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 30 Nov, 2016

Website Design, the Front Face of the Organization

Early in 1969, the most powerful invention of the world is the “Internet”. At that time, Internet is not widely used. The reason behind this is that audience are not aware from the usage of Internet. After 1990s, people get involved in Internet and using it widely. Now, everyone is using Internet for variety of purposes like promoting brand over the Internet using different channels (social medias sites).

Website design changes the life of everyone either of the business owner or the audience. It facilitates everybody. If we are talking about the brand owner, then website design helps them in effectively presenting brand information in front of the targeted audience to convince them to avail their services. On the other hand, if we talk about the audience then audience can get brand information like their product reviews so that they can easily choose desire products or services and differentiate them.

Website designing

Recently, website design gains the popularity as it connects brand owner with the targeted audience and ensure higher profitability by maximizing the returns on the investment. Some of the latest trend of the website designs which are famous in among the audience are as follows:

  • Responsive design: Accessible using any device like mobile, laptop, and tablets.
  • Carddesign: Refers to the design of business card.
  • Single page design: A website which has a single page consisting important information about the business.
  • Material design: Refers to the design which provide the direction for visual, motion, and interaction design over all platforms or devices.

All the website design trends are highly responsive which ensures that the website design can easily accessible using any device like laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Thus, website designs play the crucial role in the success of a business as it is the place where we can attract targeted audience and convince them to avail our services. Now, the concept of contextual computing arises. Let’s discuss what is contextual computing and its role in the website design.

Contextual Computing, a widely used term of the website design

The Contextual Computing is best known as the context-aware computing. In contextual computing, we use software or hardware to collect data and analyze it and present the information in more effective ways to automatically gain the attention of targeted audience. Thus, contextual computing is all about the game of technology. Today, the utilization of contextual computing is spreading widely by all the organization.

Contextual Computing as the Future of the Website Design

Contextual computing is now considered as the future of the website design where everything is done automatically with the help of software and hardware. The contextual computing is spreading their wings in the website development business and change the complete scenario of it. Using this methodology, you can effectively and efficient read the mind of the targeted audience and design the website which is the output of several researches like the cost of website creation as compare to profitability, is the website is device independent,is the website easily run on any platform like Joomla, iOS, Windows, and more. Thus, in future almost 20 years from now, the scenario of the website design completely gets changed. It requires strong experienced to effective present brand information in more attractive way to gain the attention of its visitors.

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