The Importance of Google Page Rankings – Things you need to know


 11 Feb, 2020

The Importance of Google Page Rankings – Things you need to know

The digital world today has many aspects of showing and noticing the importance of each and every webpage/website/URL which is ultimately the digital identity of a person/business. In real life, back when the digital era did not take over humankind completely, there were protocols to keep a track of everything manually. But, now, since we are living in a digital era, all those tracking protocols are done by digital means. Here digital means refer predominantly to computer algorithms. Since ‘Google’ is the most sought after search engine, those algorithms are majorly implemented and governed by it. Let us see in this article, how to access the importance of Page Rankings on Google.

1. Let’s hear from the domain expert regarding Google Page Ranking

In order to get the current trends of Google Page Ranking, our journalist Ms. Becky approached a well known digital marketing and SEO domain expert. He has been heading the company’s digital marketing team for the past 10 years. The identity of the domain expert is not revealed due to confidentiality protocols. Let us hear from the man who has good hands-on knowledge of this domain. 

2. The question and answer session to know more about ”Ranking Page Google” Concept

Ms. Becky is all set with her questions. And Mr. X is ready to give his insights to the questions asked. Let us have a read of their interview session.

Ms. Becky: Hello Sir, Good Morning. Thank you for accepting the invitation to this interview at a short notice. Our website makes sure to enrich their readers with the topics that are important and needs regular updates. And I couldn’t think of a better person to hear this from other than you, hence I requested my higher officials that I hear from the man himself, that is you.

Mr. X: That’s so flattery Ms. Becky. Thank you. I’d like to mention at this juncture that your website is doing a wonderful job. Though there are many players like you in the market, I’m seeing yours and theirs. It is the thirst for the current trends that makes your website unique. That is why I accepted your invitation for this interview when my Secretary told me. I felt that it is important that the other digital marketers need to know certain things in order to stop beating around the wrong bush and level up their website rankings.

Ms. Becky: Thank you for your kind words, Mr. X, it means a lot to hear this from you. I’m glad that our team’s hard work is being noticed. We will make sure to strive even more to give the best. And yes Sir, it is essential that certain details need to be clarified as there are many misconceptions that are circulated on the internet. So, let’s begin with our first question, ‘What exactly is Page Rankings on Google Sir?’

Mr. X: Ms. Becky, I know there are ample numbers of definitions on the internet for the question that you just asked me, and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to hear the same being repeated. Let me put it in simple words. Back in our younger ages, the way we gauged the authenticity of a company or a business is by the referrals that we get from many people around us. See, we can say that marketing existed from a very early age, but, back then, when digital media did not take over when many people talked good of a specific company or business, then that meant only one thing; that particular business or company is actually doing good. So, Page Rankings On Google is pretty similar to this concept. If many links are referring or talking good about a particular link, then it means that that particular link is authentic and doing well.

Ranking Page on Google is the main goal of every marketer. Backlink checking is an activity that monitors the incoming link and backlinks embedded. Let us say, website A, which is an eCommerce website, has so many incoming links to it from many external websites. These external links that had this website A’s link embedded will contribute to the ranking of website A since it referred to website A to the other viewers who visited their page. This is the basic concept of Google Page Ranking Ms. Becky.

Ms. Becky: Got it, Mr. X. Thank you for explaining it with a simple analogy. It decodes so many sophisticated theories now. Now I understand why people say ‘With experience comes wisdom’.  Could you tell me the technical importance of this ranking Sir?

Mr. X: Well, contrary to the belief that Page Rank doesn’t contribute to the over Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking, be known that it does contribute to the SEO ranking. But, Page Rank alone is not the sole parameter though, but it adds value to the SEO ranking. The SEO algorithm counts the weightage of Page Rank to the overall ranking. Initially, the Page Rank used to be visible on the toolbar, but, in due of time, Google thought to keep all the parameters away from the public view. And hence we don’t see the Page Rank on the toolbar anymore. SEO algorithm has Page Rank as one of the assessment parameters to rank a particular website. 

Ms. Becky: Alright Sir. So, since we know now that it still does exist and count to the overall ranking, what do you think are the things to avoid the negative ranking?

Mr. X: Ms. Becky, there is no such thing as a direct negative ranking, but, if a website’s Page Rank has been 0 for a very long time, then it is important that that website needs to take some serious efforts to get back on track. Also, the following factors will be seriously looked into by Google algorithms for taking down a website out of its database of ranking in the first place. 

2.1. Factors that add negative impact to the Page Ranking


The following factors need to be avoided in order to avoid adding a negative impact on the Page Ranking algorithm.

  • Paid Links and Paid Ads
  • Links to untrusted websites/webpages
  • Links that tend to dilute the relevance of your website’s subject.

Ms. Becky: Hmm, points noted Sir. Yes, these factors that you just mentioned are something that violates the essence of the hard work that goes behind making a website meet the standards of the SEO ranking now. Thank you for mentioning them, Sir. Our readers will be aware of these issues and will take measures to avoid these from henceforth. Also, Sir, what is this ‘Link Juice’? I’ve heard about it here and there, but, could you make that concept clear to me?

Mr. X: Sure Ms. Becky. When the other pages refer to you, their pages’ rank also comes into the picture. Meaning, their page’s Page Rank divided by how many ever links that are diverted from their page will be contributed to each page that is diverted. This is the concept behind ‘Link Juice’. It is also called as ‘link equity’ transfer. 

Ms. Becky: Why am I reminded of ‘Sharing is Caring’ here?! 

Mr. X: Yes, of course, Ms. Becky, sharing is caring after all. That is why page ranking SEO takes this factor into consideration. Since if you are taking time to link and backlink, it means you care that readers/website browsers view the diverted page as well, which means it has relevant information. The Google page ranking algorithm senses this importance and therefore makes sure to take this value into consideration. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you care about the websites that add quality. Since others who think likewise will make sure to link and backlink us at some point in time. Reputation matters Ms. Becky. 

Ms. Becky: Wow! That was well thought and explained Sir! The intention makes sense now. Well, Sir, does this mean that I can quote myself in another blog that I write?

Mr. X: There you go Ms. Becky! You got it right. If others’ linking and backlinking matters, of course, your own internal backlinking and linking matters to Google Page Ranking algorithms. Again, the catch here is that you need to make sure you backlink the pages that have relevant genuine information in accordance with the ones that you write in present. Else, that will be viewed as a bad influence by the website rankings. 

Ms. Becky: Whoa! The AI algorithms have notched up a bit too far isn’t it Mr. X?! I mean, it is really mind-boggling to see the efficiency of the algorithms, however, it also sounds a bit alarming from another perspective. Still, looking into the eminence of the algorithm, it is a good way to make sure only the qualitative websites come into the ranking database. This is a good step towards having authentic websites on the internet exclusively and will effectively enhance your website rankings. 

Mr. X: True. I agree with your statement here. But, I see this as a huge leap, because, back then when this serious ranking wasn’t implemented, I used to think twice to use the internet because, unwantedly, I will be re-directed to unwanted websites. It wasn’t a good thing. Today we see so many negativities on the internet, still, comparatively, it is reduced to a great extent. This has contributed to the productivity of the business and knowledge resource. I will not say that the unnecessary redirects are completely washed out, but still, the statistics are much better now, all thanks to Google’s new ranking algorithms which include page rankings as well.

Ms. Becky: True Sir. Thank you for your valuable insight on this issue that is being resolved day by day. What are your views on the penalties that Google looks into on a serious note Sir?

Mr. X: Ms. Becky, since we discussed the linking and backlinking, one shouldn’t get mislead with the concept of increasing the linking to their websites. Google watches this. If there is increased traffic to a particular website, obviously Google Page Ranking algorithms will check for the quality of the incoming links. From there it will conclude if the redirections are authentic or not. If not, then it will be viewed as a penalty. So, be warned to be mindful of the linking process, it is always ‘quality over quantity’. 

Ms. Becky: Thank you for pointing this out, Mr. X. This has to be kept in mind always. So, is Page Ranking a vital element of the overall SEO ranking Sir?

Mr. X: Here is the point, Page Ranking ‘also’ contributes to the SEO ranking, Ms. Becky. Meaning, Google Ranking has its eye on many parameters in order to rank a website/webpage. Among the many parameters, Page Ranking also contributes significantly. So, the bottom line here is that you can not overlook the website page rank. You need to take some time to make sure that the factors contributing to the page ranking are taken care of. After all, ‘prevention is better than cure’ isn’t it?

Ms. Becky: I agree with that point, Mr. X. Got the clear picture now. Thank you for clarifying this. So, since we should give importance to page rankings as well, is there a way to get it organically Sir?

Mr. X: Sure Ms. Becky. It ain’t very easy, but, as you keep trying to keep up with the protocols and make sure to abide by it consistently, you can surely raise the page ranking of your website organically. There is this option to give a heads up to the users to which page they are headed to by using anchor text. You need to keep it simple and crisp at the same time make sure that keyword stuffing doesn’t happen. You need to make sure that you place the keywords intelligently, for both the users to beware where they are led to and also, to give a prompt to the algorithm about the contextual details of the page that is to be directed to. This way it is a win-win situation. Google’s page ranking algorithm will be able to see the hard work and reward you with better page ranks. You must check page rankings every now and then. Your ranks do not stay the same forever. Therefore, if you see that there has been a change you can amend your page. When you constantly check page rankings, you constantly remain in the zone of maximum visibility.

Ms. Becky: That’s actually a very good technical point to be noted, Sir. This will definitely help our readers to use this protocol if they haven’t used it till now. As we come closer to the conclusion of the interview, do you have any tips in general apart from the ones that we discussed above Sir?

Mr. X: Well, you see it is a good practice to do regular backlink analysis. Just to make sure the link juice that your website receives is from a website that has a good page rank. And in the case of internal linking, it is better to link to pages that have a higher page rank. Higher those pages rank better will be your website page ranking. Generally, the main landing page is what matters in this aspect, but, it is good to make sure that the other pages of your website to which to you link to, also have a good score. 

And make sure that the links that you divert are alive. At times it so happens that you might have linked to a valuable page, and due to some reason, it would no longer be active and alive this will take you far in helping your pages rank. So, while carrying out the link and backlink analysis, it is good to check for this as well. 

Ms. Becky: Yes Sir, as you mentioned, it is always good to perform a thorough analysis from time to time just to make sure everything is in place and working. And this brings us to the end of our interview, Mr. X. I am grateful for the valuable time that you spent on talking about the important details that are much needed at this phase. Also, thank you so much for sharing the details and breaking myths on certain ideologies that I thought might be true. Your words spoke a lot about the experience that you’ve had and that matters a lot, Sir. Thank you for your time again. 

Mr. X: It was my pleasure to have has this valuable interview. I am glad that I have shared my knowledge with you and also, the readers who will be reading this article once you publish it. As you pointed out earlier, ‘Sharing is caring’, and that is the main reason why I took my time off my busy schedule. I wanted to contribute from my end and I think I did justice by sharing insight about the importance of website page rankings. Keep on making efforts so that your pages rank. Keep up the good work Ms. Becky and all the very best to you. 

Ms. Becky: Thank you so much, Sir.

3. Conclusion

Page Rankings do exist and hopefully, the above interview should have cleared many myths and enlightened you about the importance of taking a closer look into the page ranking algorithms. The ranking page on Google must be every marketer’s goal. Website page rankings can make or break or break the marketing efforts and your business’s revenue. So, as Mr. X mentioned, take some time to run for the analysis and always keep up the quality of your website and also when you embed another page’s website, make sure that it is of good quality as well. You can check out the other parameters that help in linking buildings and contribute to the overall ranking in this article.

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