Ideal YouTube Shorts Aspect Ratio To Comply With YouTube’s Requirements

 20 Jun, 2023


What exactly is an ideal YouTube shorts aspect ratio? Is it possible to make square videos and get featured on the YouTube App’s Shorts shelf? Until now, there’re two indisputable truths related to creating YouTube Shorts for YouTube to identify a video as short, required to be less than 60 seconds long, and that too in a vertical format.

But how vertical is vertical? What YouTube Shorts size ratio in pixels is accepted?

Keep reading to find out what aspect ratio is YouTube shorts?

YouTube is the second largest social media platform, with over 2.5 billion monthly active users. And YouTube is the place to be to reach this massive audience and build your brand, with one billion hours of videos watched daily on the platform.

Do you also want to add highly consumable video content? But don’t know how to go about it? Or what are the dimensions for YouTube shorts? Professional digital marketing services like JanBask Digital Design will help you create likable and shareable video content to increase user engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

Looking to Create YouTube Shorts to Promote Your Business?

  • Gaining New Subscribers
  • Drive User Engagement
  • Increase in Profile and Video Views

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are a new kind of content that has been added to the video-sharing platform. Like Instagram Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories, this new "Story" format or vertical micro-content is available on all these platforms.

YouTube Shorts are videos up to one minute in length that play in a vertical orientation and feature short, bite-sized pieces of content. All creators have access to the YouTube Creator tools, allowing them to record, edit, add music and text, and then publish them as Shorts without leaving the YouTube app. 

In contrast to the 24-hour duration of "Stories" on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, shorts will always be accessible on the channels of their respective creators. All YouTube Shorts can benefit from the inclusion of trending hashtags created by their creators.

Everyone with a YouTube account can view Shorts on any device or computer, but the YouTube mobile app is the only way to upload new Shorts. We'll go over everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts size pixels or dimensions for YouTube shorts and the fresh possibilities they offer to content makers.

Let’s first start with - for whom these Youtube shorts are beneficial.

Who Is Youtube Shorts Best Suited For?

Since there is less competition when making YouTube Shorts as opposed to regular YouTube videos, this presents a fantastic opportunity for content creators and businesses. There are the latest YouTube trends and YouTube Shorts are one of them, they can be used by any creator, regardless of whether they are vloggers, family channels, tech experts, beauty gurus, gamers, or toy reviewers.

But besides creating quality videos, having the best quality and relevant graphic elements and icons for your channel is also essential. Because if your YouTube channel doesn’t look appealing or has a weird aspect ratio for YouTube Shorts, it might affect your audience's trust and could turn them away. In this regard, YouTube marketing services will be helpful to you. 

Or the best way to get people to subscribe to your channel is to create a playlist of YouTube Shorts. The Shorts Creator is a free online video editor that brands and small businesses can use to market their products using short, attention-grabbing clips.

But what size are youtube shorts, and why do YouTube short dimensions matter?

Why do YouTube Shorts Matter?

One of the quickest ways to get your content seen and monetized is to upload high-quality YouTube videos regularly. But how exactly do YouTube Shorts contribute to the success of a channel on YouTube? How does it help to get more subscribers on YouTube? The only way to know is to investigate.

Adding YouTube Shorts to your channel increases your potential viewership. An increase in YouTube subscribers and activity on your channel is directly proportional to the traffic it receives. A social media platform's algorithm encourages creators to adopt and spread its newest features. YouTube channels may see an increase in profile and video views if their creators take advantage of a new feature. The Instagram Highlight and Instagram Reel functions work the same way. If you want to create YouTube shorts to increase your brand reach, social media marketing, digital marketing services, or YouTube marketing services will be helpful to you. 

Make money off YouTube Shorts even if you don't have any subscribers. Forget about the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time necessary to participate in YouTube's partner program and earn money. There are no entry requirements for the YouTube Shorts monetization program. YouTube carefully chooses which creators to invite to the Shorts fund program.

Where To Use YouTube Shorts?

To increase views on your YouTube channel's longer videos, you can use YouTube Shorts as pre-rolls before those longer videos. Pre-rolls are intended to entice viewers into continuing to watch the main program.

With YouTube Shorts, creators can repurpose older videos in a newer, more engaging format to keep their audiences engaged. As a frugal social media user, you can recycle your video across Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and TikTok. Adjust the video's resolution to work correctly on all your preferred sharing sites.

So, what exactly is the YouTube Video Size Ratio? Or what size are YouTube shorts?

What is the Aspect Ratio for YouTube Shorts?

From the title- YouTube video size ratio, we can say that the standard element of the YouTube platform is the “Video” itself. Since it is the core of a YouTube channel that needs extreme attention, assume that you click on a YouTube video that shows distorted dimensions or has fewer YouTube shorts video sizes in pixels than the 1970s video. Won’t you feel irritated? So it's important to get it right.

Here are the different YouTube shorts size ratios in pixels or YouTube short dimensions-

  • 16:9

This recommended YouTube shorts dimension displays video beautifully on latest generation devices, and the recommended YouTube shorts resolution ratio is 1920 x 1080 px.

  • 4:3

In the olden days, we can see this YouTube shorts size pixel on numerous old videos because of the recording limitations. This YouTube shorts dimension ratio is less widely used than the 16:9 ratio nowadays. The recommended YouTube shorts resolution size is 1440 x 1080 px.

  • 21:9

It is one of the currently used movie production standards, and the videos with this resolution ratio will look longer than usual. It is best for film-like creativity. But since not many devices are developed around this video size, a lot of space on the screen is likely to go to waste. The recommended YouTube shorts size ratio in pixels is 2560 x 1080 px.

  • 1:1

Also known as Square, it is the most fundamental aspect ratio for other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. It is highly suitable if you plan to reuse the video on these platforms. The recommended YouTube shorts size ratio in pixels is 1080 x 1080 px.

  • 9:16

If you plan to attract the smartphone user segment, this aspect ratio works excellently on mobile devices. But when shown on the desktop, you’ll see two big rectangles on each side to cover the rest.

  • Extended Aspect Ratios

Few mobile devices nowadays have surpassed the 16:9 into the dimension of 17.5:9, 18:9, or 21:9. You can personalize your YouTube shorts ratio in pixels or YouTube shorts resolution ratio to suit each and every device the users watch your videos. 

Resolution for YouTube Shorts

The required minimum resolution for YouTube Shorts must be met. Otherwise, you won't be able to deliver the promised materials. Delivering information effectively is more important than knowing what you're talking about. YouTube shorts ratio in pixels can be as low as 600 x 600 or as high as 1920 x 1080 pixels in resolution (standard length-by-width ratio for vertical content).

YouTube Shorts Video Size In Pixels

When creating a custom YouTube Shorts Thumbnail, knowing the YouTube shorts video dimensions in pixels is crucial. The recommended YouTube shorts resolution size is 1280 by 720. Having this information at your disposal will make you a more effective video content designer and distributor. Or, by hiring an experienced digital marketing agency, you can start your growth journey. Many people use these shorter videos on YouTube for advertising and self-promotion because there is less competition in this format than in more conventionally-length videos.

Where Can You Find YouTube Shorts?

Where Can You Find YouTube Shorts?

Whether you're looking for the Shorts you've made and uploaded or the Shorts of others, you can find them all in a variety of different places on YouTube with different YouTube shorts aspect ratio.

Channels: Clips will start to appear in channel feeds. Your own Shorts and those from other creators will appear in your channel's video library. Below the regular videos on a channel's homepage is a collection of their Shorts.

Homepage: On mobile, a personalized sliding feed of Shorts will appear as you scroll down the screen.

Shorts Tab: The mobile app has a Shorts feed that can be accessed from the bottom tab.

Subscriptions: The Shorts videos from the channels you follow will appear in your Subscriptions feed when uploaded.

Searching: Shorts can be found in the standard topic and video searches alongside other content types.

Where Can You Find Shorts In The YouTube Mobile App?

Shorts in YouTube are integrated into the YouTube app, and you can access them from the home page by clicking the “Shorts” button at the bottom of the screen. Still, YouTube Shorts aren't restricted to just the home page; they can be accessed from anywhere on YouTube.

YouTube App

You can find the YouTube Shorts tab next to the Home tab at the base of your mobile device's screen. Like TikTok and Instagram Reels, you must go to the app's main menu, select the Shorts tab, and scroll through the Shorts feed. Users can access the creator's entire catalog of videos by tapping on their avatar or user name.

YouTube App

YouTube Desktop

You can find the Shorts section on the left side of the desktop YouTube interface. Just head to the Shorts menu to see our hand-picked selection of short films.

If you go to the Explore tab and scroll down to the Trending Shorts shelf, you can also check out what's popular on YouTube in terms of short videos.

YouTube Desktop

How To Create YouTube Shorts In The YouTube App

Shorts on YouTube are short and vertical videos created with the help of a smartphone and can be uploaded directly to the YouTube platform from the YouTube app, just like Stories. We’ve already discussed YouTube shorts dimensions; let's explore how to create one.

Step 1: Initiate a new YouTube Short by opening the YouTube app

Launching the YouTube app on your mobile device allows you to create and publish a YouTube Short. Select the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner. A menu of available creation choices will pop up. Three options appear: Upload a video, Create a Short, or Go Live. Click on Create a Short.

Creating the YouTube app

Step 2: Give Access

Creating a YouTube Short requires access to your camera and microphone, which you will need to grant if you haven't done so already. To continue, click the ALLOW ACCESS button.

Give Access

Step 3: Create a vertical YouTube video or upload an existing one

It's time for you to make a "YouTube Short." To begin recording your YouTube Snippet, select the red record button. Alternatively, you can click the tiny box on your smartphone's bottom left to upload a previously recorded vertical video that is less than 60 seconds long.

Create a vertical YouTube video

The YouTube Shorts editor allows you to set a timer and change the clip's speed to 3x faster and 0.3x slower. YouTube Shorts allow you to upload pre-recorded vertical video clips that can be edited in any way to suit your brand's needs.

How To Make A YouTube Video Using The Create Button

From TikTok videos to YouTube Shorts, short-form videos are trending over the web. They’re not just fun to watch but also easy to create using the new YouTube Shorts Create button, Read on to learn how: 

Step 1: Click on a YouTube video and then tap the Create button

Use the "Create" button to make your own YouTube Shorts.  Choose a video from YouTube that you want to convert into a Short. To get going, click the Create button. Create a new Sound or cut from the video, whichever you prefer. For this guide, we'll be using Cut.

Use the Create button

Step 2: Make a YouTube Short

Next, pick a shot from the video to use in your Short. Select by tapping the Next button, and confirm your choice by tapping the Next button again. Fill out the details of your Short, and then click Upload Short when you're done. Still confused? Take the help of digital marketing experts.

Make a YouTube Short

Is It Possible To Create A Square YouTube Short?

YouTube generally prohibits users from uploading vertical videos, but this policy is a minor exception. It seems that YouTube Shorts can be horizontal or vertical, so long as they are at least square. In other words, you can make videos having YT shorts aspect ratio of 1080px by 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio. YouTube will still classify those videos as Shorts, even though they will appear as perfect squares and not be vertical.

Compare the horizontal layout to the vertical one down below. If you're watching a square YouTube Short (on the left), you'll notice black borders around the top and bottom of the screen. The video length is probably artificially extended to be classified as a YouTube Short. 

Create A Square YouTube Short

Best Practices for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are an excellent way to increase the overall performance of your YouTube channel. Here, we’ll discuss a few best practices to help you get the most out of YouTube Shorts.

  • You need to hook the viewer in your video's very first few seconds.
  • Since they aren't meant to replace full-length videos, shorts benefit from having content that isn't presented in a single, unbroken chunk. Instead, try different edits and cuts to see what works best to keep your audience interested.
  • Video shorts are typically looped, so think about how your message will come across after being seen many times.
  • Don't make stuff just to make stuff. Instead, aim to provide value to your audience and align the content with a goal, such as a 10% increase in engagement or 1,000 new subscribers. You can also take the help of digital marketing experts or digital marketing agencies.
  • How can you ensure that viewers keep returning back for more of your content? Consider what would entice a person to watch one of your Shorts multiple times.
  • Don't upload edited versions of your feature-length videos to YouTube Shorts. Shorts is the place to give your audience short and digestible content, like viral trends or behind-the-scenes, similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok.


You shouldn't rely solely on YouTube Shorts as your social media video strategy. Find ways to integrate Shorts into campaigns by working with your digital marketing company and content marketing teams. Remember to always have a goal in mind when creating a video. 

A good example is encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel and increasing YouTube engagement to maintain and expand your current customer base.

So, there you have it: a quick primer on the aspect ratio of YouTube shorts. There isn't much room for error if you want your video to be considered for the shorts section. When filming your shorts, you must always consider the necessary YouTube shorts dimensions.

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1. What aspect ratio is the best for YouTube shorts?

The best technical YouTube shorts ratios are:

  • YouTube Shorts Aspect ratio: 9:16, which creates the vertical format
  • YouTube Shorts Resolution: 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. It is a standard length-by-width ratio for vertical content.

2. How is YouTube Shorts different from just uploading a short video to YouTube?

YouTube Shorts isn't the place for showing shortened versions of your long YouTube videos. Just like Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube Shorts is the place to provide your audience with short, crispy, and easily understandable content, for instance, current viral trends or behind-the-scenes.

3. How do I increase the video quality of YouTube shorts?

You can increase your YouTube shorts' video quality by following the steps below:

Step 1: In the YouTube app, click the account display icon. Then, select the “Settings” option.

Step 2: From that list of options, choose “Video Quality Preferences”.

Step 3: Based on your need, choose the quality, either high or low, in both categories, i.e., Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi, and continue watching.

Step 4: The app doesn’t facilitate you to select a particular video quality permanently. That can only be done using the “Advanced Option” at playback time.

4. What causes YouTube shorts to become popular?

Creators using YouTube shorts can create content in a short time, and they can add more content than regular content. Unlike regular long videos and live content, these shorts can easily go viral as they’re quick and punchy and can easily grasp viewers’ attention.

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