You Should Check Out These 97 Powerful PPC Stats of 2020

 27 Aug, 2020

You Should Check Out These 97 Powerful PPC Stats of 2020


Do you know as per different studies, the average internet user is exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads daily? 

Online ads have come so far, it was 26 years ago when we saw the first online ad ever by AT&T with the “You Will” campaign.

And 26 years later, we see thousands of ads posted daily. Online ads have grown in popularity, to be precise PPC ads because they help businesses to discover their qualified customers and uncover their products/services to them. 

Almost every business treading online depends on the balance of organic and paid search marketing to:

  • Grow website traffic
  • Get qualified leads/prospects
  • Gain conversions
  • Get measurable results
  • Build brand value

PPC or Pay-per-click ads today with platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, Linkedin has become the largest advertising model (74% of businesses are investing in PPC) because of its budget-friendly pricing (compared to other marketing avenues) and effectiveness in reaching the far-off audiences online.

PPC ad campaigns are the best way to reach the right audience in the shortest cycle without wastefully squandering valuable marketing dollars.

Let’s move towards the most awaited & essential 97 PPC stats of 2020 that will help you to discern answers to questions like:

  • Why is PPC important?
  • Which PPC ads are suitable for your business?
  • How much budget should you allot for PPC ads?
  • What makes people convert?
  • How can you enhance the effectiveness of your paid search marketing campaigns?
  • And other things like that…

97 Powerful PPC Stats to know When Investing in Paid Search Marketing - 2020

1.1 General Pay-per-click or PPC Stats

Here are the general PPC stats that you (website owners) and your SEO services providers need to know of.

  1. Around 80% of marketers allocate some portion of the total ad budget to search, display, social, and remarketing ads.
  2. Around 72% of companies don’t even look at their ad campaigns for over a month. 
  3. 65% of the total small to mid-sized businesses do have a PPC campaign.
  4. 47% of the total global purchases are done online.
  5. 32% of companies make use of PPC to directly sell products/services to consumers.
  6. Businesses with PPC make $2 on every $1 spent.
  7. The companies spent $106.5 billion on search advertising globally in 2019. 
  8. Almost $9000 to $10,000 per month is the average amount that is spent on the PPC campaign by small to mid-sized companies.
  9. 39% of advertisers’ budget is accounted for paid ads.
  10. PPC is one of the top 3 generators of on-page conversions.
  11. Traffic that comes through PPC advertising generates 50% more conversions than organic advertising.
  12. 75% of users click on ads because it helps them find the information they need more easily.
  13. 49% of people are most likely to click on a text ad.
  14. 79% of marketers say PPC is critical for their business.
  15. 17% of digital marketers use PPC ads to generate leads.
  16. Paid search can raise brand awareness by up to 80%.
  17. 62% of marketers are planning to increase their PPC budgets.

1.2 Search Pay-per-click or PPC Stats

Since most of the PPC ads appear in the search results of search engines like Google, all above the organic results, here are the PPC stats related to search ads (text ads) - which make sure you and your PPC services marketers know of.

  1. 90% of advertisers claim that text ads are the most important & effective PPC channel.
  2. 80% of many search ads can increase brand awareness. 
  3. 65% of all highly-intent searches result in an ad click. 
  4. 45% of all online advertising revenue in the U.S. amounted from search. 
  5. 45% of page clicks are from Ads that appear in search results. 
  6. 42% of all digital marketing spending is done on search marketing. 
  7. In the US, 63% of all searches are happening over search engine Google.
  8. 41% of all clicks in the search engines go to the top 3 paid ads in search results. 
  9. $132 billion is the search advertising spending that is projected to grow globally by 2022. 
  10. In the U.S, $46 million is spent on search ad spending accounts in 2020. 
  11. Online visitors who click on PPC ads over Google are 50% more likely to do a purchase than those who come to the same website through organic searches/results.
  12. The average click-through rate (CTR) for Google ads is 3.17%.
  13. 63% of users are highly likely to click on Google ads.
  14. $6.75 is the highest average CPC (cost per click) for Google Ads, which belongs to the Law and order industry. 
  15. $1.16 is the lowest average CPC (cost per click) for search on Google Ads, that belongs to the eCommerce industry. 
  16. The average cost per click (CPC) in Google Ads across all industries is $2.69 for search and $0.63 for display ones. 

Here is the average CPC (cost per click) based on industries-

Industry Type

Average CPC (Search)

Average CPC (Display)

Home Goods



Industrial Services






Real Estate






Travel & Hospitality












Consumer Services



Dating & Personals









Employment Services



Finance & Insurance



Health & Medical



1.3 Display PPC or Pay-per-click Stats

PPC ads are not limited to just search results as text ads, they also come as display ads, must have seen around the websites with attractive imagery or graphics or videos.

  1. 16% of advertisers’ budget is allocated for display advertising.
  2. 85% of total digital display ads spending in 2020 is expected to be programmatic advertising (automated buying and selling of ads online). 
  3. $68 billion or more is the amount that US advertisers are expected to invest in programmatic digital display ads in 2020.
  4. Last year, 50% of programmatic display ads spending was allotted to banners, video, and other display ad units around social networks.
  5. $1.49 is the highest average CPC (cost per click) for Google’s Display Network (GDN), belonging to ads of business category dating and personals.
  6. $0.44 is the lowest average CPC (cost per click) for Google’s Display Network (GDN), belonging to the travel and hospitality sector’s ads. 
  7. $161 billion was the amount for display advertising last year, making it the largest ad spend share. 

1.4 Mobile PPC or Pay-Per-Click Stats

With mobile phones becoming a popular marketing tool, you can’t forget to target this biggest advertisement model over these tools. Here the mobile PPC facts that you and your SEO services marketers must know of.

  1. Last year, in Q2, 50% of ad spending was on mobile.
  2. 52% of all PPC clicks come from mobile devices.
  3. 65% of people use mobile in their “I need to buy this” phase.
  4. 90% of mobile phone users conduct mobile searches.
  5. In the U.S, 70% of search ad impressions are on mobile devices.
  6. 95% of paid search ad clicks on mobile is through Google.
  7. $935 billion is the revenue amount that mobile apps are projected to generate via paid downloads & in-app advertising by 2023.
  8. $146 billion mobile advertising spending to be reached by 2023.
  9.  In Q2 of 2019, Mobile search ads had historically lower prices compared with desktop ads.

1.5 Pay-per-clicks Stats Related to Online Shopping

Since most of the companies need PPC to boost their products sale, here are the few PPC shopping-related stats that you and your PPC services team need to evaluate before creating a strategy.

  1. 42% of shoppers expect a retailer to have up-to-date information about how they interact with their brand across all channels as ---  in-store, online, or over social media. 
  2. 12% of all searches for bottoms like trousers, shorts, skirts, with reference color black is the most popular one.
  3. 16% of people will prefer finishing shopping just before Christmas eve.
  4. 16% of all searches for bottoms like trousers, shorts, skirts, is for gender-related terms like “women’s shorts.”
  5. Ever since 2018, 24% was the increase in shipping discounts.
  6. 41% of shoppers say they are comfortable if a retailer monitors their shopping patterns & purchases for creating personalized offers.
  7. Between 2017-18, a 39% increase in budget spending was seen for shopping as a PPC channel.
  8. 65% of advertisers say --- the use of shoppable images by brands within the search will increase. 
  9. 60% of total shopping queries on Google Search are users who are looking for some inspiration --- when they narrow down a specific product from a broad category.

1.6 PPC Stats for Biggest Search Engine “Google”

Since Google is the most popular search engine where the text-based PPC ads are run the most, here are the few PPC stats related to Google, about which make sure your SEO services marketers know.

  1. 80% of all companies prefer Google Ads for PPC.
  2. 73% of the total ad spending is ad search revenue share of Google in the US.
  3. 98% of advertisers rate Google as the most trustworthy platform with 4 or 5 marks out of 5 over the trust index.
  4. 84% of advertisers who use paid search are either currently using or are planning to use Google’s new responsive search ads.
  5. Google’s average CPC is $1.16.
  6. $116.3 billion is what Google’s ad revenue amounted to, in 2018.
  7. Google Ads today the biggest provider of search advertising within the market.
  8. 6% of searches on Google are associated with a location.
  9. 69% of searchers call a business straight from Google search.

1.7 PPC Stats for Famous “Social Media Platforms”

ocial media platforms also run paid ads and are the best platforms to reach masses and attain qualified leads for the business. 

  1. Facebook’s ad revenue in the US during 2018 was $21 billion. 
  2. 9% of Instagram users said that they never clicked to hide an ad. 
  3. 18% of advertisers’ budget is for paid social.
  4. 25% of users who hid Instagram ads said the reason was they were annoyed by sponsored ads. 
  5. 24% of Instagram users aged 16 and above like to view video-based ads the most.
  6. 28% of Instagram users follow the “More” link on ads to get more information about the advertisement over 10% of ads they view. 
  7. 37% of Instagram users say that they find the content of sponsored ads matching their interests mostly.
  8. 32% of advertisers feel that videos are the most engaging social media ad format, followed by 26% for image-based ads, 23% for Instagram Stories based ads, 19% for carousel ads.

9. 37% of online users find social networks as the most influential platform when finding inspiration for their purchases. 

10. 65% of B2B companies got customers through LinkedIn ads.

11. 48% of social media users in the U.S use Pinterest for finding and shopping products.

12. Between 2017-18, there was a 72% increase in PPC spending budget for social media.

13. 64% of Pinterest users say the platform is the best place to find ideas, trustworthy products, or services. 

14. $1 million is expected Pinterest’s ad revenue in the U.S. by 2020.

1.8 Pay-per-click Stats for Biggest eCommerce Brand “Amazon”

If you sell your products over the largest eCommerce platform Amazon, here are the facts related to Amazon that you and your PPC services team must have a look at.

  1. Amazon is the 3rd most popular advertising platform with 85% of ad spending on sponsored products.
  2. 12% of the total ad spendings are Amazon’s ad search revenue share in the U.S.
  3. $0.77 is Amazon’s average CPC (cost per click).
  4. During Q2 of 2018, 165% more on Amazon Sponsored Product ads was spent by marketers.
  5. In the U.S, $7.09 billion is the total ad spending share over Amazon for search ads.
  6. In the U.S, $2.76 billion is the total ad spending share on Amazon for display ads.
  7. In 2019, Amazon earned $10 billion in net digital ad revenues in the U.S.
  8. Sponsored product ads experience the highest SPC (sales per click), Sponsored Products or Brands clicks’ convert at more than 3X the rate of Google Shopping ad clicks.

1.9 Some Pay-per-click based on Users’ Behavior

  1. 50% of users still cannot find & tell the difference between paid results & organic results.
  2. 51% of Generation Z use ad blockers if they find ads annoying.
  3. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors. 
  4. 70% of consumers say that ads should have directions and a call button.
  5. 60% of people are not able to identify ads in search engine results pages.
  6. 75% of people reported that paid ads make it easier for them to find what they need.
  7. In the U.S, the average ad spending of an internet user in 2020 is $162.03, which is 10% up from 2019.
  8. 80% of consumers expect ads to be customized according to their city, zip code, and area around them.

Final Thoughts on 97 Paid Search/PPC Stats of 2020!

On seeing the above-discussed paid search/PPC stats, we can clearly say that the pay-per-click advertising model is effective at pulling out the efforts that online businesses are rooting for:

  • High website traffic & brand engagement
  • High conversions, leads, & sales
  • High brand authority and image
  • Less marketing dollars spendings
  • Highest returns from paid search marketing campaigns

These successive statistics and facts reflect the reasons why 70% of businesses and their marketers from PPC services are interested to spend within the PPC model and are even ready to increase their paid advertising budget.

Want to incorporate these PPC stats into a workable PPC/paid search marketing campaign? Our  SEO services can help your brand create a mission-critical PPC campaign for 2020 --- at the budget you like.

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