The Impact Of Google Layout Changes On SEO Strategies (2023 Update)



10 Apr, 2024


In the last few years, Google layout (SERP) has continually changed to provide the best user experience possible. This trend looks to continue in 2023 as well. Google has introduced further changes that will impact changes in SEO and website design services

So why these constant changes, you ask? 

Well, as we are all aware, Google’s entire role in business is to provide users with the best possible experience. Hence, to do so, a lot of changes in Google page layouts are brought in every now and then. 

There have been many speculations on the announcement made by Google to change the SERP layout by removing the paid ads from the right side and adding an extra ad to the top of the fold, and so on. This roll-out has affected users throughout the world in all languages and has brought the desktop experience closer to the mobile experience. 

Yes, you heard me right. If you focus on the last few years of Google layout changes, it is noticeable that Google has pushed itself more toward mobile-centric changes. What do you think could be the reason?

For that, you'll need to stay with us and read along as we discuss the new Google layout changes and the effects of these Google changes on SEO techniques. First, let's get an idea of the new features in Google Layout Change.

Want to know about the Latest Google Layout Changes??

  • Increase In Organic Search Traffic
  • User and SEO-friendly
  • Focus on Mobile Responsive Design

What\'s New in Google Changes SEO?

Just think about the typical search page of Google. You might remember sponsored listings followed by organic search results. Actually, this is what Google has offered for many years. However, the search engine's presentation of these results has changed over time, and the SERPs now include several brand-new features. This all adds up to a new experience.

What's New In Google Layout Change

1. Fewer Organic Listings

Organic listings have been significantly pushed down the page in Google search results compared to their previous design. Since 2013, Google has made minor adjustments and changes in SEO that collectively have resulted in an increasing number of organic posts being placed below the fold. Why? Google favours paid advertisements more. You can run PPC advertising through different paid advertising platforms

2. Specific Snippets and Queries Minimized Clicks

Users can frequently able to find the answers to their questions directly on the search page when they do a search. Related questions are also included on the web page with the answers. This is closely connected to Google's growing emphasis on meeting search intent. It could be incredibly convenient for the users to search as they don't need to click one more time to find the information they need.  

What if you are the website owner, instead? Obviously, it feels negative because it prevents people from visiting your pages to find the answers to their questions, which would otherwise bring you traffic. In other words, people have a tougher time finding organic results, and Google is making it unnecessary for them to do so.

3. Blended Ads

Before Google Change Layout, ads can be seen separately from the search results. Now, adds blended with the organic results with an “Ad” icon near the link in a small font. If you ever wonder about the reason for this new Google layout, consider this. When people click on the ad obviously Google earns money which makes complete sense from the business perspective.

Why Are Google Layout Changes More Mobile-Centric?

In the ever-changing arena of web design, Google's new SERP layout changes can be seen as an effort to remain relevant and bring a new user experience to its users worldwide. With the constant changes Google brings out within its search engine result page (SERP), it is pretty clear that Google believes mobile gadgets to be the future of browsing. And so it is highly advised to web developers & Website design services to implement mobile responsive design best practices.

Google layout more mobile centric

According to Statista, nearly 6.6 billion people globally had smartphone mobile network subscriptions in 2022, and by 2028, that figure is expected to hit 7.8 billion. As users become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices for accessing websites, the need to keep up with this trend has become even more important for businesses. With Google layout changes, businesses can ensure that their websites are optimized for any device and keep up with consumer trends in the process.

Now the million-dollar question is how these changes in SEO affect Google search results and web designing services. Let's get right into it.

The Effects of Google Search Results Page Layout Changes To Be Looked For

According to The Media Image, “Google has determined the average click-through-rate for Right Hand Side Ads is poor across verticals, and the expected CPC inflation from this major change is projected to more profitable in the long run.”

As per the new Google layout, Google has increased the number of paid ads showing at the top from three to four and featuring three ads at the bottom, making it a total of 7 ads from 11. Also, the right sidebar does not feature any text ads now as searches rarely focus on right-side ads and make it more mobile-friendly as the right sidebar is not visible clearly on mobiles.

Effects of Google Search Results Page Layout Changes

1. Need For Good SEO

It is believed that website owners and web designing companies might need to change their SEO strategies as it is expected that it will have a negative impact. Instead, having good SEO is more important now because of Google’s new SERP update. Google changes SEO strategy with the change in Google layout. For keywords like that e-commerce featuring PLAs, long-tail keyword phrases, and no-text ads have remained ad-free or feature just 1-2 ads on the top.

Improving the existing posts by manually checking the rankings using tools like Google Search Console and looking at the overall content strategy helps to maintain the organic traffic of the website. In addition to this, adapting the new Google changes SEO like voice search optimization has to be considered by web designing agencies as a part of SEO optimization.

2. Click-Earning Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

This new Google layout is expected to stay for a long, and companies need to have a good SEO strategy and make SEO changes. The click-through rate for first-page organic results is surely going to increase as the users’ attention will be on one column. This brings the importance of website navigation best practices to keep, as we need faster clicks and users to stay on the page for a longer period. So, to get more and faster clicks as compared to your competitors, focus more on Click-earning page titles and meta-descriptions.

3. Increase In Organic Search Traffic

By the addition of ads before organic links, is surely going to improve their organic search results. The average searcher is believed to scroll down SERPS, which is again beneficial per Google's new layout.

4. SERPs Feature 10 Blue Links

The total number of results on all Google search results pages has been consistent and the organic ranking positions have not been lowered. SERP elements like answer boxes, related questions, blended image search results, and much more can make Google SERP changes include fewer results than the standard ten results, while they still feature 10 blue links.

5. Strategic Keyword Research

Your web designing services need to identify the Google search results layout change, by focusing on the best keyword research tools for Strategic Keyword Research and give priority to keywords and keyword phrases that attract lesser ads at the top of SERPs and between organic results, without ignoring the topical pages.

6. Review Top Keywords

To check out the impact of Google layout on your current ranking position and improve them further, it is a must to review top keywords, especially the ones that are highly commercial, like search results targeting images, videos, and featured snippets. As mobile search is increasing, your web design services should not forget to consider local search strategies. With the help of a web design agency or a professional web design service, you can get through these new Google layout changes.

7. Balanced Budget

PPC ad costs may rise in the future, and owners need to be careful about their paid search budgets. It is not a guaranteed way to boost organic performance, so it is not advised to go beyond your budget limitations. With the guidance of experienced web design companies, you can get a complete overview of the website and the necessary changes to be made to stay on top of your game.

From the above pointers, it is clear that the importance of website design needs to be kept on high priority if you are looking for both good SEO services and user experience. Hence,  website developers need to work with skilled SEO professionals who can navigate effectively through this new SERP layout and help searchers learn more about your business. 


1. Does SEO affect when a website's design changes? 

Your hard-earned search engine results may fall in the ranks if SEO isn't factored into the redesign process. Yes, you read that correctly: a website makeover can result in a loss of visitors and a drop off of page one of Google. Hence, if you are looking for yourself to stay on top of your game regardless of the Google layout changes, then it is advised to take advice from professional web design services.

2. What are the most typical SEO errors? 

Common SEO Errors, Google reviews that are negative, a slow-loading website, and faulty Google Company Verification Code are the most common SEO mistakes. Also,  Lack of location-specific pages, duplicate content, broken images with missing alternative texts, outdated information on the site, ineffective mobile optimization, etc,  are a few other issues that should be addressed.

3. Why did Google change the way it searches? 

It occasionally takes place. Google doesn't frequently make significant changes, but when it does, it consults sources with supporting data. Many of these modifications are made to improve the user experience because Google is a user-based organization. Last year, this modification was first made available to mobile users which in turn has a profound impact on website designing services.

4. How are SERPs laid out? 

SERP features are additions to the standard "10 blue links" that appear on Google's search engine results page. Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, video carousels, and image packs are typical examples of SERP features.

5. What is the Google search result page layout? 

The Google search result page layout typically consists of:

  • The search bar and Google logo are at the top.
  • Advertisements or sponsored results are usually denoted with the label "Ad".
  • The main search results include the title, description, and URL of each website.
  • Additional search features such as maps, images, videos, news, etc.
  • Pagination or the option to view more search results.
  • The layout may vary slightly depending on the device being used, but the overall design is consistent and user-friendly, prioritizing the relevant and most useful information for the user.

6. What are the new Google layout changes?

Google often updates its search result page layout to improve user experience and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. The specific Google layout changes depending on the date of the knowledge cut-off, but here are some common updates:

  • Visual design updates: Google updates its visual design from time to time, including changes to its logo, typography, color scheme, and more.
  • Search result snippets: Google may show longer or more detailed snippets in the search results, highlighting more relevant information for the user.
  • Mobile optimization: With more users accessing the internet on mobile devices, Google places a heavy emphasis on mobile optimization, ensuring that its search results are optimized for smaller screens and touch-based interfaces.
  • AI-powered features: Google uses AI and machine learning to deliver more relevant and personalized results to users.
  • Featured snippets: Google may display featured snippets, which provide a quick answer to a user's question, directly in the search results, saving users time and improving the overall search experience.

7. How to change Google layout?

You can change the style and design of your website anytime and the guidelines are provided by Google. First, you have to choose a theme for your website and you can customize and edit it according to your need. Also, you can change the style of your website by changing the font style, background, and theme of your site. Follow the above steps and also refer to Google to know how to change Google layout.


As Google continues to make changes and updates to its layout, many users have become aware of the effect it has on their online experience. Google layout updates have a significant impact on user engagement, online visibility, and overall search engine optimization. 

Additionally, these changes often serve as a reminder for website owners to stay up-to-date with their websites and content in order for their pages to best be seen by potential customers and readers. As we continue onto 2023 and beyond, the effects of these changes will only continue to become more apparent.

For you to stay up to date and keep your business up and ranking on search engines, what you need is the guidance of professional web development services or website design services and  Janbask Digital Design is just that. So comment below if you want to connect with us.

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