How To Make Instagram Reels Viral With Simple Hacks


9 Apr, 2024


Are Instagram reels bothering you? Or aren’t you receiving the anticipated engagement because of the recent Instagram Reels algorithm update? Eager to know Instagram Reels viral hack so that you get more views? 

Get the inside scoop!

Since its establishment in the year 2010, Instagram superseded as one of the most sought-after social media platforms. On its launch day, approximately 25,000 users joined the platform. 

Instagram is equally popular among marketers because around 78% of US marketers use it for advertising their products, and 31% of US marketers spend their total ad budget on Instagram Stories.

It is also an ever-changing social media platform, regularly introducing new features and updates, and the most recent and attractive feature to date is- “REELS!” Each Reel is liable to the Instagram algorithm’s terms and conditions, and misinterpretation can destroy your dreams of becoming successful on Instagram. If you think you need help, you can also consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

Take it easy! We’ve compiled 18 mind-boggling Instagram Reel hacks to get the better of algorithm-related challenges and get millions of views to your Instagram Reels. 

So, let’s start by understanding how the Instagram Reel algorithm works.

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How Does The Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?

The IG algorithm is the guideline that describes which Instagram posts and accounts procure more visibility. The main objective of social media algorithms is to anticipate the type of content a visitor is expected to interact with. 

The social media algorithm puts particular posts from specific creators on the user’s feed according to the user’s activities. If any Instagram user likes to watch Reels all the time, it indicates that the user likes that type of content.

Subsequently, the user will get to see more of the Reels and their creator. 

Instagram analyzes a few factors in order to showcase related and appealing content for the users’ stakes 

  • User’s activity
  • How the user interacts with the Reels creator
  • Reel information
  • Content creator’s information

The latest Instagram Reels algorithm update will not only systematize the best quality but also unique content. This denotes that Instagram users can not any more cross-promote their content from any other platforms. 

Therefore, the IG algorithm will most likely diminish a TikTok video posted on Instagram. Instagram also briefed that the new Reels algorithm will predominantly prioritize funny, exciting, and appealing Reels.

18 Instagram Reels Viral Hacks

Instagram Reels have been around for a few years. Therefore, making them highly noticeable from the rest is getting complicated because of the intense competition. We’ll provide you with a few valuable hacks and hints to create and how to viral Instagram Reels.  

#HACK 1 Create Original Content

Instagram users who regularly post unique content are more likely to be included in the app's Reels section. Its the best Instagram reels viral hack. 

Instagram Reels sees daily posts from thousands, if not millions, of creators, so standing out is no easy feat.

The good news is that when it comes to creating Instagram Reels viral, you don't have to start from scratch. The most important thing is to make something that may either teach or entertain people in your own unique way. Any idea may be made new and exciting by adding a twist or a new perspective.

Since Instagram provides several editing options, it would be perfect if you avoided the TikTok watermark no matter what and created your Instagram Reel in-app.

In that way, you’ll be able to increase the chances of more users engaging with your content. And make viral your reel.

#HACK 2 Select An Engaging Thumbnail

It’s not definitely true when you could think that IG can manage to select the right cover for your Reels best.

Select An Engaging Thumbnail

But instead, you can try picking an appealing thumbnail that immediately grabs the scrollers' attention. In an attempt to help viewers recognize the sort of content you’re sharing, you can also add text or a quote like a title. It’ll help add value for the viewer before viewing the Reel.  

#HACK 3 Include Text On Videos And Captions

Including subtitles and on-screen text in your videos is a no-brainer if you want to attract a wider audience and viral your Reel.

Include Text On Videos

Subtitles are helpful for people of all hearing levels, not only those who prefer to watch silently. You can use the "closed caption" sticker to add subtitles when uploading videos to Instagram. A few seconds may pass while the audio is being transcribed. After they've made it, you may go back and make any necessary changes to the text.

Closed captions should be centered on the screen to ensure all Instagram users see them. It's also a good idea for Instagram reel viral hacks.

#HACK 4 Prompt Your Audience To Click On Your Bio Link

You can get more clicks from Reels if you have a prominent call-to-action(CTA) telling visitors to visit your bio link.

You can do this in various ways, including a voiceover, a caption, or on-screen text. This is a fantastic method of maximizing Instagram reels viral hack, and it requires only a few moments of your time to implement.

#HACK 5 Take The Lead Quickly On Trends

Reels come and go fairly swiftly.

Take a few moments every morning to check out the Instagram Reels page and other creators' profiles to see what they're sharing and get in on a trend before it dies out. If so, you may find out how often other artists have utilized the song by clicking on it. By browsing the videos, you can get an idea of what's currently popular.

It looks easy so far, isn’t it? Wondering what's more and how to make Instagram reels viral? Talk to a digital marketing agency to market your business, raise your profits and increase your social media engagement.

#HACK 6 Share Your Reels To Your Feed

You may not know this, but posting Reels to your Instagram feed is an excellent method to get more people to see them and improve the likelihood of viral your reel.

Share Reels To Your Feed

Keep this in mind, and choose the option to publish your Reels on Instagram. If not, your Reel might never be viewed by the people searching. If you're afraid about Instagram Reel clashing with your feed's style, you can always add a custom cover image.

#HACK 7 Place Text On Screen Most Effectively

The placement of any on-screen text, whether it be closed captions or otherwise, is crucial to viral your reel.

Inadequate text visibility can be a huge disincentive for viewers to watch a video. Especially if you plan on posting it to your feed, keep your text within the 4:5 aspect ratio. In this manner, the text will be displayed when a user opens your Reel feed. This may not seem like a big thing, but it greatly improves the reading experience if you curate the positioning of your text and helps to viral your reel.

#HACK 8 Design A Compelling Hook

To viral your Reel, it has to withstand millions of other Reels. The most vital part of any Reel is the first second, and when any scroller spends above 3 seconds of time viewing your Reel, it gets counted as a “View.”

Design A Compelling Hook

To grab users' attention, there’s one more Instagram reel viral hack where you can use text, sounds, or any type of salute to mark the start of your video and keep your viewers engaged until the end of the video. 

#HACK 9 Stick To A Specific Topic And Consistently Post About It

When you find your Instagram Reels niche, stick to it, and you can viral upgrade Instagram and quickly become a viral sensation.

Instagram has attracted a huge audience with diverse tastes and passions. There is a market for any product or service.

Moreover, don't give up if your Reels' first few segments don't get many views or comments immediately. It's a matter of trial and error, like with anything else on social media. And one of the best Instagram reels viral hack.

Instagram Reels have an average engagement rate of 1.95%

#HACK 10 Give Something Of Value & Spread Educational Content

You'd be wrong to assume that the newest dancing trends were the only ones that appreciated Reels. Or it's the only Instagram reel viral hack. Many artists are finding success by spreading helpful information through viral videos and other forms of online media.

Helping your target demographic learn more about a subject is a win-win for both you and them, so don't overlook the educational value of content creation.

#HACK 11 Use Hashtags

Using between three and five hashtags is a beautiful method to shedding more light on how Instagram works, or it’ll help the Instagram algorithm understand your content and show it to people interested. Now you must be thinking, how to make reels viral?

By utilizing hashtags like #skincare, #makeover, and #makeuplook, you may let the Instagram Reels algorithm know that your material is related to cosmetics, increasing the chances that it will be shown to individuals who are already interested in the content of a similar nature.

The addition of keyword search, which Instagram has recently implemented in a number of countries, means that visitors looking for information on similar topics will be able to find your post and viral your reel.

#HACK 12 Make Your Own Audio Or Use Instagram Music

If you want to viral your Instagram Reel, one of Instagram's recommendations is to use music from the Instagram music library or to make your own original audio. 

Use Instagram Music

Instagram has an extensive music library, making finding the perfect track for your video easier. You may search for a song or artist, listen to what's popular right now, explore different genres, and more. This is how you can make your reels go viral.

#HACK 13 Create A Story And Post It On Instagram

If you have an Instagram Reel, you should definitely post it to your Instagram Stories. To get your Reel in front of as many people as possible, post it as widely as possible. 

Create A Story On Instagram

If you want to entice people to click and watch your entire Instagram Reel, you may easily cover up a portion with a GIF or image.

#HACK 14 Post Your Videos During Peak Viewing Hours

You can't just publish your Instagram Reels whenever. If you want to reach your intended audience and viral your reel, you need to know when they are most likely to be online and available and what is the best time to post on Instagram. When you've figured out when your posts will get the most attention, schedule them then. In this manner, you'll have a better engagement rate and viral reel.

#HACK 15 Set Upon the Hype Trends

Just like tikTok Reels trends, Instagram trends aren’t permanent.

Therefore, it's crucial to keep abreast of the latest trends and adapt them for your brand promotion so that you can grow your possibilities of getting noticed and viral your reel. 

The Instagram Reel algorithm gives precedence to new and unique content over Reels at one time.

So keep going with the flow!

To set upon a new trend before it gets outdated, you can spend some time scrolling through the Reels page and checking the other creator’s profiles to check what they’re sharing. 

As of 2023, Instagram reels have an average video view rate of 2.54%.

#HACK 16 Make Sure That Your Reel Quality Is Good

When determining whether to go ahead with your Reels, the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration several factors, such as compliance with the advised video ratio, creditable video quality, proper lighting, etc. 

It's better to have plenty of light for better filming, and window light or calm tones are always chosen compared to warmer lighting. 

#HACK 17 Apart From Reels Create Other Content

Your brand can seemingly get discovered when you share different Instagram content to be shared with the world, including posts, Instagram stories, videos or live streamings, etc. 

When someone starts interacting with your content, the Instagram algorithm tracks that activity and presents them with your latest Reel. This is when is a reel considered viral.

#HACK 18 Shoot Vertically

Around 80% of social media video watchers browse using mobile devices! Taking this into account, Instagram proposes changes to improve the smartphone experience, one of which is the vertical video trend.

Most well-known social media channels, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, inspire creators to make videos vertically because they are highly mobile-friendly compared to landscape mode and reduce the extra steps of slanting the phone for improved UX. 

The effortlessness of browsing through the Reels, double-clicking to like them, and viewing them without inclining improves user engagement. Fascinatingly, according to Entrepreneur, 94% of visitors hold their smartphones vertically. 

So ensure that you make a vertical video for Reels and remember that the dimensions of your Instagram Reels must be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels.

Measure The Performance Of Your Instagram Reels

It might be that your Instagram Reel may get ahead, but to be there for the long term; you will have to build a substantial presence on Instagram. It requires considerable analysis to understand the strategy which will bring about constant success.

Furthermore, it could be highly tough without preparation and suitable social media tools. Presently, everybody can access Instagram Reels analytics just by looking at a Reel in your feed or Reels tab. Anybody can evaluate the no. of views and likes. 

Despite that, assume that you are using Reels for your business.

Consequently, you will have to research deeper into user interaction and completely understand how Instagram Reels support your business establishment on Instagram, i.e., what works and what does not! For Instagram reels viral hack.

Because of this, digital marketers can take up Instagram audits with the help of social media analytics tools to discover patterns and find out what is crucial to their audience. 

Reasons Why You Need Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have soared over the past few years, providing reach and higher user engagement through the roof. So, if you haven't yet leveraged them, effective immediately. Here are the reasons why you should leverage Instagram Reels

  • Bring your brand to new heights
  • Multiplies engagement 
  • Strengthens trust with customers
  • Gives storytelling opportunities
  • showcases brand personality
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Drives new audiences
  • Unleash chances to broaden the content


Creating Instagram Reels is a powerful way to expand your Instagram audience.

You may differentiate yourself from competitors, create a niche for yourself, and attract new readers by following these Instagram reels viral hack.

When contributing to Reels, please remember how to make your reels go viral:

  • Use the Instagram Grid to Showcase Your Reels
  • Publish your reels on Instagram Stories
  • Brands will be more likely to share your video if you tag them in it.
  • Make multiple versions of your Reels with a similar look, feel, or music.
  • If you want to get featured again, you must keep making Reels.
  • Blend your unique spin with ongoing trends.
  • Use well-known songs
  • Including relevant hashtags
  • Set up Hype Trends &
  • Shoot vertically

You're now ready to start making Reels that go viral and level them up. Finally, you can stop scratching your head about how to make reels go viral because you have our detailed guide right here. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

However, if you are still doubtful and need help, our digital marketing company is here to provide you with the best digital marketing services to enhance your social media presence.

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1. What are the rules for Reels on Instagram?

You need to upload the Instagram Reel saved to your system. A reel should be between 5 to 90 seconds, and the preferred aspect ratio should be 9:16. You must add a caption, and you can also add emojis and hashtags and tag other accounts inside your caption. 

2. What kind of reels get the most views?

One of the best methods to boost followers and user engagement on Instagram is to create Instagram Reels for your brand or business. The best strategy to viral your reel is to get a spot on the Explore page and use the following elements

  • Hashtags,
  • Post Reels at peak hours,
  • Watch time,
  • Make use of suspense in your Reels,
  • Use attractive CTA
  • Make use of trending music

3. How many views do you need on Reels?

What is good Instagram Reel engagement? 1.5% might not appear like much, but most social media marketing experts agree that a reasonable engagement rate is between 1-5%. The more the number of followers you have, the more difficult it's likely to be to accomplish a reasonable engagement rate.

4. Which hashtags increase views on reels?

Hashtags are essential for Instagram Reels if you want to get more reach, views, viral reels, and user engagement for your videos. The most trending hashtag, like #reels, is #nautilusflyreels, which has been used in around 14312 Instagram posts!

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