in mind about how to make reel viral:

  • Use the Instagram Grid to Showcase Your Reels
  • Publish your reels on Instagram Stories
  • Brands will be more likely to share your video if you tag them in it.
  • Make multiple versions of your Reels with a similar look, feel, or music.
  • If you want to get featured once more, you must keep making Reels.
  • Blend your unique spin with ongoing trends.
  • Use well-known songs
  • Including relevant hashtags

You're now ready to start making Reels that go viral and level them up. Finally, you can stop scratching your head about how to make your reels popular online because you have our detailed guide right here. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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