What Skills Do You Need To Make A Website? A Comprehensive Guide For 2024


10 May, 2024


From typography to communication which other web designer skills are in demand?

In a modern era characterized by the rapid dominance of digital technologies, the traditional way of designing unique and proficient websites is not workable anymore. Instead, there’s great demand for different web designer skills and full-stack web designers capable of designing robust and ultra-modern websites.

Being a web designer requires delivering a balanced combination of visuals and content. However, knowledge of non-technical skills, such as collaboration and communication, is also crucial.

Furthermore, collaborating with Website design services ensure that your site is in safe hands. In this blog, we’ve created a list of the top 25 essential skills for a web designer to learn. 

Let’s explore them! But before that, let’s first understand -

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What Does a Web Designer Do?

What does a web designer’s job entail? A web designer is responsible for designing and occasionally coding different websites and web pages. Their major role is to evaluate a website's visual presentation by connecting different components such as color, typography, layout, graphics, visual hierarchy, etc. What Does A web Designer Do

Web designers oftentimes work with a broad range of customers and businesses to develop their online presence and convey their desired message. In 2023, which trends in UX web design will be prevalent so that your products are visible to your audience? The top notch UX website design ideas have the power to influence anything from how web design services develop to future revisions of websites to packaging design.

Top 25 Web Designer Skills To Expect From the Best Web Designer

Web designing is a trendy and lucrative career since most businesses are going online. The demand for web designers with a broad range of web designer skills is increasing drastically. Brands depend on virtual storefronts to convey their bottom line, and user expectations are high when interacting with enthralling websites. 

In the past ten years, website design expectations have revolutionized- i.e. the skills needed to be a web designer - where most businesses expect their website designers to be experts in several programming languages, graphic designing, and so on. 

Do you want to hire the best website designer for your project? And what to look for in a web designer? We’ve created a list of the top 25 necessary skills for a web designer. Let’s first explore:

Technical Web Designer Skills

1. Have Knowledge of Design Principles

Knowing the necessary principles of visual design is an important skill for the foundation of website and graphic design. Whether the web designer needs to design a portfolio or print an ad, these web design principles will be helpful.

2. Experience in the Web Design Industry

When a designer has enough experience in the web design industry, it shows that the web designer is familiar with what you want. If their experience varies and the designer has worked on a similar project, they can be considered a potential candidate. 

Web Design And Development

Web designers without experience working in your industry could be hired, but the complete process might take a long time with planning, back and forth, revising, and much more. Hiring a designer who’s worked with businesses like yours is easier. 

3. Customize Web Design Services

It’s expected to avail of custom web design services from an experienced web designer. A skilled web designer is supposed to be ready to deliver tailored services to customers according to their requirements. Moreover, your web designer should be skilled enough to make necessary changes in the designs, layouts, and overall look of the client’s website according to his demand. It depicts the quality and flexibility of a web designer to fix all issues of a client’s website easily.

4. Interest in Learning New Things

Other web designer skills needed to be a web designer includes continuous learning ability, i.e., the web designer should be keen on learning new things and various designs for business websites to make them more eye-catching and client-centric. To learn new things, the designer should remain searching for innovative small business website design examples and layouts and think positively to make things feasible through his efforts. It is another quality that you can expect from your amazing web designer.

5. Knowledge of Typography

Typography is one of the important skills of a web designer that helps shape ideas and communicates their meaning through weight and geometry. As a website designer, knowing the best way to deliver messages with accurate typographical choices is necessary.


6. Knowledge of Composition

Placing text, visuals, and other components cater to an artistic and functional purpose, creating a visual harmony between the design, the brand, and the ideas. It's crucial that the content added to the website must grab the attention of visitors and also look great. 

A properly appealing site layout must balance contrast, negative spaces, and balanced components. The web designer should be able to pay heed to the design elements around him, like paintings, billboards, different sites, etc., the more the designer is aware of these elements and understands what a good composition is and how to show it in his own design. 

7. Understand Color Theory

The designer should be familiar with basic concepts such as mixing primary colors to develop new colors for crafting attractive color palettes, color wheels, and how opposite and similar colors work together.  

The designer should avoid the common mistake of clashing colors; a little visual discord can create an interesting design. Still, inconsistent hues could provide an ugly and incomprehensible layout. 

The text, CTA, and other headers must use colors that work better together and maintain clarity. Understanding when to use lighter and darker colors, contrast, and intense colors are also important skills for a web designer.

8. Knowledge of Different Design Software

The website designer should be familiar with different design software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Figma, Webflow, etc., and have experience with photo-editing fundamentals and the ability to twist vector-based graphics, such as the logo.

9. Knowledge of CMS

Knowing how to use a content management system, such as WordPress, helps in taking care of huge pieces of content far less difficult.  The in-built features like templates give the power to design content according to the need. 


10. (UX) User Experience Skills

UX concentrates on visitors' response to a design, i.e., a mix of the website’s usability and ability to integrate interactively and dynamic components to make the website design a joy to operate. One of the important skills needed for web designer is that, the designer should be able to shape a user’s experience by seamlessly allowing them to engage. 

11. (UI) User Interface Skills

Where UX focuses more on the broad aspects of how a website design affects someone, the user interface focuses on specificity. Different parts of UI are web pages, buttons, menus, and micro-interactions, which help guide visitors through a design, free from any interruptions, for a smooth experience.

12. Knowledge of fundamental HTML & CSS Skills

As not every website designer will be needed to work with HTML and CSS, having knowledge of how they work can be beneficial. If web designers understand, they’ll know their limitations, how to create web designs that work, and how to code properly.

13. Graphic Design Knowledge

Website and graphic design share the same artistic space. Both require creativity in crafting visuals. But it’s also about creating visuals with durability. The most important benefit of web design is to grow your business.

14. Knowledge of Photo Editing

A carefully selected image can serve a design through colors and clarity; even ordinary images could be revived with the help of a little bit of photo-editing magic. As a designer having the skilled eyes to alter elements such as color levels, brightness, contrast, or saturation can suffice for a long time in composing dull images that look stunning. 

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Soft Skills Needed For Web Designer

1. A Creative Thinker

A web designer, should be creative in the website designing approach for clients of all fields like medicine, real estate, corporate firm, eCommerce, etc. An experienced web designer should not make any mistakes and be aware of the exclusive designs and layouts trending in the industry for designing dynamic websites. So, hiring quality web designers with expertise in creative thinking is recommended

2. Ability to Face Challenges

A website designer should be flexible in accepting challenges, criticisms, and client feedback. The designer must be ready to accept the rewards and suggestions the customers give regarding web designing services and modifications done for their sites. It shows the mental status of the designer to take reviews or views of clients positively or negatively and learn from them to perform better in the future.

3. Awareness of New Web Design Themes

In the Google play store, several web design themes or templates are available, which can be used to plot creative interface designs for a website. These skills of a web designer will help add more value to the client’s portal.

4. Mindfulness & Self-awareness

Being aware of your limitations will go a long way; never fake your expertise and the chances that you may get caught. Also, never promise anything you can’t deliver. Therefore, the web designers you hire must be authentic and know their capabilities.

5. Composed & Self-Disciplined

Other important skills for web designers are discipline for desired productivity and meeting deadlines. Time and making constructive use of time are also necessary. Designers must be able to manage their work ethics. 

6. Knowledge of Copywriting

Web designers must know how to copy and design work together because it’ll help make a long-lasting impact. They must be able to identify the content which is too wordy. If the designers must know about writing, they can handle the edits on their own rather than sending the copy back to the writer for simplification. 

7. Knowledge of SEO

It comes under the copywriting and digital marketing domain. Creating searchable content in Google or in other search engines is crucial to attracting visitors to your work. The best SEO strategy involves naturally integrating keywords and phrases into the content. Web designers should be able to identify when SEO feels mandatory and incomprehensible and how it can be reworked.

8. Precise & Detail-oriented

Remember that a good design doesn’t take shape by mistakes. A web designer must carefully consider factors like smooth navigation, layout, and color schemes. The designer should pay attention to details touching each part of the design. 

9. Communication Skills

Interpersonal skills are very important; the web designer must explain the project's vision so that non-technical people can easily understand it. They should be able to communicate what they’re designing and how it’ll help accomplish the project's objectives to anyone from the marketing team to the company's founder. 

10. Dedication Towards Work

The web designer should be dedicated to the work assigned and committed to performing work with quality and delivering it under the stipulated time frame of the client. It can lead to the confidence and reliability of customers in the web designer and his services, which can benefit him for more projects in the future.

11. Good Presentation Skills

A web designer should be expressive and have skills to represent his innovation and work done in designing business-oriented websites for clients. Also, the designer is expected to understand the need of the client and design a business website accordingly.

Why Hire a Professional Web Design Company

Want to escalate your brand voice using leading-edge web design services? JanBask Digital Design offers professional web design services that help design SEO-optimized dynamic, unique, and functional websites for search engines. Our web designers design aesthetically pleasing websites that engage with your audience and meet better customer retention. Our web design experts also provide web design consulting services for a comprehensive digital experience and leverage our web design consulting services to accomplish a winning strategy for start-ups to well-established businesses.

Do you want to leap toward top-level digital experience as a business owner? Our web design company has collaborated with businesses of each scale and domain and developed intuitive solutions for eCommerce, Government organizations, Law firms, Healthcare, Food, Entertainment, Education, and many more. And after varied experience in multiple industries, we have assembled the top website design tips to help you with your brand visibility and sales. 


1. What is Web Designing?

Web designing is a broad term used for creating and maintaining websites, which focuses on different areas like UI, UX, web graphics, and SEO-friendly web design, to provide a positive or enjoyable experience for the visitor.

2. Why Does Each Business Need A Website?

A website is an effective medium that can be used by any business to improve its brand awareness and online presence. Furthermore, a website can help businesses attract new customers and generate more leads. This is why every business must have a website. 

3. How Long Does It Take To Complete A Website?

Completion of a website design and development depends on the project size. It can take 12 to 16 weeks for small & medium businesses to take from the discovery phase to the launching phase, whereas a more complex project might take six months to a year to complete 

4. How Much Does It Cost to Design a Website? 

The average cost of designing a website ranges from $3000 to $75000, depending on the size, features, complexities, and type of the project, including the web design service you’re collaborating with. 

This cost includes business expenses such as domain purchase, web hosting plan, website design, development, etc. JanBask Digital Design will offer custom-built quotes perfect for your budget and needs. 

5. Which Tools And Technologies Do You Use When Designing The Website?

We design websites on WordPress, but for developing a robust and scalable front-end user interface and backend CMS, we prefer PHP, Drupal, React JS, Angular, Node JS, JAVA, AWS, and many other similar enterprise platforms.

6. Do You Have Any Website Design Service Plan For A Small Business With A Limited Budget?

Our custom website design company has several plans for new businesses. It offers customized website development consulting solutions to small businesses because it helps promote your brand and help you stand out from your competitors. Our web design services offer plans that’ll be affordable to you.

7. Does Your Web Design Agency Help Redesign Existing Websites?

Our highly functional website redesign services come with affordable redesigning plans, which first involve analyzing the unresponsive features on your existing website and then drawing the map for a new revamping process, incorporating SEO elements to make your website thrive in the digital age. 

8. How Can Your Website Design Services Help Improve Conversion And Sales?

The main goal of our website designing services is to focus on growing your business, and driving sales, by designing responsive websites with crucial functionalities added, to bring a competitive advantage to grab the attention of your audience & convincing them to stay & make that conversion happen.

9. How Do You Build A Secure Website Design?

Our custom website design company implements innovative & robust security measures at any website designing & development stage. Our web designing solutions involve carefully determined security parameters like HTTPS, SSL certificates, popular & safe payment gateways (if required), secure login features, user & data authentication features, database security, 2-factor or multiple-factor authentication, automated backup & data recovery mode, and other key security patches.

10. Does Your Web Design Agency Offer Website Maintenance And Support Services?

Indeed! Our professional web designing company services provide website maintenance & support services right after installing the solutions. Which is mutually agreed upon in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) you sign with us. Our experts ensure that your website continues to be functional & timely updated throughout its lifecycle.


Just like so many professions, a wide range of skills is required for a web designer, whereas visual design language containing typography, color, and space usage congregates in aplomb. So, what to look for in a web designer? The web designer should be eloquent in design principles that lead to effective and aesthetically appealing design work.

Various other skills, such as communication, perseverance, etc., will be beneficial while handling customer feedback well is also considered a good practice. 

At JanBask Digital Design, we understand all the detailed web design facts. Our professional web development services can provide you with a unique, custom-made website for promoting your brand. Be assured that your website will be an unparalleled experience for your visitors. If you wish to grow your eCommerce business or boost no. of leads, a well-designed and SEO-optimized website can help. 

If you want to impress your visitors from the time they look at your website? Contact us now to devise a distinguished web design solution for your brand!

Looking to Hire A Web Design Company?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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