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27 Mar, 2024



A customer walks into a brick-and-mortar retail store, inquires about a product, and looks for options but does not purchase anything. 

As an entrepreneur, you would be clueless as to the reason behind this. However, when a similar instance occurs on your online business or store, your SEO result can help track this customer behavior. 

Your professional SEO company will inform you that every SEO campaign must have results measurement.

An SEO campaign has a huge number of variables at play, thus effective campaigns depend on a monitoring system to make sure the job is effective. SEO measurement lets you know what is functioning. More crucially, they frequently provide important SEO tips and a heads-up if something isn't having the desired effect.

Here’s what you must know about how to measure SEO performance:

  • How To Measure SEO Outcome?
  • Unique Ways To Measure SEO Results

Want to Measure the SEO performance of Your Website?

  • Increase Visibility in SERP
  • Low Bounce Rate
  • Increase in Conversion Rates

How To Measure SEO Outcome?

According to the SEO service company, if you didn't set any objectives before the campaign began, it could seem paradoxical to assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategy in retrospect. 

Keep in mind that beauty is subjective; your SEO firm will insist your business set a goal to grow organic traffic by 5% annually, put the necessary resources toward achieving that objective, and then see an increase of 10% in organic traffic, you could consider this campaign to be quite successful.

However, if the campaign's objective had been to quadruple organic traffic, it would have been deemed a total failure. Because of this, your SEO objectives should be well-defined before the actual campaign starts. 

SEO Objectives

Without setting these objectives, you won't have a foundation from which to flourish. Without adequate goals in place, it is also practically hard to determine how much of your marketing spend should be given to the SEO role in marketing, which increases your risk of underspending or splurging, neither of which are advantageous for your company.

On the contrary, not every firm will find it easy to identify these aims with such ease. Especially if we're talking about an emerging or even an established company trying to adjust to a growing digital environment without knowing where to start. 

If that is the case, your SEO company would highly advise setting up a session with a seasoned SEO company, who should be able to guide you through the fundamentals. 

For a fair charge, a reputable website development company may assess your website, find any current problems within, research your competitors, and give you a general idea of what you'd be up against. 

These SEO services can utilize their knowledge to assist you in setting attainable objectives based on research and study.

Unique Ways To Measure SEO Result

1. Keyword Ranking

How to track SEO performance with Keywords?

Any term that can be searched for on a search engine is known as a keyword. If a single word or phrase brings up a results page on any search engine, it is regarded as a keyword. Your website and content must be optimized to appear first in search engine results for targeted keywords and specific long-tail keywords and know how to measure SEO performance.

Conducting a Google search is an easy way to monitor your standing for keywords associated with your company or items while tracking SEO performance. You can see in the SEO results where your website stands for those difficult-to-rank keywords. 

Google search result

You should run a keyword gap analysis to evaluating how to measure SEO success and find new relevant queries. As an SEO service provider, we can assist you in determining the keywords for which you rank highly. The ones for which you perform poorly, and the untapped keywords for which your competitors are achieving search engine rankings but your domain still has some potential in tracking SEO performance. 

2. Organic Traffic

A set of results displaying the adverts and pages pertinent to the search query is displayed to users who enter a word, question, or string into a search engine. Organic traffic is the volume of users who visit your website by clicking on the links on the pages that appear in search engine results.

You want organic search traffic because it is targeted at your website. If you can give them the particular thing they're seeking, you'll get a new customer or customer. Additionally, it serves as a good gauge of how well your SEO approach is doing overall and measure SEO performance. 

An increase in organic search results indicates that your website is now more visible through improved keyword positioning.

Organic Traffic

Consider using the appropriate SEO measurement tools if you want a detailed comparison of the traffic sources for your website and those of your competitors. Both of these can aid in your ability to evaluate SEO to comprehend your website's organic traffic and visitor patterns.

To get a high-level snapshot of your traffic for a specific period, including a split of organic versus paid visitors, start with tracking SEO performance.

3. SERP Visibility

Google creates a result or search engine results page for each inquiry (SERP) and is based on your SEO result. These results are made up of advertising, organic results, and SERP features. 

The number of people who view your homepage in the search results is measured by search engine visibility, which may be impacted by the reliability of the SERP elements. However, this indicator gives you an overall overview of measuring SEO performance.

The SEO measurement tool makes it simple for you to assess the visibility of your website. For instance, a website design company offers a highlighted snippet feature to assist you to define your content and discover the chances to rank particular keywords. It also provides insight into what the featured snippet currently looks like.

4. Bounce Rate

SEO services define bounce rate as the percentage of visitors to your site that leaves without interacting further. If a visitor clicks on many pages during a visit, Google Analytics counts that as an interaction and SEO measure. In short, it assesses how good a visit was to evaluate SEO.

Bounce rates vary for various website kinds while tracking SEO performance. You may find out whether your content, lead magnet, or website design is not attractive to your target audience by monitoring your bounce rate.

Average Bounce Rate

With the help of our measuring SEO tool, you can quickly determine the bounce rate for your domain by the device (mobile or desktop) and determine whether there has been any recent progress by looking at the last six, 12, and all-time periods measuring SEO.

5. Click-Through Rates

 Click-Through Rates

SEO services describe the percentage of users who visited your website after clicking on it from the SERP as the click-through rate (CTR). For instance, if your website appeared 100 times in a week on a results page and 10 individuals clicked on it, your CTR would be 10%. Make use of this metric as a gauge for the success of your title tags and meta descriptions in grabbing visitors' attention and learn how to measure SEO results. 

Don't let low numbers in these SEO measures deter you; they simply indicate that you should optimize your meta titles, descriptions, and URLs as well as work to secure some featured snippets that are pertinent to your company. SEO services have observed that the top spot in Google needs an average clickthrough rate of 28.5%. This means that improving your keyword position while measuring SEO can also improve your click-through rate.

Running split testing to measure SEO and implementing adjustments that have a beneficial impact is one method to enhance CTR. Your SEO company may alter the title's pipe to a dash, which increases organic clicks to the alternative set of sites by 9%.

6. Backlinks

One of Google's top website ranking factors is the number of backlinks for effective SEO measures. In a study, we discovered what we refer to as a "high-volume spike," where 2.2 times as many backlinks point to URLs in the first position as to URLs in the second. Backlinks should therefore be among the metrics you're keeping an eye on when you want to know how to measure SEO results.

You can gain important information about the effectiveness of your link-building tactics by keeping track of your backlinks and gaining a positive SEO result. The list of external links is something else you should take note of while measuring SEO. They might present prospects for links that you might investigate later measuring SEO performance.

Backlink Analytics makes it simple to keep tabs on your backlink count, measuring SEO, and referral sites. You can use an SEO result tool to assess the success of your site's link-building efforts, find new backlinks, and learn when old backlinks are removed.

It's useful to know how many new backlinks are pointing to your website as you evaluate SEO through your link-building strategies. Your present SEO measuring technique is working if fresh websites are relating to your content and you have a strong follow link profile.

Looking to Build new Backlinks?

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  • Increase Referral Traffic
  • Improve Your SEO Optimization

7. Time Spent On Page

How well your SEO result and content satisfy user intent is the main focus of this performance statistic. When someone searches for a particular term on Google in search of information, a good, or a service, comes to your page, and stays there for a while, as per an SEO company this signifies that your website met their needs. 

A significant time spent on page score is a reliable sign that your content lives up to the expectations set by the search terms that brought people to your website and an effective SEO result.

For instance, you can view the typical length of time visitors spend on a page in the "Avg Time On Page" column in your SEO result.

Then, by comparing it to your own usual reading time, you may determine whether the amount of time spent on a page has been too brief. But also bear in mind the purpose of the page while measuring SEO performance. 

A 60-second page visit is ideal for a lead magnet with a high conversion rate, but not for lengthy content during SEO measures. It is acceptable to assume that your content satisfies user purpose if the average reading time of your visitors is similar to your average reading time when you measure SEO.

8. Page Speed

Page speed is a crucial factor that influences the majority of the additional SEO measures. According to a study, your site's revenue per page view doubles when its loading time is reduced from two to one second and eventually your SEO result.

Page Speed

Page speed affects your bounce rates and sales in addition to being a ranking element for your website. Quick websites with low bounce rates have a strong association, according to Google's new page speed business criteria.

They discovered that the likelihood of anyone leaving your website increases as page response time grows and measures SEO performance. A website's bounce rate will increase by about 120% if it takes more than 10 seconds to load.

To determine whether your website is quick, an SEO company prefers to run it using Google's PageSpeed Insights tool. A 100% grade is quick for a good SEO result. A 90 or higher score that isn't 100% is regarded as a good SEO measurement. In case of a score between 50 and 90, there is a requirement to uplift it. A 50% or lower score is regarded as poor while measuring SEO.

9. Conversion Rate

The entire effect of your SEO measurement on the revenue generated by your company is shown by your conversion rate. This SEO measure is arguably the most significant when determining the success of your website. In the end, a website serves as a platform for showcasing your offering, SEO measures, and turning leads into customers.

Conversion Rate

Setting up custom targets in Google Analytics is one approach to keeping track of your conversion rates and measuring SEO. With one of the effective templates, you can create goals and measure SEO. From there, you can enter visitor goals like reading an article, watching a video, signing up for emails, taking initiative, and any other actions that cause a visitor to convert to a subscriber or buyer.

With that, you can enable SEO measurement of the proportion of visitors to your website who take any of the steps and convert. The same data may be used to modify the layout, articles, and offers on your website to attract more people who will eventually convert to paying clients or subscribers. 

As a starting point, you can utilize the 4.31% average global website conversion rate based on conversion rates from various marketplaces. Your professional SEO company can guide you in this process. 

Explore the SEO measure toolkit if you require additional assistance with your content marketing strategy. Your website development company will provide customized templates for content that is SEO-friendly. 

You can analyze your material to check how to measure SEO performance and what needs to be improved. Discover ideas for material that will appeal to your audience and practical advice on how to produce high-quality content and the SEO result.

Without tracking phone conversations from your site, you can't get a good picture of the results of your SEO campaign. This is more crucial for some businesses than others, especially for lead-generation websites. Depending on the sector, phone calls could provide you with up to 100% of your leads! Without call tracking in place, you won't know anything about how they reached you.

Time Taken To Witness An Effective SEO Result

It takes time to implement an SEO strategy that will improve your website's exposure and ranking on Google. Your SEO company will consider every SEO effort a component of a never-ending project.

Your timescale will also be influenced by how recent your website is, how effective your SEO services are, SEO measurement, and how consistently you put your strategies into practice.

Expect to see SEO results in four months to a year if you have everything working in your favor. Keep in mind that the exposure and ranking of your website will be greatly influenced by your rivals and the keywords you are attempting to rank for based on your SEO expert assistance. 

Additionally, metrics like backlinks will likely show results more quickly while keyword ranking and site credibility would take longer to crawl and show SEO measurement.

Enforcing a marketing plan, monitoring the outcomes, and adjusting and fine-tuning your SEO measurement techniques as new data becomes available will allow you to determine your progress. 

Consistency is important when investing in SEO and wanting to derive a positive SEO result. Your bottom line and consistent efforts will benefit you in the long run. Choose sustainability over expediency, and you'll not only reap the benefits and SEO measures for a longer duration.

You may determine how captivating your website is and to what extent consumers are connecting with your brand by tracking the number of visitors who come back to it. Even if all of your visitors convert, you are missing out greatly on a revenue stream if none of them come back to convert in the future. 

Instead of merely making a purchase, you want your visitors to share it on social media and online communities, and come back later to do so.


Does Your Business Need SEO?

SEO is essential for brands as it is an economical and practical approach to comprehend and connect with the audience at tough times. As per an SEO company, when consumers are in need, SEO measurement can be of assistance, and brands and their marketing initiatives will profit from deploying strong, high-quality SEO on their official web pages and other online domains.

While SEO has its hurdles, the opportunities it creates are crucial to a brand's present and future web presence and help future-proof prosperity for your business.

Why Should You Measure SEO For?

An SEO company has a process of search engine optimization that includes tracking and evaluating SEO. You can use it to determine whether your plan is effective, whether you're getting the outcomes you want, and how and where you might get better going forward. 

Making the journey even simpler is having resources like Google Analytics, an SEO measurement tool, and Search Control. You can achieve the highly desired SEO result for your brand with the appropriate advice.

How To Measure SEO Success?

You've probably heard the saying "what you measure, they move" in the context of SEO. This implies that the first step in assessing the effectiveness of your SEO result is to be familiar with your metrics.

You can monitor thousands of metrics. As per Google’s algorithm, it uses over 200 ranking variables. But to begin with, it's preferable to concentrate only on a handful under your SEO company's guidance. Determine which parameters are most prominent for your company, then track them regularly.

Which Are Three Critical Points To Evaluate SEO?

Descriptive page URLs, title tags, and structured data with optimized headers are three critical points to evaluate SEO for your brand. 

Your SEO services will recommend several factors and SEO measurement is a vast concept. Simultaneously, the priority of these factors differs based on your current digital presence and website presence. An expert can propose the three critical points to evaluate SEO for your brand based on a thorough analysis.

Final Thoughts

If you can get to this point, SEO measurement has actual strategic value. It not only helps you do a better job but with the help of an SEO company in seeing the genuine worth of the occasionally perplexing tactical elements of an SEO campaign. This highlights the worth you offer and assists in transforming you from a straightforward company into a digital brand with a purposeful SEO result.

At JanBask Digital Design, our SEO experts can design the right plan of action to acquire a realistic SEO result for your firm. 

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