12 Web Design Statistics Small Business Owners Need To Know


9 Apr, 2024


As a small business owner, it's crucial to understand the importance of website statistics in today's modern world. A website for your business is a great way to reach potential customers and expand your online presence. However, without tracking and analyzing your website statistics, you'll never truly know how effectively your website attracts and retains visitors. In this article, we'll explore some of the most important website statistics that every business owner should know to make informed decisions and improve their online presence.

To stand out in this competitive online environment, small business owners must be familiar with the newest website designing technology, trends, customer behavior, and expectations. Additionally, they must reach out the experts of web design for small businesses. Website statistics are vital for a website and help grow the business further

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Top Web Design Statistics to Know

Here are the top website stats that you have been looking for! In this report, we'll be exploring the most popular websites on the internet and analyzing their performance across various metrics. From increasing website traffic to engagement rates, we'll cover it all. Whether you're a marketer looking to improve your website's performance or simply curious about the trends in online behavior, this report is sure to provide valuable insights. So, let's discover what the internet's biggest players are up to!

1. Website Traffic

Web traffic informs us about the number of individuals visiting our site at any moment, the pages they visit, the time they spend on those sites, returning traffic, unique views, bounce rates, and more. This is a significant statistic of website design. Since the beginning of 2022, mobile traffic has hovered around 60%. As a result, it's more crucial than ever to optimize your website for both mobile and desktop devices. It's also worth considering whether or not providing a mobile app will provide your consumers with a better experience.

Online marketing agencies have different digital marketing strategies to increase website traffic for businesses, such as Search engine optimization, Blogging, Website, and mobile optimization. These strategies help improve the website traffic,  better website design, and get a better ranking on Google. Digital marketing agencies put these strategies into play and help businesses generate more revenue. 

2. Responsive Website

Responsive web design adapts the appearance of content on a website to the size of the device's screen. This starkly contrasts with non-responsive website design, which retains the same attributes regardless of the screen size. The responsive web design strategy aims to provide the same experience to website visitors regardless of the device they use to access the site.

  • The responsive design integrates social media
  • 67%of people want to purchase on mobile-friendly websites
  • 94% of people judge websites on responsive web design

A robust and well-executed site design is the core of your marketing activities. It can help you accomplish your organizational goals when all aspects of your digital marketing plan are well-considered. These include excellent user experience, consistent branding, search engine optimization, and advertising.

3. Visual Dimension

Although reliable web sources can give valuable marketing insights, firms with limited digital marketing expertise and resources are more likely to profit from the services of a seasoned digital marketing agency, which can help them make the most of their time and money.

4. CTA button

CTA, i.e., call-to-action examples are used on your website and landing pages to direct visitors to your conversion objective. It's the section of the landing page where the user must click to complete the action you want them to do. This is also a critical web design statistic. For example, the CTA may propose that the reader sign up for a newsletter that offers product updates. 

A CTA should be evident and follow the marketing content promptly to be effective. When the data was examined further, it became apparent that button CTAs are the most effective. Button CTAs get a CTR of 5.31 percent on average. The most incredible CTA button click-through rate was around 70%. Writing CTA’s is not rocket science. It takes a little strategic thinking and placement. You can write CTA in the first person, Use Action Words and Phrases, Eliminate Friction or Roadblocks, and Create Urgency.

What tools can help in increasing the CTA  in a website?

Hubspot call to action- In seconds, you can design, customize, test, and improve CTAs that drive qualified leads to your landing pages with HubSpot's Calls-to-Action tool. The simple CTA builder enables you to create CTA buttons and CTA pop-ups without the need for a professional. You may also submit your custom button designs or image-based CTAs.

Wishpond- With Wishpond's drag-and-drop builder and over 20 designs, you can develop and optimize CTAs for web and landing sites. A/B testing and multivariate test several variations of your CTAs to see which converts the most visitors.

5. Conversion Rate

The percentage of users who execute a desired activity is recorded as a conversion rate. Conversion rates are obtained by dividing the total number of users who 'convert' by the whole audience size and converting the result to a percentage. According to a d study conducted by Deloitte, with a 0.1s enhancement in website speed, they’ve observed that retail customers spent approximately 10% more, while lead generation and luxury customers engage more, with webpage views increased by 7% and 8% respectively.

6. Product Page Performance

You already know how crucial page speed is. It's essential for SEO, yet slow-loading web pages could be more convenient. It might have a negative influence on your website's user experience.

Regarding page speed, you'll need to hit the three-second mark; 83 percent of visitors want a page to load in less than three seconds. According to Hobo-web, 53% of mobile site users will abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load.

Use psychological pricing on product pages- In eCommerce; psychological pricing converts more visitors into purchasers. The concept is straightforward. Price the product such that it is not a round figure numerically.

7. Website speed

Even if you have the most beautifully designed website, your reputation could be better if it takes less time to load.

Almost half (44%) of website visitors say that if the site crashes or the load time is slow, they will form an unfavorable impression of the firm. 44% of visitors will have a bad image of businesses with slow-loading websites.

Pingdom website speed- Pingdom is a quick and easy way to check the speed of your website. A helpful waterfall of all browser requests can provide excellent information on what's causing the poor loading time.

Gtmetrix performance report- GTmetrix also offers a brief waterfall report that shows what is loaded and contributes to your page speed. You'll get further suggestions on what might be changed when you click on each piece.

8. Website color

Because 22% of consumers who visit a website for the first time search for eye-catching hues, yet 21% will leave if the colors are "outlandish," it's critical to strike the proper balance. Pick a neutral background color to assist you choose eye-catching — but not flashy — colors for your website color design. After that, decide on primary and secondary colors. Don't be hesitant to get ideas from companies in your sector.

Color Review- Check the contrast between colors in real time with this tool using the text sample on the page. Colors in RGB and CSS may be accessed quickly and easily. Another noteworthy fact is that, in cases where there is also an artwork, we may select a color that best complements both the textual portions and the picture. As a result, we need to get the impression that they're contending for the user's attention.

Color Safe- One of the most intriguing features of this program is that we can choose a typeface that looks close to the one we'll be using, as well as its weight, and then produce a color palette based on those parameters.

9. Page layout

A page's layout or navigational links are looked at by 38% of users visiting a website for the first time. Visitors may quit your website if the design needs to be clarified or the navigation menu needs to be easier to access. 

Figma- This adaptable design platform aids in presenting designs on the web. Figma is a web design tool designers and developers working individually or in a digital firm should consider adding to their toolkit for simple collaboration and real-time customer input.

Wireframe- Wireframe.cc is a freemium web design tool that assists in creating basic wireframes for websites and mobile apps. Its simple design interface simply displays website elements while minimizing clutter and distractions.

10. Images and Videos

The top visual aspects consumers appreciate on a corporate website are images, color, and videos. Given that almost 40% of respondents indicated pictures and color, and 21% stated video, your company should put photos and choose a website color scheme first. Then, combine video and other visual aspects, such as typography, infographics, and animation.

Adobe Spark is a content production tool that allows you to quickly integrate text, graphics, and video for better web storytelling.

11. Bounce rate

The average bounce rate differs per device as well. The average bounce rate is 43 percent on desktops, 51 percent on mobile, and 45 percent on tablets across all industries. The high bounce rate on mobile can be linked to many websites needing to be mobile-optimized. So they need a good web design company like JanBask Digital Design for their website or application design.

Avoid Popups- Use popups sparingly since they irritate users and increase bounce rates. If a popup interrupts my reading, I may exit the site. Some marketers even utilize hostile or intimidating language in their popups, increasing the likelihood of my fast exit.

Create a compelling CTA- Keep visitors with a good CTA after attracting them with your title and piquing their curiosity with your content. A rise in the leave rate is the last thing you want to happen. You want every visitor to your site to buy something or, at the very least, consider it.

12. Navigation bar

The navigation bar is an important location for search engines to determine relevancy. The descriptive label convinces Google that you care about that issue because your navigation displays on every page. Because your navigation bar is visible, it communicates quickly. It will be evident, at a glance, what your firm does when it shows your significant items or services, so they'll know they're at the proper spot.

Avoid format-based navigation

"Videos," "Photos," and "White Papers" are examples of navigation labels that indicate the type of information but not the topic. Website visitors aren't seeking films or whitepapers. They go online in search of answers and knowledge.

Work on the order of your website navigation.

Items near the front and conclusion of a website navigation list, like any list, are most successful since attention and retention are most potent here. The serial position effect is what it's called.


Web design is akin to magic for many people. It enchants specific material so that visitors to the website would find it appealing. Web design is like magic, but it also involves calculation. When you think about it, all of these web design statistics and facts prove that web design is critical for your website and business. These statistics are vital in a website if you need to grow your small business and have good web design company.

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