Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

 4 Jul, 2018

Sometimes, all you need is high converting landing pages for your business to bring the larger bucks. Take an example of a leading E-commerce website that is earning $1,000,000 million income with the help of a single landing page, few emails, and enticing calls to action.

Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

Initially, there may be chances that revenues are not appealing but high converting pages are the definite choice for the foundation of a successful business. In this guide, we will focus on different sections one by one to make sure high converting pages are created well that maximizes the overall conversion rates as expected.

The topics to be covered in the blog include –

  • What are Landing Pages?
  • Why are Landing pages necessary for your business jogl?
  • A quick introduction to video landing page
  • How to Design a landing page that converts well

Let us dive deep in and understand each of the topics well one by one –

What are Landing Pages?

The landing page is a web page where users are redirected to close a deal. For leading Companies, landing pages are the standalone pages with a strong call to action, and highly focused towards the targeted audience. In other words, we can say that well-designed landing pages are the leads magnet that delivers maximum conversion rate with personalized user experiences.

“Landing pages are also created during marketing campaigns that are focused on a single objective to receive the maximum traffic.”

The other objectives that can be achieved with landing page include –

  • This is possible to capture the email leads
  • They are used to sell a particular product Download the catching game.
  • They can be used to invite people for webinar or conference calls.
  • They are used to announce special schemes, discounts, or whenever a new product is launched in the market.

The purpose of the landing page should be clear and loud with a strong call–to–action.

Why Landing pages are necessary or your business?

Based on one recent market research, this is clear that more than 48 percent of total marketers create a new landing page for every new marketing campaign. Different business may have different objectives but they are aligned to accomplish final business goals and aids in accelerating sales. Here, are some of the popular reason why your business needs a landing page that converts well 데모노포비아 다운로드.

Create positive brand Impression

According to a study, the first three seconds on your website will decide either user are impressed with your brand or not. The appealing landing pages leave a long-lasting impression in just fraction of seconds. Isn’t this sound interesting?

Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

This is clear that users are not going to stay on your site for longer. So, you need to create an impression in first few seconds only otherwise you will lose the deal and users will switch to another website. Here, landing pages help marketers to achieve this goal by adding a simple contact form or subscription form.

A Quick introduction to Video Landing Page

According to HubSpot, the overall revenue of video platform is expected to grow $800 million by 2020 찬란한 여명 다운로드. This is the reason why video sites are more popular as compared to the simple content-oriented sites. People love watching videos and this is just the perfect idea to understand your product and services quickly when compared to simple instructions.

That’s why don’t forget to add video content to your landing page that is appealing and focused on a single objective. For example, if you launched some new product or services then don’t forget to explain the product, its features, what makes it unique and pricing schemes etc. When all these things are covered in a short video then he does not need to waste time o9n extra things. He can quickly decide either particular product is suitable for him or not 메이즈 러너 데스 큐어 한글 자막 다운로드.

Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

This is not easy to design a video that covers everything in less than two minutes. For this purpose, research on a few successful websites and how they are utilizing the video marketing platform. Also, quality should be higher and sound needs to be clear. For this purpose, this is always better hiring expert video content designers that help you in brand building. Once you are done with this step, you can notice a clear difference in conversion rates that is quite appealing and convincing too.

Here, are the technical benefits of using video content on your web page. These are –

  • Increase Customer retention – The video content allows users to stay longer on your web page that increases the retention ms office 2018 한글판 다운로드.
  • Increase Trust – A live product or service speaks itself and building trust quickly.
  • Personalized customer experiences – Most of the people love watching videos instead of reading a long boring article. This is another popular reason video landing page converts well as compared to text-oriented pages. In the end, don’t forget to add strong call-to-action before the user leaves your page.

I there is some product that needs installation or configuration the video content is the most suitable choice because users can quickly understand the working of your product and prefer buying it immediately.

How to Design a high converting Landing page that converts well?

Till the time, we have discussed on what is landing page, why they are necessary for your business and what is video landing etc Java eclipse download. Once you are sure of all these things, this is the right time to focus on how to design a high converting landing that converts well. In this section, we have discussed a few tips that are written after careful research only.

1). Focus on video content more

You know that video content attracts customers more as compared to simple text details. Try to add graphics, animations, and interesting videos to your landing page instead of putting simple content. It sounds boring and usually skipped by the readers.

Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

This is clear from the market research that users respond better to visual content and stay longer on your web page 간다간다 다운로드. It leaves better user experiences. Also, add some unique image designed by yourself not copied from Google that witnesses more traffic to your page. So, what is your call-to-action for next marketing campaign?

2). Keep it Simple

This is pretty much easier to capture email leads with the help of a landing page instead of using a simple blog or article. The single objective of a landing page is to maximize conversion through subscription form while the blog is focused on multiple tasks together. Few landing pages may have navigation links too. The best thing is to keep the format simple to avoid any unwanted distractions.

3). Focus on Loading time of the web page

When images, videos, and graphics are added to the landing page, it will take time in loading that may affect your Google ranking badly Show Me the Money Triple Seven. So, the best idea is to focus on the overall loading time of the page and ask technical experts to optimize the same. When the page is loaded quickly then chances of getting popular are also very high.

Detailed Guide to Designing High Converting Landing Pages for Website

4). Long or short Copy?

This is the common question asked by the marketers when designing a content-based web copy. Well. It completely depends on the type of product, you are planning to promote. For the common product, this is necessary to explain the products, its features and how it is unique from the available products in the market.

At the same time, this is just a trick to engage customers and requesting for their Email Ids amos. So, keep it short with a strong call-to-action. If there are too many things then users feel bored and they simply skip your page without giving any subscription details. In my opinion, modern digital marketing should focus on the short copy that has the capability to convert up to 70 percent faster.

5). Good or bad landing page

Giving a direct definition to the good landing page is not easy. If there is some landing page that converts well then it is good otherwise it is bad. So, instead of focusing on good or bad parameters, your goal should be optimizing conversion rates with best possible marketing tactics. You can search for various examples that are already working good or design something out-of-the-box that can attract the users.

Bottom Line:

Landing pages convert well but rules are not set on the stone. Here, we have discussed some of the most popular trends that can help you in designing a successful landing page. But don’t restrict yourself to these tactics only but explore more what can be best for your products or services.

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