15 Most Powerful Social Media Monitoring Tools In 2022


17 May, 2024



Here’s some excellent news to share, one of the clients got a 75% growth in sales last month, and social media is loving their content, especially one of their unboxing videos was shared several times, especially by a female audience in the age group of 25-30 and demographically the significant chunk was from NYC. So then they target the same audience with more exciting content and increase their subscribers base by 35%. 

Thanks to the social media monitoring tools that got some eye-opening facts and got them driving their marketing efforts in the right direction.

Are you aware of these amazing social media monitoring tools that can boost conversions, increase your client base, get people loving your social content, and ensure giving you a successful campaign? 

This blog opens up to the following facts:

  • What is social media monitoring?
  • The best 15 social media monitoring tools.
  • How to choose the best social media monitoring tools?

Get ready to work your fingers to the bone!

Looking to Grow Your Brand through Social Media Marketing?

  • Increasing Your Brand Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create Goal-driven Social-Media Messaging & Campaigns

What Is Social Monitoring? Let’s Unveil That!

Businesses promote themselves on social media to connect with the audience, develop a positive brand perception, create awareness, generate leads, get people talking about their product or service, develop customer loyalty, make content go viral, generate conversation, and so much more. 

To understand that all of these mentioned objectives have been achieved, social media monitoring comes into action. With such tools, you listen, analyze, monitor what people are talking about, how they feel about your product, and accordingly measure the success of your marketing activity. That’s why social media monitoring is also called social listening.

However, you need the best tools to listen to social mentions and get the desired results from the top social media platforms. So here, we have compiled the top 15 social media monitoring tools that will be the eyes and ears of your marketing efforts.

15 Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need To Bookmark Now!

15 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Whether monitoring social mentions, comments, consumer persona, generating reports, or scheduling your social media posts, these are 15 social media monitoring tools that any marketer or an entrepreneur can’t miss.

#1. Hootsuite Is The Most Popular Social Media Monitoring Tool

Whether looking to create a stream of content with the right keywords, publish them on social media with buzzing hashtags, and manage them to get great insights, Hootsuite as one of the best social media monitoring tools is the right choice. Hootsuite gets you an interactive dashboard and easily integrates with other apps to help manage the dashboard and other related tasks. 

It automatically schedules all your content in a calendar that needs to be posted on social media; you may view and manage every bit of the content from the calendar view itself. In addition, Hootsuite gets you to access quality images from the Hootsuite dashboard to make content posting much more accessible.

It has a smart inbox that compiles all the conversations efficiently responded from a single platform. Also, the social analytics dashboard shows high-performing content and insights so that you can come up with the right content strategy. 

With the Hootsuite social media monitoring tools, you can easily assign social media tasks to team members from the dashboard, quickly set performance benchmarks, and measure the performance of the team and the social campaigns assigned to them.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, forums, and more.

Pricing Of Hootsuite Social Media Monitoring Tool:

A 30-day free trial is available, a Professional plan of $29 per month, a Team plan of $129 per month, a Business plan of $599 per month, and an enterprise plan are customized as per requirement. 

#2. Sprout Social Is An Indispensable Social Media Monitoring Tool

If you are looking to create a content strategy that aligns with the target audience want list and pain points, Sprout Social social media monitoring tool helps you with that. It gets you a smart report of what your current audience prefers on the product pages that will help you set the future course of action. 

One of the platform’s key features - Bambu, enables your employees to share content across social networks anytime and from anywhere. They also get pre-approved post suggestions to save time while sharing brand-related content. Just like in the image so creatively, the employee shares the distinctive skill and style of coffee making.

Sprout Social

The in-build calendar organizes social media posts per user profiles, platform posted, and campaigns to help you analyze the performance metrics quickly and even compare your performance on social media to your competitors’ to find new opportunities. 

Sprout social media monitoring tool lets you find the previous year’s data and trends and filter them according to your need, as in the image below.

instagram stories performance

Through this feature, you can research the target audience by gaining deep insights into demographics, age, gender, device usage and come up with the right buyer persona.

The platform gets you the best keyword performance reports and other related data, which even helps you measure your team performance against every social media campaign.

Platforms supported: Supports all social media platforms.

Price: Free trial is available, Standard plan - $89, Professional - $149 per month, Advanced - $249 per month, and Enterprise - custom pricing.

#3. Zoho Social Is The Most Used Social Media Monitoring Tool

Zoho Social is a social media management dashboard to publish and schedule posts, monitor social activities and analyze your social media performance. You may easily preview or postpone your scheduled social media post from a single platform rather than hooping between multiple platforms. 

The SmartQ feature of Zoho predicts when the audience is most engaged and gives the information to post the content accordingly to get maximum traction. 

RSS and zShare are content curation technologies of Zoho that readily integrate with the ZOHO dashboard to create a content publishing pipeline so that you are not burdened with constant scheduling and posting tasks.

With Zoho, you can create listening columns to keep track of brand reviews, @mentions and respond to engagement efficiently. It even gets you to chat, video, and audio calls feature so that you may interact with your team at any given point in time and discuss reports. 

Concerning reports, Zoho gets you personalized reports for all of your social media campaigns. Also, you can set up a timetable, decide on the frequency, and automate the delivery of reports to your team at your convenience. Have a look at the report feature in the image below.

Zoho Social

Zoho gets you a zShare browser extension, that helps you keep a collection of exciting content that you come across and take inspiration while catering your social media campaign. Through Canva integration, you may create and edit visuals for your social media posts from the platform. In addition, you can save the photographs in Zoho Social's media library, where you and your team can access them anytime.

Zoho takes care of your sales team by getting you a smart Zoho CRM wherein you can keep adding leads and other related contacts.

  • Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Prices: Free trial for 15 days, standard plan 600, professional 1725, premium plan for 2595 monthly.

#4. Mention Is Mentioned As A Great Social Media Monitoring Tool

If you're looking to filter out significant comments and gaze trends to develop the best-fit marketing strategy, Mention is the tool for you. Mention is more than just a social media monitoring tool; it also tracks brand mentions across the web, including Yelp and Amazon. The Mention mailbox offers you a stream of data that is regularly updated. You may add preferences as 'priority,' 'unread,' 'archive,' or 'favorites.'

Mention social media monitoring platform lets you keep track of every mention of your business or product on social media and even gets you thoughtful reports through data visualization tools. 

The Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one spot. You can plan out your posts ahead of time and decide when you want to publish them.

  • Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more!
  • Prices: Free trial available, Solo - $29 per month, Pro - $99 per month, ProPlus $199, and customized enterprise pricing.

#5. Hubspot Is Spotted As The Best Social Media Monitoring Tool

HubSpot is one social media monitoring tool that gets you all under one umbrella. You have the best of social media, email marketing, SEO, and lead management tools. With built-in statistics and bespoke reports, you can keep track of your marketing performance. Also, it helps you create and host SEO-friendly blog posts and web pages.

The most amazing part of Hubspot is you can easily manage content in multiple languages and optimize each one for SEO. Create a buyer persona that your team can use to create better marketing campaigns, as in the image below.

marketing campaigns

  • Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Xing, YouTube, a blogging platform with RSS feeds, and Pinterest.
  • Prices: Hubspot has free CRM tools, Starter plan - $45 per month, Professional $800/mo, Enterprise $3200/mo

#6. Talkwalker Without Any Doubt Is A Winning Social Media Monitoring Tool

Talkwalker is one of the most influential media monitoring tools available. It can monitor print, television, and radio broadcasts in addition to social media platforms and websites. The unique part of Talkwalker social media monitoring tools is that it can monitor objects, logos, images, or videos on social media and help you use the insights while drafting your campaign. 

Talkwalker gives you all kinds of critical analysis, especially sentiment analysis, which is possible in 25 languages. For advanced analysis of any gaps, you can use the spike analysis feature on Talkwalker. In addition, you can create customizable dashboards to exchange data with your team quickly and use conversation clustering features for deep analysis of the data. Even it lets you track trends through Virality Map and time-lapse graphs.

  • Platforms supported: Almost all social media platforms, websites, print, and broadcasts.
  • Prices: Basic $8,400 per year, standard $12,000 per year, and customized enterprise pricing.

#7. Buffer Cannot Be Missed In Your List Of Social Media Monitoring Tools

Buffer’s social media monitoring tool helps you plan, collaborate, and produce eye-catching content that will boost your brand's engagement and growth. It lets you plan and create content across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from one simple dashboard. In addition, you can set reminders for your social media post on Buffer and receive notifications on your phone.

For reports, you can set up the frequency once, and Buffers will automatically update reports accordingly. 

  • Platforms supported - Supports all social media platforms.
  • Prices - 14 day free trials, Pro plan: $15 per month, Small business plan: $99 per month, Medium business plan: $199 per month, Large business plan: $399 per month

#8. AgoraPulse Is A Sound Social Media Monitoring Tool

With the AgoraPulse social media monitoring tool, it's not just that you are measuring the social media performance, but you even get in-depth updates over the most engaging reader and its profile information. You can sync all your ad comments and get stats in chronological order with the AgoraPulse social media monitoring service. Irrespective of the package you choose, you'll get inbox filters, stored replies, bulk actions, and team assignments features.

For social media content scheduling, you can create categories as per content type for better task management. You may also align your team for a quick analysis of each team member's response time to ensure that all incoming comments on social handles are responded to quickly.

  • Platforms Supported: Agorapulse social media monitoring tool currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Pricing - 30-day free trial, Pro - $79/mo, premium - $159/mo, custom pricing for enterprises.

#9. Falcon.Io Gets You Smart Social Media Monitoring Features

In a single login, Falcon gets you all the features like social listening, engagement, publishing, analytics, and audience data management. Apart from scheduling your social media posts, you can even use the content pool, like a digital library that automatically saves published content, photographs, and video that may simply be repurposed in the future. 

Falcon gives you the ability to build ad sets and budgets, timelines, and goals, and keep measuring your achievement with the goal. 

  • Platforms Supported - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.
  • Pricing - Essentials $ 108/mo, Full suite - customized pricing and a 14-day free trial are also available with this social media monitoring tool.

#10. Keyhole Has Unique Social Media Monitoring Features

With Keyhole's powerful online social media monitoring features, you can keep track of industry leaders and spot industry trends while creating your media strategy. 

Keyhole's recommendations feature suggests the best times to post content and the right hashtags to use for ad content management. It even helps get the most out of your influencers by identifying the most prominent brand advocates for partnerships.

Also, for tracking the competition, you may use the Keyhole account tracking social media monitoring features to figure out who your followers are and who your competitors' followers are.

  • Platform Support - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.
  • Pricing - Basic $49/mo, Plus $99/mo, professional $199 per month

#11. Mavsocial Is A Fine Social Media Monitoring Tool

With Mavsocial, you may schedule your content for any worldwide time zone and even use real-time previews before posting the content. You can set filters, organize and track your posts by categorizing them by product, service, event, and so on. After posting on social media, save all your hashtag for future reference on Mavsocial.

Also, you can derive smart graphs to measure social media performance. You can visualize your social media performance using responsive graphs and better understand your audience's demographics and other data to decide the type of content you should be producing for the best results.

  • Platform supported - All social media platforms.
  • Pricing - Advanced - $19/mo, Pro - $78/mo, Business - $199/mo

#12. Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Tool Will Develop Your Brand

Do you know how important it is to track negative comments timely and resolve them timely? With Brand24, spot every negative comment or any issue and align your team for quick action. It is not like you have to log in every time; rather, you will get an email for any kind of wrong or negative mentions of your product or brand on social media.

You can even do a sentiment evaluation of your audience, trending hashtags and get a score of your social media performance through the Brand 24 social media monitoring tool.

  • Platforms supported - All social media handles.
  • Pricing- Free Trial, Personal Plus $49/Month, Professional Premium $99/Month, Professional Max $399/Month.

13. BuzzSumo - Create A Buzz With BuzzSumo Social Media Monitoring Tool

BuzzSumo social media monitoring tool searches blogs, websites, forums, and other online communities to find out what's being said about your brand and delivers engagement statistics for all the content posted on social media. The report is divided into four pieces and is available in PDF format. Reports include total engagements, engagement & content published over time, average engagement values by content type, total engagement received each day.

 Also, with the BuzzSumo social media monitoring tool, you can set up an alert for any content being posted by your competitors or a brand you follow. This helps you stay current and seek out inspiration for the content. You can also create alerts to track Brand mentions, Competitor mentions, Keyword mentions, and Backlinks.

  • Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and many more.
  • Pricing- BuzzSumo features: $99/month, BuzzSumo features: $179/month.

#14. Meltwater - Defeat Competition With Meltwater Social Media Monitoring Tool

Meltwater social media monitoring tool emphasis on analytics and focus engagements. It works on analyzing millions of social media posts every day to filter out the useful ones for your brand. It also helps you in finding the best influencer and checking up on your social media performance. 

It also does a sentiment analysis of every post, determining whether the post has negative, positive, or neutral feedback for your brand. You may even fetch sentiment reports from the social media monitoring tool. The software works smoothly on mobile as well, and thereby you can respond to incoming alerts over social mentions anytime and from anywhere.

  • Platform supported - Supports all social media platforms.
  • Pricing - Meltwater costs around $4000 per year!

#15. Digimind Social Media Monitoring Tools Is Indispensable

Marketing teams and professionals can use Digimind Social to keep track of important conversations about their brand and business on social media. Less significant conversations are scraped by the Digimind social media monitoring tool.

Through the Predictive Analytics feature, which works on specific data and insights, you can forecast whether or not a social media marketing initiative will be successful and come up with the best plan of action. In addition, it offers a unique dashboard where you can track and analyze the performance of the ads and content posted on social media.

  • Platform supported - Supports all social media platforms.
  • Pricing - Digimind Social starts at $499 per user/month

These 15 social media monitoring tools are a must-have for seamless execution and measuring the outcome of any social media campaign. However, it is not easy to pick the best platform as per your business needs. Keep reading to find the right ways to choose the social media monitoring tool that fits your bill.

How To Choose The Right Social Media Monitoring Tool?

All the social media monitoring tools are equipped with distinctive features and play a critical part in marketing campaigns. But, herein, the one-size-fits-all theory does not work, and you need to pick the right social media monitoring tools as per your unique business requirement. Here’s how to figure out the right for your business need:

1. Define Your Goal To Choose The Best Social Media Monitoring Software

If the essential aspect for your business is identifying negative sentiments for your product, you need to go for a social media monitoring tool that focuses on social mentions. But your objective is to increase brand awareness and focus on tools that get you the best influencers and related reports. So the point is to get your aim of doing social media campaigns clear to figure out the right tool.

2. Check Your Bandwidth, Work With An Agency That Can Help With The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools.

Social media monitoring is a vast subject and demands a lot of time, attention, and resources. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a professional digital marketing agency with expertise in using these tools and can get the right support system for your business requirement. 

3. Don’t Go For Long Term Plans; In The Beginning, Take Up Free Trials

Every social media monitoring tool has a free trial for 15- 30 days. Test the water first. Take up a free trial, see what works for you, compare reports, campaign management assistance, customer support system, features, and then work out the best social media monitoring tool. 

We have answered what is social media monitoring, the best social media monitoring software, and how to choose the right one. Planning, execution, and analysis are critical parameters to the success of any marketing campaign, and we hope you will deliver the best. That brings us to the concluding note for this journey of ours!

Final Thought

To make your marketing campaign successful on the best social media platforms, measure the campaign regularly, invest in social media listening, keep monitoring your competitions, keywords, content, and every aspect of your internal team’s performance. These 15 social media monitoring tools help you understand the pain points and want list of buyers, why and why not they like your product and ensure you come up with the best solution. 

If you are already using any social media monitoring tool that we have missed here, do share with us what you like the best.

And if looking for the right social media monitoring tool, tell us your business goal, timeline, and budget and get the best proposal from our end.

We have done extensive research to get you the most critical features of the top social media monitoring tools, don’t forget to like and share!

Looking to Grow Your Brand through Social Media Marketing?

  • Increasing Your Brand Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create Goal-driven Social-Media Messaging & Campaigns

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