Ways to gain Customer Insight in Digital Marketing

 15 Jul, 2016

The face of marketing has changed a lot over the years and most of the marketers are struggling to understand and master the real customer needs. These days it is not important to just sell your products, but the golden rule is to bring to light a solution that addresses the basic customer needs. Many people in the market forget to focus on this main thing while trying to be innovative and creating more customers. A marketer must acquire valuable insights into their customer’s behavior as it can help you in refining your digital marketing strategy, your products, and services and most importantly, anticipate the needs of the customers. Below are some simple yet essential ways that will help you in gaining customer insight in digital marketing :-

Customer insight in digital marketing

  1. Have specific goals

One should try to gather valuable and actionable information about their customers in order to identify a specific goal. Gathering general information, like your customer’s interests is not that specific, instead one should ask themselves what do they want to learn from their target customers and how is it going to be useful to them. Rather than opting for traditional Q&A interviews with your customers, one should focus on the emotional and subconscious aspect of their audience and know the reason for their behavior. Empathy interviews can help you get the real insight of what is really important to them as they can simply relax and speak their heart out. This can help you understand the real needs of the customers at present and also in future and you can propose innovative solutions to fulfill their goals and in turn make business. For example, it can help you better understand why some buyers would prefer purchasing certain items in stores rather than from e-commerce sites.

  1. Targeting customers

One should know exactly who the customers are and then learn from them as targeting a different set of people may not be that useful and will be a waste of time and money. For example, a certain Geo location may be more suitable for your business as compared to any other location, or knowing the reason behind why customers using a specific product only for once and not buy them again can be useful for you to know. Then one can evaluate their digital marketing strategy for the products or services that are most used by their target audience and put efforts in marketing through online reviews, website, SMS programs, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, push notifications or PPC/display advertising.

  1. Be objective in your observations

While searching for customer insight one should be objective in their observations. For example, check the numbers on the standard metrics on various marketing channels, focus on the number of ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ in the case of emails and top-clicked content. One can look for the most shared and liked posts or tweets in the case of social media channels and check the positive and negative reviews that the viewers have left to know more about their insight.

  1. Analyze

It is very important to analyze what the audience or viewers actually mean if they are liking or sharing some posts on social media. It will surely make it clear how the digital marketing strategies are faring against traditional marketing strategies. The main aim is to identify and see the correlation between the behavior of consumers and your marketing materials.

  1. Don’t be afraid

Many people have the fear of failing and hence they are afraid of trying out new marketing strategies. But they should remember that whatever new strategies they are going to try, they may not get 100% profit and moreover they have nothing to loose. For this one can start with small pilot programs to limit the losses as you cannot trust on an untested strategy with new marketing strategies.

  1. Always listen to your audience

Always be ready to ask questions to your customers, whether they are new or old. Their problems and views might have changed after a while and not be the same as they were initial. Always have open ears for them as you never know their insight may change suddenly and you may need to change your strategy as well. It will help you in getting the customer response of the current services you are providing and also build better future products. So keep asking your customers questions and listen to them to get better.

So, by reading the above-mentioned tips you must be assured and confident that you can keep long-lasting relations with your existing customers and make new customers as well. What you need to do is, simply dump the traditional marketing strategies that you always believed were a hit and follow these innovative and proven digital marketing ways to take your business to new heights.

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