10 Ways on How to Get More Facebook Likes on Page & Double Engagement!


7 Jun, 2024


Introduction to how to get more Facebook Likes and Engagement!

With 1.785 billion daily Facebook users, it would be totally unfair to ditch this platform & not scrutinize it to the fullest, to grow followership & direct business.

Look at the most-liked Facebook brands like coca-cola (50 million page likes), Levi (13.4 million page likes), Burberry (13.2 million page likes), and more. If they hadn't believed in the power of social media like Facebook, they wouldn’t have gotten so far.

The reason why Coca-cola triumphed over the “Facebook Like” game was that: they used real fans & people’s feedback about their products and conceptualized it in viral storytelling content to promote their brand through their Facebook page (TBH! Four years ago, fans of coca-cola were highly disappointed with their social media presence, as it was totally off). This brand worked hard and stomped the yard with great numbers.

Wish to know what successful brands are doing to make a name for themselves and gain those forever-staying & growing army of followers? Want to know the recipe for how to get more Facebook likes on the page? You have landed on the right page indeed!

Below you will find 10 workable tips on how to get more Facebook page likes without losing much money & mind. At the bottom, find essential elements of your Facebook business page to appear like a  solid & trustable brand. And also know what metrics to study signaling your growth over Facebook.

Looking to Create a Facebook business page?

  • Build Your Online Brand
  • Boost Website Traffic
  • Engage New and Longtime Customers
  • Know Your Audience

Decoding 10 Tricks to Get More Facebook Likes

Here are the top 10 tricks that worked best to increase likes on facebook pages for our diverse clientele. We thought of sharing our tips & tricks on how to get more facebook likes on a page with determined & growing brands like you all, which really works!

Before that, if you haven’t set up a Facebook business page yet, here’s your 9 steps guide on how to set up a Facebook Business Page!

1. Basic First - Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Needless to say, an informative, optimized, and user-centric business page is what you should target, in order to go about winning the attention & likes of these visitors.

Make Sure the Information, Details & Images are Updated

  • Ensure you have a professional & visually appealing profile picture, cover photo, small description about your business updated, explaining what your company does & how it stands out from your competitors.
  • Embed factually correct information pertaining to business name, address, phone number, hours of operations, email address, and more asked details.

Design and Development

JanBask Digital Design

Make your Facebook business page optimized enough so that search engines can crawl it & provide you more chances to win organic visitors. For that, in the “About” section, you should focus on adding:

  • Your Website URLs.
  • Crisp & persuasive description helping your readers understand what your business is all about.
  • Add keywords throughout the description (but don’t stuff them) that seem important for your business. You can search them via keyword analytics tools.

2. Plan and Post Relevant & Engaging Content

Understand your buyers’ persona & get an idea what your potential customers or clients look like. Knowing them in terms of their likes, preferences, needs can help you create content that engages them to ultimately hit that “like button”.

Here are the 3 types of posts that gets crazy amount of attention & likes:

Plan and Post Relevant & Engaging Content


Other than these types of content, you can also add posts related to:

  • Link to other people’s content to get followership from their reach & traffic
  • Your website’s blog link with compelling snippet
  • Your business podcast (if any)

Pro Tips:

  • Keep the 80:20 in mind while creating & publishing content for your page. Meaning whatever information you are planning to share, ensure it is 80% oriented towards solving the problems of your visitors or potential customers. And 20%, it should have CTA promoting your business products or services.
  • Have post images & content written purely from scratch, don’t copy the images & content as this might drop down your reputation.
  • Recently, Facebook algorithms are rewarding websites based on the longer time a user spends on reading the post. To keep the attention on the hook for long, the best way is creating and posting optimal length (ranging between 15 seconds to 5 minutes) promotional or how-to-videos, as it can retain and engage the visitors for longer.
  • Create a social media calendar containing the post type & content & graphics content in advance, so that you can systematically and timely post on your feed.

Plan and Post Relevant & Engaging Content

3. Stay Online & Actively Post

Facebook says it experiences about 1.88 billion daily active users daily. In such an event, you can’t afford to stay offline and be inconsistent with your posting game.

The reason being why your competitors are able to engage & get likes on their page is due to their routine of creating content and posting daily.

How often do you post daily? You may ask?

  • Facebook recommends posting at least once or maximum twice each day.
  • In a broader sense, even posting 3 times per week can also help get that much needed traction.

At what time should you deliver the social media posts?

  • For more exposure, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays are the best days to post on Facebook pages.
  • The best times to post are 11 am and 1 pm. And on weekends, if you post between 9 am to 3 am you will get more engagement, which will ultimately help you trap page likes.

Read in Detail: What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook for Improved Visibility?

4. Set Your Business Facebook Page’s Marketing Game Right

When you have an informative page being set up and posts strategy & implementation sorted, the next best thing to do is to promote your page on other social media & online platforms you use to make your business visible.

  • Put up your facebook page CTA at the header or footer of your website along with other evergreen social media icons you use.

Set Your Business Facebook Page’s Marketing Game Right

  • Have them inscribed in your business cards or any print marketing material you get prepared for your business.
  • Promote your Facebook business page on other social media platforms you leverage for your business like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit, and more.
  • Have them mentioned in your email signatures or at the footer of your email campaigns you forward to your prospects & customers.

Pro tip - The key is to make the task of entering your page and getting liked by your visitors simple & less time consuming. For which, we would better suggest you to use the Facebook page plugin that allows you to embed your Facebook business page and promote it.

With such a plugin, your users won’t have to leave your site & visit the page especially to Like it. They can simply just like your page by being on your site.

5. Understand the Preferences of Facebook Algorithms

If you will walk in the cadence of the Facebook algorithm, your chances of increasing facebook page likes will just maximize. 

Facebook Algorithms is genuinely favorable to pages & their feed posts:

  • Which are not overly promotional and contain some value for the visitors.
  • Which are  not posted in bulk and appear to be spammy, instead they should be solution-oriented, informative, entertaining, and authentic enough to engage & retain people.
  • Has a live video & live streaming content or broadcasts. Facebook technically gives more preferences to the live video content and will bump them higher in your potential followers’ news feed.

Try to schedule some weekly live broadcast, maybe some live business event, meet or chit-chat with your would-be followers. Going live once in a while will create an emotional connection with your audience and make them trust your vision and business, and ultimately will prompt them to like your page.

6. Boost Your Post With Facebook Ads

Well, to increase likes on facebook pages with big numbers, you shouldn’t rely just on organic reach, you should also invest in some paid advertising campaigns if you want fast & huge likes on your business page.

Facebook likes

We are recommending this because a lot has changed in the past 2 years. Like back in 2018 or 2019, the organic reach was good (quite more than it is today), it was between 5.5% to 7.7%. But talking about today, the organic reach per post boils down to 5.2% (it’s like the organic post will be visible to only 1 out of every 19 people). And talking of engagement per post, it is roughly about 0.25%. And pages with more than 100K followership will see engagement per post to be even lower, which is 0.08%.

Another way to go about grasping the likes and direct sales is to prepare some Facebook ads budget.

Once in a while, posting high-quality content & boosting it with Facebook ads can reap in some massive exposure to your brand and ultimately level up your followership and further conversions.

There are 9 types of Facebook ads you can explore, set under any budget, and increase likes on facebook pages:

  • Facebook conversion ads
  • Facebook like ads
  • Facebook carousel ads
  • Business Application ads
  • Offer to claim ads
  • Event Invitation ads
  • Facebook dynamic paid ads
  • Facebook slideshow ads
  • Facebook lead form ads

You can choose any or combination of these facebook ads to set your game for increasing Facebook page likes.

Check out: Facebook Advertising Cost: Complete Guide

7. Find Facebook Groups & Communities Worth Connecting

Find Facebook Groups & Communities Worth Connecting

Facebook groups are one of the perfect places to foster connectivity with prospects and promote your business page to them. You can find your business related groups on Facebook with ease. Facebook allows you to connect with as many as 6000 groups in one go (Imagine the chances of finding your ideal followers in these many groups).

The key is to:

  • Join the relevant groups as these can have your would-be followers, who would be interested in your page & its offerings.
  • Post in a group daily with some inspirational, informational, and quality content, and leave a Call to action below that directs towards your page. 
  • Remember 80:20 rule, don’t self-brag, just keep the content and its tone helpful and remedial towards the needs of your audience.
  • Like other group members’ content or posts to show an exchange of likes. Visit their page also to like and build traction with their posts.

8. Run a Facebook Contest or Giveaway

In a poll by Content marketing institute, 81% marketers stated that contests or events are the best way to get the attention of visitors, compared to static, wall of text type content.

 Run a Facebook Contest or Giveaway

Like a post to enter the contest” is a great way to lure the audience for free stuff and get their likes in exchange. You don’t necessarily have to give away free products to start such contests, it could be any small redeemable gift, like maybe a discount coupon, rebate, buy one get one free stuff, and other enticing offers that could resonate with your facebook visitors.

However, ensure to follow Facebook's promotion guidelines, which in crux states that, you shouldn’t ask people to tag themselves in your contest pics unless they are in them.

Here are the simple things you should keep in mind:

  • The contest should be simple, fun, and relevant to the interest of your target audience.
  • They should be able to spread the word about their participation or results with their peers.
  • In case you are running a contest through any app, ensure the user experience of your app is optimized.
  • You should use Facebook ads to promote your contest as it will reach the largest audience base.

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9. Use Social Media Insights to Gauge Your Performance

Take help of Facebook insights to know how your page/post is reaching out, the engagement rate, new page likes, to understand what more could be done to attract more likes. These metrics will help you know the behavioral pattern of your visitors, like what type of page or post they are anticipating.

How to go to Facebook insights?

On your news feed, on the left, tap on pages, then select your page. In your page, on the left find and click on “insights”.

If you want more clearer insights, we would suggest you routing towards other comprehensive and insightful Facebook analytical tools like:

  • Quintly
  • Agorapulse
  • SocialPilot
  • Social Bakers
  • Rival IQ
  • Iconosquare
  • Brand24
  • Social Status
  • Vaizle
  • Grytics

10. Keep Experimenting and Trying Things

Facebook as a social media is a very unpredictable landscape. For some brands, In one night, it can double their engagement, while for others it might still be years and they won’t see any new page likes.

The key here is to experiment and keep exploring new things. To appear to be a consistent, truthful & concerning brand. There is no one size fits all approach in acing the Facebook game plan. The above tips may work partially, fully, and maybe not at all, it all depends on how quality-rich your products are and how well you are able to drive an interest around it with engaging copies for posts.

If you are too particular about likes, you need to have an overall Facebook marketing strategy & plan in place. And maybe hire a professional social media marketing agency that lives & breathes with social media trends and has access to the right ways to triumph over your specific goals.

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Final takeaway, just be yourself, don’t be afraid to try old or new things, be a prevalent, confident & empathetic brand, and you will definitely get there.

These were the 10 tips on how to increase likes on Facebook pages, let’s understand the elements that sums up an approachable Facebook page for any business.

Want to Increase likes on Your Business Facebook Page?

  • More Traffic to Website
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Encourage Organic Growth
  • More Effective Advertising

7 Elements your facebook Business Page Should Have to Get More Traction!

For increasing the Facebook page likes, you need to have the 10 following elements in place.


1. Cover Photo That Attracts & Appeals

Cover Photo That Attracts & Appeals

Choose an aesthetically pleasing cover photo as it will be the first thing attracting your prospective customers. Ensure the image you choose:

  • Isn’t too busy in terms of colors, designs & textures
  • Has meaning or conviction of your brand easily portrayed
  • Ranges not more than size 828 x 315 pixels
  • Has your business logo and link to your web home page or any other specific landing page in the cover photo description, to drive authenticity about your business

2. Eye-catching Profile Photo

Keep the profile picture very simplified yet connecting. Most businesses prefer to add their brand logos or wordmark into their profile picture, you can do that too. In case you are branding as a person, you can use your professional headshot as a display picture.

Eye-catching Profile Photo

Just ensure that the font size you choose in the profile picture is visible from a distance for people. And also, make sure the picture description has a link to your home page or any specific landing page you like, to grow your authenticity for likes.

3. Very to-the-point Description Section

Your business page’s description box shouldn’t be overloaded with information. It should tell your visitors just 2 things:

 Very to-the-point Description Section

  • Your factually correct, complete & timely updated business details and point of contact to reach you out for more.
  • Your USP or services about how you help customers with their queries or needs.

4. Enable Visible Call to Action Buttons

Do you know many business pages still lack a popper CTA button on their page? Don’t be one of those businesses. To set your business name & image right, enable some triggering, direct CTA button at the bottom of the cover photo from settings, with “power words” like:

Enable Visible Call to Action Buttons

  • Shop Now
  • Buy Now
  • Call Us
  • Send Your Proposal
  • Send Email
  • Send Message
  • Contact Us
  • Free Demo

You can experiment and put any custom CTA text you like. Putting such CTA buttons with text ensures that you are an authentic brand and would reward you with plentiful likes and social interaction on your Facebook page.

5. Create Pinned Posts

Facebook business page allows you to pin your special or most high-performing post at top of your timeline for almost 7 days straight.

This could be your chance to keep your most high-quality and highly reasonable content at the top of your page. Doing this will catch the attention of new users and tempt them to like and further explore your pages & services.

Create Pinned Posts

6. Create Interesting Timeline

Make sure you have a very enriching and insightful timeline to impress & glue the attention of visitors. Ensure posting daily relevant, usable, and interesting posts that could help meet your users’ query or any pain points.

Have a combination of informational, meme-material, visual posts to make your timeline appear to be versatile and appealing enough to hit that like button. 

Pro tip - Just think of yourself as a user & imagine what interesting posts you would want to see on another business page!

7. Integrate Your Facebook Page with Instagram

Since Facebook now owns Instagram, it gives users’ complete freedom to integrate both the platform to share posts and multiple traffic resources from each other’s platforms.

You can integrate your Instagram account with Facebook, and this way you can syndicate your Instagram posts or content on Facebook pages as well. If you have a massive Instagram reach & followership, this will definitely add to your Facebook business page.

Instagram Business Page

Metrics Telling Is Your Facebook Page Better Than Average?

To stay afloat in competition, you need to keep tabs on your growing numbers. You need to figure out whether your page is doing better than your competitors or not. For measuring that, one way could be to compare your page with other similar-sized business pages and see the gaps.

While the second way is to have a look at the juicy stats telling you as page owners whether you are at all improving or not.

  • Average number of likes

Do you have likes in proportion to the average of your page size? Like if you have followers between 1k to 10k, are you able to get 4k likes? If so, you are going on track.

  • Are your Facebook likes, shares, comments evenly divided?

As a brand, you need to focus on type of engagement inclusive of like, share & comment to a post. If you have all these types in significant proportions, then your page is figuratively doing well.

However, don’t get upset if your post likes get outnumbered by shares or comments. This usually happens with bigger brands with Coca Cola, their post might have bigger likes, but their share & comments section will be showing a flatter curve.

As a small business you have chances to connect well with the audience & experience with different types of engagement.

  • Are you getting more interaction per post?

Focusing on the number of interactions per post is also another factor which could significantly level up your page like & engagement. If you have rising interactions per post, understand you are really going to surge in your goals.

You can calculate the interaction rate on each post to see if you are growing, stagnant or maybe falling in a pit.

calculate the interaction rate

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a very effective platform to gain brand awareness and drive amazing followership. If you aren’t using this platform as your primary social media platform, you are missing out on a lot. 

It’s not easy but also not very difficult to have your tight grip on a Facebook page to get extreme exposure & followership from your target audience.

The 10 steps we shared on how to get more Facebook likes on a page are enough to fuel your Facebook page and make it run towards an effective engagement rate. Even bigger brands of all time started with these steps to increase likes on Facebook pages of their different products or verticals. 

The above steps on how to get more Facebook likes on business page are doable and attainable with great results only if you:

  • Are aware of your buyers’ persona & great interests
  • Have a planned content calendar to be proactive about posting
  • Have room to be patient and experiment until you find your safe haven

Social media like Facebook is an excellent powerhouse to set attune your brand’s vision. If you follow these above steps on how to get more Facebook page likes, you can gradually gain much more than that. Like:

  • Amazing brand recognition & loyalty
  • Great followership
  • Authority in your industry
  • Direct sales

To be able to start small, you need to start from somewhere. If you have no clue or have done everything to find answers to how to get Facebook likes, but still couldn’t get more, then maybe it’s time to consult some professional social media marketing firm that understands the Facebook algorithm and has a database on what Facebook visitors want from a page.

Looking for Social Media Marketing Firm?

  • Increase your Brand Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Optimize Social Media Campaigns
  • Increase Conversion Rates

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