Marketing for B2B- The Ultimate Strategies you need to know for 2020

 14 Feb, 2020

There is a big difference between marketing to B2B business and marketing to individual consumers. This is why there is a need for an entirely different means of marketing method that is known as B2B marketing. When there is a change in customer’s expectations and the maturation of technology marketing for B2B is growing very fast. To make money, it’s a need to remain up-to-date with effective marketing strategies.

Getting over and understanding marketing for B2B industries make it possible to understand and identify on-going trends, coming up with new things and always keep ahead from competitors. This is very essential for the year 2020, as marketing trends are always set to change with successful marketing strategies. 

1. What Is B2B Marketing?

Now let’s first understand the meaning of B2B marketing. It is referred to as a marketing strategy and efforts that target a particular business or any organization is known as B2B marketing strategies. In other words, B2B marketing is geared for making purchases for their businesses. Customers are normally determined by logic and financial incentives; e.g. return on investment, competence, and capability. 

To get the most, you need to be effectively updated with the recent B2B marketing strategies. Spare a few minutes on this article and you would get to have a very good understanding of marketing to B2B and topmost B2B marketing strategies for the year 2020. 

2. Building a B2B Marketing Strategy

Building up a B2B marketing strategy, the foremost thing to be taken into consideration is the sales funnel. Being a B2B company you have got many other options that comprise different sales funnels. You might think of targeting different industries and you can customize your funnel as per your need. No matter what your sales funnel or funnels look like, it is very important to match-up with your sales cycle and how it is so relevant to the journey of a buyer of your respective customers. Let’s know discuss the stages of Sales Funnel:

2.1. Building Brand Awareness

Let’s say that the first step in your sales funnel is a blog. In this stage you are building brand awareness with a blog, you can make use of the economical tool to create a free site and make sure you use proper templates. Even if you don’t publish much, still you can attract an ample number of potential customers and increase website visibility online. 

Blogging is normally neglected by companies but it is taken to be a loyal following. In the buying process, your prospective customers do have an ample number of questions for your business. State them there is a reputable source that is your blog and then coming up with amazing content that would help you get to engage your customers and would guide them to the next level of the funnel. Once trust is established then the next step that comes is to generate leads. 

2.2. Lead Generation

The main aim of a marketing strategy for B2B is to have lead generation. B2B lead generation is the one who tries to retain those customers who are interested in getting more. This is taken to be the most important component of a B2B marketing strategy. Leads are not leads until and unless they start as strangers. It’s your job to attract them until they are finally converted into leads. 

 2.3. Become customers and a strong believer of brand

Once all the leads are achieved, then the next level if converting them through your sales funnel and finally converting them to become customers and a strong believer for your brand. There are many steps involved before a customer to be transformed into a promoter for your brand. This can be done with the help of sales funnel; a B2B company your sales funnel gets more compound than that of a Business to customer (B2C) company. There are many things involved in the process of buying decisions.

Let’s discuss one example to make you understand in a much better way. The decision to buy a T-shirt is comparatively simpler. A customer has a look at the shirt on lifestyle store and adds to his cart but they don’t make a purchase. They are not very interested or committed to buying this shirt. Next, the customer might see retargeting ads or might get mails to relate that particular product; letting them now that they left the product they like in their cart. 

After seeing the ad of the shirt an ample number of times, you finally decide to make a purchase. This process involved is quick and normally involves a few days to a week. Before deciding to work with a marketing company a customer would prefer to do research. Research might comprise reviews, watching business owners for their respective experience and more. 

The customer becomes a lead when a customer enters their mail. They are keener into learning as in what way a company can help their business. Now, the customer is all aware of your company; now it’s your next are you who would show them as to why they should be interested in doing business with you. 

Following questions should be answered:

  • Why me and not my opponent?
  • What different selling points can be used?
  • How is a company going to help customers?

3. Top Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategies 2020

3.1. Create Content that would address your customers

. A trend of content is highly changing and keeps on sprouting new things. The B2B marketing strategies us to work wonders in the good old days are now growing in each passing year.  

Content can comprise different forms such as articles, videos, graphics, etc that attract a customer base. Moreover, blogs, white papers and with the help of written assets, with the help of outstanding marketing strategies would comprise of many types of media, e.g. videos, infographics, and podcasts. 

Mixtures of content types sustain marketing efforts to change your prospects into your customers. On the other hand, keeping your audiences plagued by unnecessary interruption, you must aim for the best quality content.

Different forms of contents that are written are:

  • Blog

For writing a blog, you can make use of an economical tool to create a free site and make sure you use proper templates. Even if you don’t publish much, still you can attract an ample number of potential customers and increase website visibility online. 

  • Email Tools

Email marketing plays a very significant role in the marketing toolkit. Nowadays, maximum businesses like to communicate through emails. This strategy is one of the simplest, no cost and scalable ways of communication with customers for both new and existing.

  • Social Media Accounts

Social media doesn’t mainly work for people to connect and socialize, but it works wonders for a business. Social media helps to attract customers, make better search and connect with potential customers. 

3.2. Create a Brand Identity

For communicating, you need the state as to what your company is, do and stands for; giving a clear picture. Once you have a clear picture of your company, you should decide a suitable name, logo, colors, and description of what you need to communicate with your customer. 

There are many different ways to do this, consisting of hiring freelancers or getting along with the recognized agency. It cost a lot but it’s worth spending; such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. 

Companies are represented by their brand, logo and colors and less of the company’s name. When your logo is designed, make sure you use them on everything consisting of advertising, packaging, business cards, envelope, etc for creating a brand image and build awareness. 

3.3. A great Website

It’s an asset for any business to create a professional-looking website. Because this helps to state or give you an idea about who you are, what you are offering, where you located and how 

B2B is going to communicate and know about you. Luckily, websites can easily be customized according to the location. Brands always maintain the consistency in the work site, mentioning all the location and contact information that can be personalized for local customers. 

Meeting those expectations can feel like a daunting task, but if you keep certain goals in mind and take a page or two out of some other successful examples, then you can create a B2B website that will have your customers applauding.

Poor website designing, result in customers getting off your business. It’s very difficult to get customers on your site and letting them stay on your website is more difficult. A website should be user-friendly, with proper navigation and be logical.  

A website needs a purpose for it to be of any use, both to its owner and its visitors. That’s why having a clear, solid strategy in place for it. Developers need to know:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What pages are necessary and what value will they provide?
  • What makes the business, and therefore the website, different from competitors?
  • How do they want to be perceived?
  • What are the company’s goals and how will the website contribute to reaching them?

3.4. Email Marketing Service

Email plays a very important role in the channels of marketing. Emails can easily be done, easy to automate, allows direct communication with a potential customer, cost-friendly and can reach customers in a huge amount. Addressing customers with interesting, helpful and appropriate content; creates a push to open up the mail instead of immediate deleting or send it to the spam box. The main aim is to get maximum people on your website and make them buy your product. An email has got the maximum conversion rate. 

3.5.  Google My Business Tool

Google My Business is a tool that is very helpful for any local business with a very normal base of customers. When a potential customer searches for a product or service; this tool helps your business to appear on the top of that respect search. When a customer looks at your profile and finds good comments make the customer stay on a website. Resulting in profitability, credibility, and trust in your business.

3.6. Know your business and customers           

Marketing strategy is different for every business; it doesn’t fit all in one size. You can’t expect the same results for every business. A marketing strategy might work wonders for some other business and not for you; because all businesses are different and with different needs. Before integrating elements always think carefully what your target customers are. Knowing all the details such as demographics, target audience, online services and what is product demanding. If you have full information regarding all the strategies; it results more effectively and efficiently to generate the best results. 

3.7. SEO Powers

You might know about search engine optimization (SEO), this is to optimize your site the way you would like to optimize any website with the main motive for your B2B marketing strategy to create leads. The process of the sales cycle starts with a trouble-free search. You should make a check to show up on the very first page of search results to show up the sales cycle. If people are not able to find your site then they won’t even get to know about your brand image. Getting people now about your brand would let them start with the process of the sales cycle.  

Directing web traffic is one of the most essential means for your site is by “Google search”. Google keeps on modifying the search algorithms, for that you need to keep your keyword page properly optimized; to make sure you rank high on the web search. When your site is shown up on the very first page; resulting in giving a maximum advantage to get clicked. It is better to be on the first page and be in the top three but this can take a lot of time and effort. 

 4. Conclusion

The process of buying is getting longer in most common cases. This shows that the need for marketing for B2B organization has made a move from strategic one-and-done campaigns. With the help of this strategic approach, the buying process helps to connect, take care of and convert the buyer on the process of buying. 

It has become important to understand marketing strategy for B2B. Google reports ‘B2B marketing strategy’   and ‘ Marketing B2B strategies’ as one of the most widely searched concepts.

Developing a marketing strategy for B2B is difficult to handle and the way it is operated will keep on shifting, changing and growing with time. Transformations should be real that would lead to making buyers get committed to a deeper level and meet them as to where they are in their process.

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