A Complete Guide on Building a WordPress Website for law firms


11 Mar, 2024



In every discussion of website development, WordPress inevitably comes up. This free and open-source software powers more than 15 million websites, making up a sizable chunk of the web's overall infrastructure.

The platform has evolved from its roots to become a competitive choice for any industry or business, including legal firms. The free edition allows you to make a theme and publish a fully functional WordPress law firm website.

There must be a good explanation for WordPress's success, and learning more about it can help you make wise choices. Let's examine why WordPress is the platform of choice for so many web designers and developers when a legal company needs a new website. 

While website builders streamline the process of making a website and take care of the hosting and database maintenance, they do have their limitations.

When using WordPress, you have more options for personalization, which can help your site stand out from the crowd. Beyond that, you won't have to worry about being dependent on a third party to host your website. With the right SEO configuration and implementation, WordPress websites can thrive. 

Some more WordPress benefits are as follows:

WordPress Benefits

WordPress is the most adaptable and versatile platform for a law firm website, but it's still wise to employ a WordPress web design agency for law firms to ensure your business's site is secure.

A WordPress site specifically for your legal company is a great way to promote your services and showcase your accomplishments.

Nearly many companies today plan to launch an online presence by developing a WordPress site. You or your organization may be providing clients with better outcomes by emphasizing results-oriented service delivery. However, if you aren't bringing these features to the attention of your potential customers, you'll have a hard time expanding your client base and earning more money. 

Because of this, many legal service providers are interested in working with WordPress web design companies for law firms that have experience in the legal industry to build a user-friendly WordPress site that attracts more clients.

Keep in mind that competition is heating up in the legal market and that in order to stand out from the crowd, you'll need to provide your potential clients with a compelling reason to choose your firm. 

Maintaining WordPress for law firm websites is a powerful tool. WordPress themes that prioritize the user experience will aid in making that decision for your potential clients. But how?

That is why we have developed this article that will enable you to understand why lawyers and law firms should have a dedicated website for their business. 

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WordPress is the Best Option for Your Law Firm's Website. Here's Why

1. It's ready-made but flexible enough to meet your specific needs

With its aid, you may get a website up and running fast, easily, and affordably because it comes with a wide variety of premade themes. It's incredibly adaptable, but it also has a wide variety of plugins to choose from.

2. Greater management and simpler upkeep

A little over a decade ago, you had to get in touch with your web developer if you wanted to change your website, even if it was just to fix a spelling mistake in the copy.

When it comes to content management system (CMS), WordPress is a breeze. You can publish updates to your site to keep the information fresh and up-to-date, add new content, and fix any mistakes that may have been made. Instead of using an HTML editor to manually code your edits, you can utilize the rich text visual editor. 

3. Mobile-friendly

The number of people using smartphones in the world rises every year. If your law firm's website isn't optimized for mobile devices, you're losing business to your competitors who have. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, Google could penalize you. So be careful about that when you build a WordPress website for a law firm. Find out the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile-friendly website

WordPress's preponderance of mobile-friendly themes makes this a breeze. Your site will look great and be easily legible on all mobile devices, with buttons that are easy to tap and forms that can be filled out with no effort. As a result, you may focus on other aspects of your WordPress website design for law firm without worrying about this one. You don't need to do any of that; it's already been completed!

WordPress also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, so you can use them to upload and update material on the go.

4. It is always becoming better

Because of its widespread adoption, WordPress benefits from a dedicated community that is constantly working to refine and enhance the software. That's double the annual rate of major updates. Although there are still plenty of supported earlier versions, most website owners opt to use the most recent release. Because it is open source, millions of individuals all over the world contribute to WordPress's development. 

5. Superior safety

Website security is of paramount importance for legal practices. Customers value the assurance that their personal information will remain confidential.

Because it is updated so frequently, WordPress stays one step ahead of cybercriminals. Software updates, which can be set to install automatically, swiftly identify and address any potential security issues.

6. Simple to enhance the customer service experience

Using WordPress plugins, you may make your site far more engaging, practical, and visually appealing, therefore increasing its potential to generate leads and improve the user experience. Back-end plugins, such as spam filters, can be installed to make managing your website's inbox simpler.

7.  It's highly regarded by search engines

Even though WordPress's advanced SEO tools can help your site rank higher in search engines, they can't guarantee success. WordPress-powered sites rank exceptionally well in search results. The high-quality coding, rational site layouts, sitemap features, and easily indexable pages make it simple for their crawlers to find what they need.

Having a fast-loading page is a ranking element in search engine optimization, and it's simple to do. And if that is still too slow, you may always utilize a plug-in accelerator.

8. The addition of content is simple

You should be aware of the significance of consistent, high-quality material for your legal firm's website. Due to its importance in search engine optimization and in bettering the user experience, this is now a need.

If you run a website catering to people looking for legal advice, they will likely have several queries before they visit. The law is convoluted. Therefore, it's good that you have a website where people may find solutions to their most pressing questions. WordPress makes it simple to upload material of all kinds, including frequently asked questions pages, articles, movies, and infographics.

9. Can accommodate a large number of users

WordPress is extremely scalable and functioning, whether hosting a few pages or hundreds of thousands. In comparison to large law practice with a simple 'calling card' website that offers minimal interactivity, a solo practitioner who takes the time to build a site full of fascinating information can be more effective.

10. A welcoming community

Technical issues with WordPress sites are likely to be shared by the platform's millions of users, so help is readily available if you run into trouble. As a result, a thriving network of WordPress users is created. In addition, being open source gives the platform a sense of community that is lacking from commercial alternatives.

Why Is It Important For A Law Company To Have A WordPress Site?

Earlier, we said that many companies are moving their operations online, and one way they do this is by launching a WordPress website. But you may lose business if you don't have a website that clearly explains your service and accomplishment theatre with a fully functional website.

Online law firm websites

Therefore, let's have a look at some of the ways in which having a dedicated law firm website might help you out:

1. It facilitates discovery for possible customers

Your law company needs a WordPress site because it will help your prospects to find you. Today, everyone uses the internet to look for something. You may expect a large number of people to utilize search engines to learn more about your company and the services it provides.

That's why it's crucial that your company has its own WordPress law firm website. Doing so guarantees that your customers will thoroughly understand your business's services, history, and professionalism. Keep in mind that the more users know about your company, the more likely they are to become paying clients.

2. It aids in establishing credibility and trust

As one of the popular WordPress web design agencies for law firms, we recommend that all attorneys and legal firms have fully operational WordPress websites because they serve as a communication tool that aids in establishing credibility with clientele. Especially in the legal sector, your company's trustworthiness is essential if you want to stand out from the competition.

When you build a law firm website with WordPress, you can brag about everything you've ever done, won, served, and professionally. Doing so will inspire confidence in both you and your law practice among site users. Phone interactions rarely result in a sale, but a website may provide details exactly how the customer wants them. 

If you're wondering whether or not your legal company needs a WordPress website, keep in mind that having one will help to establish your firm as trustworthy and reputable.

3. Serve as a means of interaction

Build a law firm website using WordPress to reach out to potential clients and spread the word about who you are, what you offer, how experienced you are, and what kind of results you can get for your clients. Although this is not the only way people find information about you or your legal practice, it is one of the most common. People will want to get in touch with your company, so they will check for contact details like an email address, a physical address, a phone number, and so on.

4. Gives potential customers a better feel for what you offer

Your WordPress website for a law firm will serve as your client's go-to resource for any questions they may have about your practice.

Family and friends who suggest you to them will always want to know everything they can about your law practice and attorney. Your practice can be more into equity or corporate law than criminal law; therefore, by developing a WordPress website, you will be able to offer more thorough ideas about your services and experience. An ineffective website is worse than no website at all. To do that, you need to guarantee that users coming to your law firm's website are easily able to find the information fast on your website.

Create content that clearly shows users if you can help them with their problems. In this approach, you'll be doing a service to both your site users and your business. But keep in mind that the success of your legal firm hinges on the design you create and offer. For this reason, we advise you to work with competent WordPress web designers for law firms to develop a user-friendly and productive site, exuding an air of reliability and authority.

5. Appeal to the widest possible audience

A website for your legal firm does more than just provide information about your practice; it also increases exposure for your goods and services. Before handling a high-profile case, only a select few were aware of your existence and your firm's name. But now, with social networking, PPC advertising, and other blogging tools, you may reach a wide audience while also highlighting your authority and accomplishments.

Using a law firm SEO guide, you can boost the visibility of the blogs and articles you post on your website by linking to authoritative third-party sources within your business. Furthermore, everyone has to deal with legal issues; some are trivial, but all of them require competent legal counsel. 

Your published content can provide readers a peek at how they can approach these problems, and you can also emphasize how your legal firm has already handled situations like these.

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WordPress Website Design Advice For Law Firm

1. Decide on the top WordPress theme

When it comes to developing a law firm WordPress website, the first thing that we urge you to do is choose the best WordPress theme. It is a crucial component that can make or break the success of your legal firm's online presence. WordPress for law websites offers access to several themes that make it easy for you to establish a fully working law office website for your business.

But many times, new novices select the wrong theme, making it tough for them to develop the law firm website they desire. That's why it's critical that users do their homework to find the best theme for their website. Before you integrate any theme, look at the features supplied by them, as it will make it easy for you to decide whether the theme is suited for your WordPress website or not.

2. Conduct in-depth audience research

After you've settled on the perfect WordPress theme, the following step is to learn as much as possible about your target demographic. By surveying your potential customers, you may learn exactly what they want to see when they visit your site. Or, put another way, you'll learn what problems they're having and how your company can solve them.

The better you understand your prospects, the easier it will become for you to produce a law firm wordpress website design that matches their expectation and motivates them to execute the necessary action. Today if you wish to engage users visiting your WordPress website, then you need to have a clear concept of their demands, interest, and preferences.

In this manner, you will not only be able to engage your audience but also deliver the ideal user experience, inspiring them to return to your website for future needs. If you instantly go into the design process, then you will be able to generate a design but not effective and engaging. That's why most businesses nowadays are looking for WordPress web design companies for law firms to hire because they know it will help them make a site tailored to their clients.

3. Focus on functionality rather than aesthetics in your designs

When it comes to developing a law firm WordPress website, you might look to include a number of components to your website. But make sure to preserve usefulness over the law WordPress web design. Often, site owners focus more on generating attractive designs and neglect website usability. Remember, the usability of your WordPress website will decide the user experience your site visitors will enjoy on your website.

Undoubtedly design helps you to catch the user’s attention, but if visitors get a horrible experience when browsing your website, then they not only quit your WordPress website but may never return back on it. If you want your site visitors to feel satisfied after landing on your WordPress website, then you need to ensure that the design allows users to easily access every small aspect of your website and delivers greater usability.

Inadequate usability can be caused by a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to slow loading times, a website's inability to adapt to different screen sizes, and a lack of clarity in the site's navigation. That is why most websites and businesses nowadays look to employ an expert WordPress design firm for their website and business.

4. Make sure your website is well-structured

When we say organized, users should be effortlessly able to navigate around your WordPress website and get access to the needed response. There are considerable chances that the user visiting your law firm may not have any knowledge about the services and more. The more user-friendly your law firm website design WordPress is, the more likely it is that a new visitor will stick around and explore everything it has to offer.

Providing a well-organized website is a surefire way to keep visitors coming back for more. Not only that, it directs users on what they must do after accessing the website design. Here are some exemplary examples of law firm website designs to take inspiration from.

5. Advice is to use a variety of calls to action

Don't forget the lawyer WordPress sites resemble service sites in many ways. That's why every law company actively solicits clients to fill out their contact forms online.

To convert users, you need to develop a CTA (call to action) button that attracts their attention and converts them into the lead.

Apart from that, we encourage you to make use of several CTAs at the point when you think users could feel comfortable calling your firm. But make sure you are not overloading your legal firm website with CTA, as it will take away your website professionalism and make you look more greedy than an industry expert.

When deciding where to put a call to action (CTA), we advise placing it prominently on the homepage and any other pages that are likely to generate leads, such as those dedicated to specific areas of practice, getting in touch with the firm, learning more about the firm, and so on. This way, you boost the odds of getting more leads from it. Apart from that, you may also place it on the blog page, sidebar, and more.

6. Use the same color scheme throughout

While building a law firm website with WordPress, the color you chose will also play another essential part, enabling you to strengthen your law firm brand and engage more users visiting your WordPress website. Whether you are using a custom-coded WordPress website for your law business or a pre-built theme, you need to ensure that your law firm website preserves color uniformity as the first priority. By doing so, you will be aiding your company by increasing brand recognition.

The color you select for your brand can be used as the backdrop color, CTA, and more. You can also make use of the color as the section divider. The themes you select for your WordPress website allow you access to high-end customization capabilities that might help you to select the correct color for your law firm website. 

7. Create a responsive and fast website

The most crucial thing that we urge you to consider is designing a highly responsive website that loads faster across all devices. Not to mention the number of mobile users is continually so as the mobile traffic. Today practically every user likes to seek goods or any information from the nearest gadget. Smartphones and tablets have made it possible for the user to receive the same browsing experience as desktop users.

But to ensure that consumers are able to find your attorney's website in the search result and easily engage with the design, you need to ensure that the parts in your website load properly on handheld devices. Only by making and promoting a mobile-friendly WordPress website for your company will you be able to do this. Users of your WordPress site are most interested in learning more about you and your law firm. That's why portable gadgets, rather than desktop computers, will be their go-to choice.

Crucial Elements Of Your Law Firm's Online Presence

Each law company is unique in its own way. For instance, your law firm may only deal with consumer bankruptcy cases, or it may also handle personal injury, workers' comp, bankruptcy, divorce, criminal defense, and estate planning matters. General practice firms may have a different organizational framework and level of expertise than specialized ones.

Although, every law firm's website should include the following characteristics, some of which may be mandated by law. When you build law firm website with WordPress, it is important to include: 

1. Identifying information on your homepage

Although not all site visitors will start there, the main page should serve as an introduction to your company. Highlight your company's unique selling proposition (USP) and explain why a potential client should work with you rather than a competitor.

2. Exemplary profile of attorneys

It's little wonder these sections attract so much attention on legal websites. According to a recent survey, potential clients value knowing that their attorney has a solid academic and professional history the most when looking for legal representation.

3. Specifics about the several fields in which you specialize

Display a concise summary of your areas of expertise on the homepage and in the site navigation, followed by detailed descriptions of each. The most usual layout for this is a list in the sidebar or a dropdown menu, with a dedicated page for each service offered.

4. Contact details that are prominently displayed

Make getting in touch with you as simple as possible, ideally through multiple methods. You should make a dedicated contact page, but your phone number and brief contact forms should be everywhere.

5. Security measures that meet regulatory standards

If you intend to collect information from users of your website, you should study the applicable state and federal laws governing such data collection privacy and security and post a privacy policy that is both compliant with such laws and truthful. If there are any changes, please make sure to update.

6. Disclaimers

You should research your state's specific requirements for disclaimers. Information about the attorney responsible for the site's content, a disclaimer that no attorney-client relationship is formed by submitting a contact form or reading the site's content, and a declaration that the content is not meant as legal advice, are all examples of disclaimers and notices.

7. To maintain an active blog

As we've seen, blogging is a fantastic way to expand your site, improve your SEO, and promote yourself as an authority in your field.

It's also crucial that your website has straightforward, comprehensive navigation. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but one of the most common and useful layouts for legal websites is a horizontal menu across the top of the page, complete with both primary and secondary levels of navigation. 

In addition, there are many WordPress themes out there, so you can easily make this material user-friendly and visually appealing to your target audience in various ways.

The Final Verdict On building a WordPress website for law firms

Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of the steps you may take to build a law website with WordPress. Keep in mind that the website design you produce and provide will significantly impact the number of visitors who decide to take action after landing on your page. Your WordPress site's design can give prospective clients a compelling cause to choose your agency above the competition if they're in the market for a legal firm's services.

If you've read this far, you already know that setting up a WordPress site for a legal business is easier than you might think. WordPress is a robust and versatile content management system with a wide variety of free themes available for use in creating sites with a high level of professional polish.

Just post a question or remark if you need clarification.

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