19 Local Link Building Tactics For Your Local Business



27 May, 2024


It's not simple to get people interested in your local business. Nonetheless, increasing your company's exposure to potential buyers is one tactic on which everyone can agree. And what's the best approach to accomplish that? Increase your visibility in local web searches by following local link building practices using SEO services.

Smaller businesses who want to dominate in local search engine results in their area must prioritize local SEO link building. Learn how to build links to your local website and rank higher in the search engines with the help of this article.

Creating local linkings can be just as difficult as building links everywhere else. The truth is that local link building remains one of the most crucial criteria in search engine rankings.

Better positions in the local SERPs require a higher domain authority, which can be achieved by acquiring high-quality local SEO backlinks from other local businesses and local organizations.

To help you out, we've put together a local SEO link-building guide covering all the basics.

In this post, we'll look at what local link building is and how you can use it to improve your site's rankings in local search results.

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What is Local Link Building?

The term local link building refers to the practice of acquiring quality backlinks from other credible local websites.

Increasing your organic visibility for search terms that are highly specific to a geographic area means you'll be able to connect with a larger subset of that area's potential customers through local linking.

A simpler definition of link building for local businesses would be the practice of acquiring backlinks, brand mentions, and recommendations from other local businesses.

Local link popularity is a consistent indicator of how significantly it influences the popularity of a local business in determining search engine rankings. Methods of Building LINKS

One of the most potent strategies to increase your site's authority and visitor numbers is to get backlinks from other websites. One of the easiest ways to prove that your website is useful to a specific geographic area is to gain backlinks for local SEO from other sites in that area. 

Effective local business link-building involves more than merely amassing backlinks. Participating in and supporting community events and establishing solid connections with locals will position your brand as a trusted resource in the eyes of consumers.

Why Are Local Backlinks Important?

Let's address the most pressing issue first, before we delve into the specifics of how you may put local linking to use.

So why link building for local SEO is important?

As we discussed before, local linking can be useful for local SEO, which in turn can help us attract more local visitors, who are more likely to become paying customers. Gaining backlinks from authoritative local sites can help your SEO efforts significantly since they show search engines that your site is a trustworthy resource for local queries.

As a result, your resources will likely rank higher in search results than those of similarly rated but less widely used websites.

Some websites rank higher than others in Google because they have more backlinks from local directories and other nearby businesses. That could be just one of several factors Google uses to determine page rank, but it's probably rather significant.

Let us be clear. We are not claiming that a local search result cannot appear without a backlink. We suggest backlinks from related and reputable sites can improve your search engine rankings. 

If you want to know how to get to the top of the page on Google search results, building backlinks from related and reputable websites can be a big help.

We've now covered the grounds for why it makes sense to prioritize acquiring local backlinks.

Top 19 Local Link Building Strategies

Here are some key local link building strategies that will boost your local SEO and help you appear better in local search results.

As we've seen, building local SEO backlinks for local SEO requires a concentrated effort on the part of the business itself, the business owner, and the local community at large, including local influencers and bloggers.

We won't keep you waiting any longer; let's get into the first SEO backlinks strategy we want to tell you.

1. Directories Of Local Businesses

Create a presence for your company in local business directories as a first step in local link building to acquire local backlinks.

Directory building aims to have your company's basic information listed in as many places as feasible.

Directories Of Local Businesses

How to get backlinks? Despite popular belief, directories and backlinks are two entirely different things. A backlink is a link that leads to your website from another page on the Internet. On the other hand, directories are simply entries for your company's NAP (name, address, and phone number) in web directories of businesses. Building citations can help you get links because many company directories now include a connection to your website.

2. Get Local Press And Local Site Mentions

Another local link building strategy is to have the local press, such as newspapers and news websites, write about your company. This is similar to having your company listed in local business directories.

Even though it takes more time and effort than other link building for SEO techniques, reaching out to local publications like newspapers, websites, and blogs is a terrific approach to increase brand awareness and credibility.

You can get your business linked to from local media by finding articles in which your company was mentioned and contacting the site's administrators to request a link. Just send the editor a quick, polite email requesting they add a link to your site. Simple.

3. Establish Business Contacts in Your Location

Building strong relationships with your local community is the best SEO backlinks strategy to attract backlinks, and it's also one of the easiest ways. When you move your attention from link building for local SEO to relationship building, you'll begin to see opportunities to establish links on your own.

Some of the most effective strategies to initiate professional connections are outlined here.

  • Have a look at your list of contacts. Connecting with those you already have regular interactions with can yield fruitful results.
  • Join forces with other company owners whose services match your own. 
  • Make contact with your vendors. Nowadays, it's common practice for manufacturers to list their partners on a vendor's page. It may be simple to acquire links for your site by contacting these brands.
  • Relationship-building in business is greatly enhanced by face-to-face meetings. If you and a coworker can meet in person, you should take it; you may accomplish far more than by sending an email.

4. Local Sponsorships & Scholarships

Giving back to the community through sponsorships and scholarships is another great way to boost your company's local linking profile and strengthen ties in the area.

To do this, you may, for example, sponsor a local event or establish a scholarship fund for students who currently reside in the area or who might be interested in relocating for higher education.

Then, educational institutions will want to inform their students about them and update them on local scholarship opportunities.

This will enhance your site's SEO and traffic because people will link back to your scholarship landing pages or other local content.

5. Connect with Local Influencers

Connecting with influential bloggers and media figures in your area might also help you make a name for yourself there. Bloggers and influencers in the area continuously search for new topics and angles from which to report. Consider giving them a free sample of your goods or service to show them how much you appreciate their business. Influencer marketing can also help you promote your product or service to your target audience.Benefits-of-Influencer-Marketing-copy

It's easy to dismiss these as inconsequential. Still, they can significantly impact your chances of being mentioned in local articles and social media posts, increasing your chances of being shared by locals and expanding your local reach.

Get a great feature and a backlink by reaching out to these individuals to do a feature on your business.

6. Collaborate With Local Experts

One strategy to strengthen your ties to the community is to network with knowledgeable residents. Collaborate with regional authorities well-versed in complementary fields or SEO link building agency for best results.

As a first step, you should locate experts in related fields that surround your specialization. Discover local experts in the field by searching web directories.

By contacting these professionals, you can locate possible collaborators with whom to provide authoritative information on the subject at hand.

Working with regional authorities lets you provide your audience with more in-depth and relevant information. Additionally, you will receive backlinks that will significantly improve your SEO if your partners promote your material on their websites and social media accounts.

7. Participate in Local Business Associations

Having credible links pointing to your site from other reputable businesses is a certain way to rise to the top of local search engine results. They can be found with a few keystrokes and a few Google searches.

Look at the local business association's website to see if the SEO benefits for businesses are worth it before committing to membership.

What is their Google page rank like? If they don't appear on the first page of results, they may not be particularly important to your field. Do you know if they keep a record of who their members are? Make sure that you can receive a mention that features a backlink and a citation.

Where do they stand regarding authority in their field, specifically their website? Generally speaking, the more authoritative a website is, the more it will help your search engine rankings.

8. Create a Local Resource Page

Making your own locally relevant webpage is a great way to gain links from those web pages. Creating a local resource page is similar to compiling a list of recommended professionals in a given field, such as attorneys or real estate agents.

After spending time developing a helpful regional resource page, you can approach businesses and request a link from their own website. Developing a resource page is less time-consuming in areas with fewer businesses. 

9. Make Content That Is Useful In Your Location

To a lesser extent than with national chains, content creation is often overlooked by local establishments. Concentrating on local topics is probably not the best strategy because they won't result in many inbound links.

And yet, when coupled with the other approaches we've explored, local content can help you reach your target audience. Consider the information needs of local readers. Lists or articles focusing on geographically specific keywords could prove useful.

10. Send a Press Release about Newsworthy Event

Stories regarding local establishments are frequently published by online outlets. Because, after all, the more articles they post, the more readers they'll attract.

The challenge, though, is coming up with exciting work for publishers to highlight. This needs more than just a simple summary of what you do. In its place, you may talk about unusual ideas, charitable efforts, or upcoming events.

Make sure your content fits the needs of the newspaper you are submitting to. Local lifestyle magazines are not likely to be interested in the same topics as local business magazines.

11. Prove Yourself As A Reliable Resource

In order to get your name into print, becoming a source is a great strategy. You lend credibility to articles by offering quotes to those writing about your area of expertise.

Building HARO links is a similar tactic, except it can be used in more than just regional publications. Establishing rapport with journalists is the greatest difficulty. Find out if any of your contacts know any writers interested in further inquiring into your business.

You can also try Twitter if you'd like. Quite a few journalists maintain a presence there, making it a prime location for networking purposes. Some success has been found on other social media sites as well. On the other hand, you may just walk right into the offices of the magazines you're interested in being featured in. Inform writers that you're willing to share your knowledge and quote and that you'd like to be interviewed for stories.

12. Create Accounts on Different Social Networks

Creating social media profiles is the most efficient means of gaining local linkings. If you're too busy to personally interact with each and every one of your website's visitors, social media provides you with an alternative.

Average no. of Social media used

Ensure you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and Snapchat account. The quality of your backlink profile will improve if your website receives many inbound links from social media websites with high domain authority. Consider a local link-building service or SEO agency or SEO link-building agency to help you develop a proper social media strategy. You must know all about social media strategy and its need for your business because it will provide you with actionable insights. 

You can help search engines like Google and Bing confirms that the details you've provided about your business are up-to-date by including your NAP details on the social media sites they crawl.

13. Produce Guest Posts

If you own a business, you probably have some unique insights to share with the public. Use this information to contribute articles or opinion pieces to your local paper. Compile a list of local publications that accept contributed content and approach their editors with pitches.

14. Make a Local Guide

One of our preferred link building for local SEO strategies is the production of linkable assets.

To successfully use this method, you must first provide content or an asset with the goal of generating links. Even on a local scale, linkable assets become useful. All you have to do is make something of value that local blogs and websites will want to share.

It's possible to build a wide variety of assets. Pick one that has some bearing on what you're selling.

15. Make a deal to Give References

You must be wondering why online reviews are important? When you write a glowing review of a local business or service you've utilized, and you're engaging in testimonial link building.

If you provide a company with a good recommendation, they will include a link to your website on their official page. The business also benefits from the relationship because it may advertise its excellent service to more people.

Link building SEO agencies can help you make a list of local establishments to promote if you want to employ this method of local linking. Next, you can contact them to see if they are interested in using your review.

Look for local establishments with case studies, customer anecdotes, or testimonials on their website. These sources have a history of linking to other sites, making them prime objectives.

16. Keep an eye on the links your competitors are getting

Checking the incoming links of your rivals might help you see where you stand in relation to them. Think about hiring a link-building company or SEO company to help you out.

It is possible to examine the backlink profiles of rivals with the assistance of a link development firm. If you want to see how well their pages or websites rank on Google and other search engines, you can do so.

Ahrefs Competitor analysis

In addition, look for domains that lead to your rivals' websites but not your own. The blanks can then be filled up by yourself. You may now look for gaps if you have found the overlapping region.

17. Reclaim Lost Links

Links to pages that no longer exist on the web are a common consequence of websites' tendency to evolve over time. You can get back the lost links and the value they provided by simply rerouting the old versions of your pages to the new ones.

 Reclaim Lost Links

18. Buy Businesses or Websites

Local mergers and acquisitions do occur. However, they are far rarer and more situational. Sometimes you can even uncover a corporation that is selling an already-established online presence or has let a name expire. After making this purchase, you can choose between two comparable sites with higher rankings. 

19. Broken Link Building

The goal of broken link building is to gain a backlink from sites with "broken links," which are links that no longer work and whose owners have been contacted for a backlink. A broken link is formed when one website tries to link to another, but the target website does not exist.

An SEO company that provides SEO services can help you identify broken backlinks on your competitors' sites. The next step is to contact the local connections website's contact point and provide them with a link to the equivalent information on your site.

Curious as to how to get quality backlinks? What are the best link building strategies? Here is a guide on link building strategies for you. 

How to Find More Link Building Opportunities

The following phase, if you already have a link advantage over your rivals, is to acquire an even larger lead in the number of links.

Find out where your regional competitors have been featured in the press. By doing so, you can learn from other local businesses' practices in local link building.

Looking at the kinds of stores already doing well in your neighborhood will help you pick some easy targets. You might begin by researching well-known establishments to find out if any nearby authors, blogs, or websites are interested in or already support local businesses.

Looking at review sites like Yelp is one approach to locating a popular company.

Use Yelp to find the best local establishments and pick the one with the highest rating.

Challenges Of Local Link Building

Typically, when we talk about local link building, we envision locating many authoritative sites and convincing as many of them as possible to put a link to our own.

Most local businesses don't have a solid content strategy, which makes it difficult to rank well in local search results. In most cases, small business owners just don't have the means to invest in link building SEO agencies, and hence lack the kinds of assets that would naturally draw in a large number of backlinks and improve brand awareness.

Users don't expect to stumble onto epic content when conducting a local business search. They simply need recommendations for reliable local businesses. This suggests that they are looking for directional keywords rather than informational ones.

Local relevance is a major factor in the linking success of local businesses. Websites focused on a specific geographic area are more likely to provide links to other local companies than to large retailers. That's why reaching out to your local market is important as part of your local link building efforts.


Throughout this article, we've covered a lot of ground: what local SEO link building is, what some of the most popular tactics might be, and how they might help your business expand locally.

There are a lot of great ways to start constructing inbound links to your site right now. However, your search engine rankings and exposure will not rise unless you adopt some kind of proactive measure.

Get started on your own local link building for local SEO tasks that will develop your business locally by requesting a demo from our local SEO agency for small business and trying it out for yourself.

So, how excited are you?

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Q1. Where can I look for local backlinks?

Ans. Find local backlinks by doing any of these simple things:

  • Produce high-quality content and communicate with local websites to solicit backlinks.
  • Communicate with the local newspapers and businesses
  • Donate to community activities
  • Sponsor local college and university students with scholarships

Q2. Is link building effective at this time?

Ans. Even though Google's algorithm has evolved over the years, links are still a major consideration in search engine optimization.

Q3. How does organic link building vary from local link building?

Ans. When you develop links to locally relevant resources and communities, you are engaging in local link building.

Organic link building is an essential part of inbound link building since it allows links to be built to your content without you having to do any work.

Q4. What are the advantages of link building?

Ans. The technique of link building can improve a company's position in search engine results pages.

Q5. What is local search engine optimization?

Ans. The goal of local search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a company's exposure in its immediate geographic area in organic search engine rankings.

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