B2B Web Design Tricks To 10x Your Online Sales

 6 Apr, 2022


Want to give your customers a great website experience?

Do you enhance your customer's lifetime value? 

48% of visitors voted for website design as the #1 factor that impacts website credibility.

As a B2B business how your brand is perceived is critical. Gone are the days when B2B business deals used to be fine-dine, businesses now look for the right partner and its credibility over the internet by digging into Company’s Website. 

So if you don't have a B2B website or have one that requires updating to make a mark in the digital arena, it's time for you to transform your web design with B2B website design best practices of 2022!

In this blog, our professional website design company has identified the real challenges & addressed them with the best B2B web design tips that speaks volume about your business USP’s, get you qualified leads, nurture website visitors, and grow your B2B online business.

Key takeaways:

  • Deepest Flaws in your B2B web design 
  • Insight into the latest B2B Website Design Best Practices to 10x Your Online sales

Let's get you a head start by telling you the top B2B designs flaws that are tanking your ROI!

How a Bad B2B web design Hampers Your Business Ambitions

Is your B2B Web design holding you back from achieving your business ambitions! Before you propose a new site for B2B businesses, you must be aware of certain elements that influence your design decision.

Here are the most astounding reasons why a bad B2B web design lags you behind.

You Miss Out on Psychological Influence

We all see emotion as the primary trigger for a buying decision, and B2B web design is a critical factor in driving emotions.

Unlike B2C where customers buy a product that gives them a trendy feeling, B2B web design works differently. Risk aversion and fear are two stages of emotion that are usually associated with B2B because companies are afraid that any minor error may affect the overall organization. 

Therefore, a single negative experience on the site can potentially ruin your corporate reputation, which also impacts your future clients' decisions to get into a partnership with your brand.

You Can’t provide a Satisfactory Purchase Journey

In B2B web design, there are several steps that include initial awareness of your brand, evaluating the product & services, checking on business proposals, pricing, portfolio, and then finally making a purchase decision.

In case your B2B website does not provide relevant information, is not easily navigable,  and hosts low-quality content, you may lose the visitor then and there. They may not even approach you for a customized proposal. A visitor lost here is a huge opportunity lost as you are missing a business opportunity.

This is where a website design company can help achieve the desired outcome with a satisfactory purchase journey. 

Your Brand Reputation Diminishes 

75% of the reliability of the website comes from the design.

Your B2B web design is the digital home where your brand thrives. Poorly designed websites damage your corporate image and lead to a bad first impression and poor user experience, which deteriorates your brand’s identity.

One of the B2B website design best practices to deal with this situation is to take help of a professional website design company that can provide a solid B2B web design structure that makes your website stand out. 

Your Competitor Eats Away Your Market Share 

According to LinkedIn States of Sales Report 2020, 44% of B2B organizations have experienced higher sales cycles in the past year. 

The majority of their investment was in B2B Web design and integration with third-party ecommerce web design services to develop effective ROI campaigns. They design based on KPIs ( Key performance indicators) & your customers' buying journey, milestones & progress. 

In case your business doesn't change its old strategy. Your marketing campaigns become expensive & your competitors get ahead of you. Making all your efforts go in vain!

To avoid the above from happening. Check out the next section which speaks at length about the B2B website design best practices that Can Help Your Business Grow exponentially.

B2B Website Design Best Practices to 10x Your Online sales

What is an effective B2B web design, and how do you create one?

A successful B2B web design generates prospects for your company, engages visitors & converts them. 

Check out these seven B2B website design tips with examples to help you get started!

Engage Your B2B Audience With Appealing UX Design

67% of B2B buying decisions are influenced by the digital medium, mostly by your website.

But, 37% of visitors will leave your website if it's hard to navigate.

What does that mean for your B2B company?

This means: Well-designed UX can attract 37% more visitors to your sales pipeline.

An optimistic UX design improves Strategic decisions about the site that targets the public creating a unique tone of content and graphical representation. These thoughtful reflections further help to accommodate all genres, views, experiences, and situations.

Appealing UX Design

Tips to strengthen your UX design of B2B web design further:

  • A website design company can assist you by using bright colors, bold text, and witty copy; this playful website design reflects the broader public's desire for a better future.
  • You can break up the elements into Separate Parts & Build Content for All Stages of the Buyer’s Journey
  • You can introduce scalable vector graphics (SVGs) on the site that change size based on screen size.
  • The architecture of the website should be well-organized and easy to understand. Organize, categorize and structure your website. 
  • Website labeling is one of the B2B website design best practices, it should be done effectively such that the information is easy to understand.
  • Better search system so that the user can find any information easily.

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Highlight The Value Proposition with Homepage

An efficient B2B web design connects with visitors and builds confidence as they explore. One way to attract the attention of your potential customer is to use your homepage to communicate your value proposition.

Value Proposition Via Homepage

The website should tell the visitor precisely why they should perfect your brand and what sets you apart. It is critical for websites to deliver VP in a concise manner. 

Improve your value proposition with these B2B web design tricks:

  • Create a value proposition canvas that focuses on product-market fitness & visualization of what jobs customers want to be done.
  • Do not try for too many value propositions on the website, and keep it on the first page above the fold.
  • A good web design agency can further strengthen you by designing a value proposition competitor analysis chart. Identifying which areas to focus on.
  • On your home page, be sure to tell your potential customer: What do you stand for?

Implement Lead Acquisition and Lead Capture Mechanisms

Have you ever heard of the "eye blink test"? Since you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential customer, your site needs to convey your brand's message quickly. The Lead acquisition & capture mechanisms help you here. 

Tips to increase lead acquisition and lead capture mechanisms:

  • Use CTA’s in landing pages & implement conditional logic forms that help your brand generate traffic in the form of trained leads to your sales pages.
  • You can further use Gated content that can be implemented by the best web development company. The human brain processes images 60000 times faster than text, making your content as visual as possible. Optimize your content well to get more prospective customers through organic search.
  • Work on Forms, you can't convert leads until they fill out the form. Keep the form short, ask for the least amount of information and make it visible by placing it at the right spot on the website.

Implement Trust Marks in Your B2B Web Design

70-80% of B2B marketers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service.

Yet, The B2B sales cycle tends to take some time. And when you delete the in-person interactions from the equation, They may take even longer if you don't find a modern alternative to build confidence. 

In the case of a B2B web design, you can use trust marks. Here’s how:

  • One of the B2B web design best practices includes implementing Social proof like customer reviews. 
  • Displaying Logos of companies that are satisfied with your product. Displaying Logos and links to promote your product.
  • Trust Marks like Subscriber and download statistics, Guarantees and warranties  Industry awards can boost customer confidence & must be included in B2B web design.
  • Trust marks like Price Comparison with services offered, will directly reduce the financial and interaction costs of a B2B company as well as release any ambiguity of customer regarding price. 
  • Trusted safety seals – especially when it comes to pricing and paying for your products, for which you can choose web design services for small businesses. 

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Implement Agile Design Approach 

The agile design approach is one of the most trending B2B web design trends in 2022. The approach is simple: Obtain the 20% of pages that do 80% of the live work rapidly and can use the information they generate to inform each subsequent update.

This approach has 3 parts to look at & implement in B2B web design:

  1. SEO: Use of High volume keywords & unique meta titles to rank higher in search results.
  2. Social Media Optimization: e-mail, blog posts, live chats, video marketing.
  3. Site Architecture: Focus on easy-to-use navigation, create heat maps, etc.

Here are a few tips to improve your agile design Approach in B2B web design:

  • If you are looking for B2B web design inspiration, Color code your sitemap to indicate which pages you need before anything goes into operation, and which may come one or two phases behind. 
  • Strategic alignment must be included in B2B web design to maximize business value. In this the structure of the site is decided based on the company's overall objectives.
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method & Feature-Driven Development (FDD) agile methods can be used to improve design thinking of the B2B website. Using this B2B website design best practices will mean that you will be able to Empathize, Define, ideate & develop the right prototype for your target user base.
  • You can team up with a professional web design agency to implement micro-interactions that add layering to your designs.

2022 will see significant progress in B2B Marketing. Hence, with the right strategy & coordination with a professional website design company, your visitor could become a buyer of your brand.

How JanBask Digital Design can Help!

Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the Online Presence! 

That's why it's critical to have professional web design services that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

We know ‘How to take your business to new heights ‘ & our goal is to make your business an everlasting one by:

  • Leveraging digital marketing to transform corporate efficiency.
  • Improve your online Presence Across Social Media Platforms
  • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
  • Develop and assist with the implementation of new growth models.

Let's turn your “Just curious visitors” into “Long-term buying customers”. Reach Out To Us!

Are you like 60% of B2B companies?

60% of B2B web design companies integrate with a professional web design company to march ahead. 

People say "don't ever judge a book by its cover," but people will definitely judge your website by its design. In the cut-throat digital competition today, the same old design methods won’t work anymore. 

By now you are aware of different web design tips that you can consider for your B2B website design. But it is equally essential to consider a professional website design company that can help your B2B business thrive online

Having a beautiful design will help your company differentiate itself from the crowd. If you are unsure where to begin with your B2B website design, JanBask Digital Design can help.

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Nice motivational blog, really helpful for future entrepreneurs, and the listed tips are valuable and worthy.



Thanks for giving such great B2B design tips to enhance my website. I was looking for such a post for a very long time.



Earlier I was really confused as to whether I should try these B2B website tips or not. But the detailed explanation in this post has cleared all my doubts.


Jax Tailor

Must-read blogs to people willing to take their B2B website to new heights, have some great ideas that really inspire me.



In how many months can I see effective results if I follow your suggested B2B design tips. Do you have any idea?? Please let me know!



Do you guys help in setting up a B2B business? I wanted to know because I want to hire your team for my organization as I am not familiar with the process well and will require professional help. Please let me know!


Greg Hill

My friend and I were seeking information on B2B web design ideas for a long time but could not find anything relevant. Then one of our colleagues shared the link to your article. I must say you have shared some effective ideas, I am impressed!



Overall a nice blog, I was seeking information on the same for many days but could not find anything relevant. Then I came across your blog and found it really interesting and impressive. Thanks, team!


Charles Hill

I am new in the B2B business and also don’t have much information about marketing strategies. Also, the team that I had hired didn’t respond well. Can your team help me with some more effective and useful marketing ideas!!

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