Importance of Web Design for Business – How To Earn With It?


 8 Mar, 2021

Importance of Web Design for Business – How To Earn With It?


Business investments are onerous, aren’t they? As a business, you tend to look up to all possible diversified business investment opportunities that could lead to some business solidarity, maximized profits (payoff greater than what’s invested), and ultimate brand positioning. Investments in any assets should be done with the hope that they will not just help with present pursuits but will as well appear to be useful in the long run.

If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, we would suggest investing in smart, classic-looking Business Websites too. Because they are cost-effective investments that can meet your all long-term profitability, branding, and powerful ROI goals. We can prove this by comparing the qualities you look for “while investing in an asset” with “the importance of web design for business”.


If you invest a slim or heavy sum in user-centric web designs, your investment is likely to grow with each passing time. But here you might wonder why is web design so important or people rush to invest in web design companies? There is a great importance of web design in business as follow -- which ultimately contributes to your revenue & ROI goals:

  • Customer/client engagement - With a website, you can grow a base of loyal & long-term customers.
  • Credible Brand - You will establish a reputed brand value online.
  • Streams of income - You will have more streams of revenue to explore & put them on auto-pilot mode.
  • Cutting down on excessive costs & efforts - With websites, you can sideline the redundant costs, efforts & time you put in cold callings & manage the staff physically.
  • Give good competition - With a responsive website you can be ahead of your competitors who have always outdone your business offline.

Let’s understand in detail the importance of good website design for your business other than just making huge returns.

Importance of Website Design for Businesses

Are you still contemplating investing in a good website design for your new-age business? Sure you do. Here we are explaining the importance of web designing in today's world, more specifically how it can impact positively your business, its online presence, profits, and ultimate brand value. Check out the key importance of web design and development for businesses or entrepreneurs with professionals.

1. Website Helps you Reach Out to Potential Customers

“A website is a great source to attract your distant yet local customers or clients.”

attract your distant yet local customers or clients.

Whether you are a legal firm or a product seller, with a unique, usable, and visually appealing website design, you can source your ultimate buyers. Since the website is available on WWW, so anyone can easily search for your domain as --- www.”yourbrandname”.com and reach out to for viewing your offerings, buy your products, or do both. 

You can easily create a growing base of repeat and new customers by just owning a user-friendly website design. With little internet marketing efforts, you can push your website to the right buyers, who would end up purchasing your products at great bargains.

2. Reflects Your True Customer Service Abilities

“A website design defines how you address and treat your customers.”

Just like in a physical store or in the corporate office, there are representatives to meet customer needs, your website is that business representative in the virtual world.

It is a host defining your business’s customer service abilities. It tells your audience what all it could do to navigate your users’ way to ultimate product discovery, your business USP, and ultimate conversions as purchases.

If you have a highly usable, navigable, eye-catching business website design, your customers will get to know your services and distinguished abilities ---making you stand out from the crowd.

3. Lets You Do Better Than Competition

A website is the best source to outdo your competitors & capture the target market before them

The best thing about having a website design is, you can explain your business in a much unique & distinct way than your competitors. You can easily identify your competitor’s design, and think of doing something superior to them. 

With a professional website design company, you can easily analyze the powerful design elements that could outdo your competition’s website. They will suggest to you the best UI templates, designs, features, functionality while highlighting your brand USP, your products & vision in the frame.

They will help you showcase to your customers how you are worth it than your competition.

4. You Build Home to Qualified Lead & Conversions

Lead & Conversions

Websites are the best destination to tell the audience your visions, offers, and exemplary trading process. With a beautifully designed user-friendly website, you have every way of attracting qualified leads for converting them into long-term, high-paying customers or clients. Leads are the people that might be interested in discovering your exclusive brand, products, or services to initiate “basic conversions” or “ultimate conversion”. Basic conversion where they put up certain actions to bring ultimate sales like:

  • Enquiring about your services
  • Signing up for the newsletter
  • Filling up the contact form for a consultation
  • Leaving a comment on the blog or sharing it
  • Inboxing you in chatbot with what they are actually looking for
  • Or many small leading actions…

While “ultimate conversions” are the process where your users have decided to go for your products and are ready to “book your consultation” (if you have a website for offline services) or are about to “checkout to buy your products” (if you are single or multiple product line eCommerce store).

5. Helps Earn Increased Revenue with Great Margins

Increased Revenue with Great Margins

“Sales through websites are growing heavily as online users are exceeding.”

 When you own a website for your business, you open streams to earn heavy revenue & margins over time, that too on an auto-pilot mode. If you own an exemplary website design, explaining your core products, their importance, and a smooth checkout process to avail those products/services over a beautiful UI, you are intended to gain heavy sales from the majority of users visiting your site.

Here are some sources through which your business can earn increased revenue & profits.

  • Portraying compelling brand, product, service information - No matter you have a singular or diversified product/service range, if you have useful, informative & genuine content around them over a website, explaining their use, benefits or so, you could spike the interest of your users at least to inquire about your products & offerings, before buying.
  • Run end-to-end eCommerce store - If you are completely moving your mom-and-pop shop over a digital eCommerce platform, you can get the right revenues. With exclusive eCommerce website design & the features associated with them, prepared by professionals, you can get great order value & sales for sure.

eCommerce website design

  • Running third-party ads on your website - With a website, you can attract other forms of revenue too, generated through ads, run over your web. If you manage to create a distinct & renowned website design, you can attract small or big businesses to advertise their services over your website in exchange for some remarkable value.
  • Ditching old age costly efforts - Instead of putting your heavy cost & energy on cold calling efforts or offline marketing methods, if you do it over your website in form of integrating smart chatbots, running some attractive offers, customer loyalty programs, or more such, you can win cut down the major costs, and be able to increase profit ratio eventually.


6. Helps To Make Your Brand Visible

“A good website design will help you build a consistently growing business brand for the long-haul.”

When you go for trending & professional web designs, you create a brand identity that your customers can recognize from a distance. By adding some unique colors, logos, styles, or any USP identical to your business, you can create a brand value that’s professional, fresh, and credible for your users to trust & explore.


A trendy & professional web design will ultimately evoke your buyers’ trust in your business products, services, and overall offerings. With a navigable, secure, and user-centric website design, you can establish your business as credible and from there on, can start building your brand value.

Few Brand Elements When Added to a Design Can Set you Apart from Crowd

  • Logo - Just like we recognize Amazon with a shopping cart icon or McDonald’s’ with giant mustard yellow “M”, a unique logo for your website will also help you distinguish & recognize from your competitors.
  • Brand Color - Just like you view WhatsApp with a green and white combo, having a soft, soothing, and worth remembering business color can help you get recognized as a brand.
  • Typefaces - Having distinct typefaces over a website also defines the character and readability of a website. Having smart, unique yet readable typefaces can help create a unique brand.
  • Brand Voice - A website gives you a podium to explore and share your business voice, which could be serious, more millennial, or a combination of both. Having a brand voice identified will also make a brand name for your business.
  • Graphic elements - Having creative, unique, and user-centric graphic elements as graphic images, vectors, infographics, etc also helps in creating a stellar brand identity or value.

Building brand identity and value through web presence is important for your business in the long-term, as this will incite the potential buyers to come forth along with referrals, explore your products by trusting you, and aid your revenue cycle.

7. Best source to market & advertise your offers

“With a single, integrated, usable website for your business, you can highlight & promote your business and get good responses in a very short span of time.”

market & advertise

Business websites are the best marketing tools to accelerate the brand’s reach to its target audience. You can promote your website with a predefined budget and gain good traction in terms of visitor traffic, users’ inquiries, product leads, purchases at good bargains, brand awareness & so much more. You no longer need to tirelessly invest in physical, costly, and time-consuming marketing affairs to do your business right.

8. Web design helps with SEO Visibility

Till now, we just stayed focused on the basic & obvious business benefits of owning superlative & user-centric website designs. But do you know a good, clean-coded, optimized website does wonders in supporting your Search engine visibility.

SEO Efforts

Many businesses might be unaware of what is SEO? Or more obvious “How SEO works”? Well, SEO expanded as search engine optimization is a process where you put in all possible efforts to rank at the top of search engines like “Google” or “Bing”. But why? To get good traffic, visibility, customers’ reach, get qualified leads & conversions as sales. 

Well-designed & optimized Websites help in paddling your SEO strategy & efforts by:

  • Making your site visible in Search engine result pages - When you own an exemplary website, you layer its copy with “users searched keywords” & some SEO metrics that could help rank well your website in the result pages of Google. Which in turn helps in making your brand name visible to online audiences.
  • Getting you a good traffic base - With a professionally designed, SEO-optimized website, you get to attract potential customers or client base, who might be ready to add to your revenue goals.
  • Ranking you on top of Google’s 1st page - If your website is well-designed & optimized, you have every chance on earth to rank on the 1st page of Google. Which attracts users the most & convinces them 100 times to explore & take along your products/services.
  • Reduced bounce rates - Increasing bounce rates are fatal which defines how interested your users are in driving away as soon as they land up on your website. But with a very clean-designed, SEO-optimized website, you can keep bounce rates at a minimum and do very well in ranking on SERP. Yes, bad bounce rates affect your website’s ability to rank well.

Now we know the importance of good website design, let’s identify what happens if you don’t own it. Like what all you could possibly lose by not understanding why website design is important in an online marketplace.

What Happens if You Don’t Own a Website in Times Like Today?

If you are still operating a business in an offline context, it could be merely because of 2 reasons: - 

  • Reason 1 - The nature of your business (where you don’t have an online audience base to target and you manage to earn good proceeds from there).
  • Reason 2 - By choice (you feel websites are like squandering because you haven’t deeply recognized the importance of web design and development).

Owning a website for entrepreneurs or any business is no longer a choice (those who belong to reason 2), it’s the ultimate thing for surviving, doing business, earning profits, meeting costs & so much more. When you don’t own a straightforward, usable, and responsive website design from start and simply underestimate the website design importance, you:

  • Lose potential customers interests, inquiries, and purchases
  • Have to struggle hard & pay a wasteful sum to keep up with your (not so sure converting) offline business measures
  • Miss out on the chance to create a dream brand that’s credible and easy to monetize
  • Lose chance to outdo the competition in the virtual marketplace
  • Lose a potential base of loyal & long-term buyers or clients
  • Lose chances to gain heavy streams of income and profits on a little sum you invest

“I have a website, I don’t need to worry about a thing” - you might say. But is it updated or revamped as per the latest design trends & customers’ taste? If not, surprisingly, you could still meet these odds. Why do you think big online businesses redefine their website & brand identity every now & then? Because they know the value of keeping up with time & the latest trends to stay relevant. Having a website redesign every 2-5 years is very important if you want to continue getting a breakthrough in business.

Now you know what knowingly you could lose by underestimating the importance of a good website for business, let’s help you pin down the 7 important elements that any basic to revolutionary website design should accommodate for getting good conversions.

Top 7 Elements That Sums Up a Converting Website Design…

...For attracting qualified leads & conversions!

Well now that you are convinced of the real importance of web design for business, moving further, here are the 7 most important elements or features that if considered throughout your business website designing, you will experience all the benefits/importance of website design for business that we just covered in the above sections.

1. Mobile-first Website Design

“Do you know 74% of users most likely prefer responsive website design?”

Mobile-first Website Design

If you have been underestimating the importance of responsive web design, it’s time you stop. Integrating responsive or mobile-first website design is important to have the attention of users for a long time. Regardless of what device your users prefer to be on, your site shouldn’t look clumsy, shattered & unapproachable, while being accessed from anywhere. Your site should adjust and display well according to the different computing device types, sizes, & orientations.

2. Fast & Easy Navigation

Fast & Easy Navigation

Your website design should be easy enough to skim through. Such that where your users could find, consume information without difficulty. He/she should know where to tap next. Make sure every page, subpage, link, or source is deeply connected & does not trouble the visitors in connecting the dots.

Your visitors have a very short span, if they don’t get to figure out your website in 3 seconds, they will surely dump you, before reading the exclusive offers you have.

3. Have a well-thought Style Guide

Have a well-thought Style Guide

A style guide is a manual that displays the standards for your designs. Having a very consciously planned & written style guide, involving consistent guidelines for inputs like color, typography, visual & other elements will help create a consistent web page throughout your website.

A consistent style guide will lead to a more cohesive website design that will hold the attention of users for longer duration & convince them to explore your business propositions for sure.

4. Compelling Web Copy

Visitors land up on any website with an intent to consume certain knowledge or piece of information on “their searched product or service”. The information that’s compelling, fresh, useful enough to make them informed purchasing decisions.

Compelling Web Copy

Any website that lags such good product/service copies might fail to hold the interests of users for very long. It is important for any business website to have some skimmable, informative, and easy to comprehend knowledge for target buyers because that’s only businesses can anticipate getting good reach, conversions, and ultimate sales.

5. Persuasive Call to Actions

A good web copy alone cannot tempt the readers to take “next best action”. It is the ultimate catchy, CTAs aka call to action as buttons, phrases that persuade the mind of readers to hold onto the site a little longer, look actively for their offerings, and make a big nod to buy their offerings.

The “add to cart” button at Amazon or “get our services are 15%off” phrase you see at the bottom of copies with attractive offers or triggering words you see are all forms of CTAs. That are smartly planned, organized for users to notice & respond to them.

6. High Website Speed

You have hardly got just 3 seconds to make it or break it. Yes, as soon as your visitors visit your website, they hardly stay for 3-5 seconds to figure out your complete website. Your website should load within a quick span of time to let your users stay longer, look through your offerings, and buy what you have.

The best way to keep the website fast loading is --- having only compressed elements as media content, text, files on the web. The less load time your website has, the more time it will make your potential customers stay.

7. Creative Visual content

Users are tenfold more likely to respond to a visual than a text. Having a perfect balance of text & visuals is important to drive customer engagement. 

Have an overhaul of creative visuals in the form of different types of content such as videos, images from stock or real-time, vector images, infographics, GIFs or so that you can creatively hook the attention of your audience. If you have a plain wall of text around, no users would love to stay long & trade with you. Better have a perfect hierarchy of visual content planned & implemented to avoid the odds of poor conversions.

Closing Thoughts on Importance of Website Design for Business!

Website is one such investment, where returns are likely to grow with time. Not just return, but you will be favored with a good brand or website credibility, user engagement for long. We don’t see a point why young, self-driven businesses like you shouldn’t start their next website design project with a professional website designing company just yet.

Just like your other business investments, a website is a remarkable investment that will continue to give you diversified business growth in the long run. Even if you invest a small 500 grand in having your website developed, you are going to receive some crazy ROI from it timely.  

Don’t let your potential customers wait for you online that long when you now know the importance of a website. Give them a unified, clean, and functional platform, to which they can visit, explore your products, and conform to your revenue goals. 

So why web designing is important to you? Share some other amazing thoughts on why businesses should own distinguished website designs? Also, do let us know in the comments below what other important features sum up to a good website design.

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Aman Sharma

I really liked this article. I am a small entrepreneur and just launched a business website. I always underestimated having a business website, but after I have had it, it is adding positively to my goals.



I think another feature that adds to a business website is social proof. Like the reviews, case studies, but yeah I get it, it is impossible for businesses that haven’t started yet, so might be difficult to have it initially. Great article btw!


Kash Sanchez

You explained it so well. Businesses whose customers are online should definitely own an intuitive, smart & functional website. Otherwise, they will be shelling a lot of money on offline promotions, or those cold calls to target customers.


Reid Morris

It was a good read. I really liked the angle of explaining website design as the best investment. Otherwise, I still know certain entrepreneurs in my circle who obstinate about investing in a personal website.


Kameron Rogers

It was a valuable read. You always explain the simple doable things so well. Really liked the way you approached this basic yet so much-needed concept. As there are still small businesses avoiding having business websites at large.



Great post & thank you for sharing, one of the good blogs to read about the importance of Web Design.


sadi mujtaba

Nice article.


Adam Golightly

My cousin is trying to start her business by selling wool blankets that she makes online. She would really like to get a website started by having a professional help her design one. I appreciated what you said about how customers will be drawn to her website when it has a consistent style guide.


Braden Bills

My friend wants to make sure that he can attract people to his business. It makes sense that he might want to get a well-designed website put together. I can see how a professional website would give a better impression for his business.



An interesting article with a great deal of useful information. Thanks for sharing.

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