How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Website Designer to Build a Website?

 23 Aug, 2022



Website designers are must-have professionals for any website owner. Regardless of whether you’re building another site or your current outline needs a rejuvenation, you’ll require a decent planner that can coordinate your business style with the correct format, shading plan, and (UI). Just like it happens with fashion, website composition patterns change as often as you can’t even possibly imagine so you definitely require a creator who comprehends the market, UI, and client encounter (UX) outline, and who knows how to utilize this to make your webpage appealing and simple to navigate. But, how much does a website cost when you hire a designer?

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Expenses for hiring a website designer are not exactly predictable because the costs depend on a myriad of variables, yet having general knowledge about the factors that control it will likely get you the cost to build a website. Remember that there are a lot of factors that will assume a part in estimating the costs, and even only one slight change in any one of those can have an immense influence on your entire cost. 

Remember that it’s likewise vital to discover a designer you like and appreciate working with, and every designer will have his own particular charges. Therefore, there is no clear-cut assertion that can be made with respect to answering as to how much does a website designer cost. We have still managed to collate a few points that would help you in ascertaining the cost of engaging a worthy website designer or website cost. This blog would discuss the topic under the heads of the following sections-

influencing cost

Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring a Website Designer

There are three main factors that influence the cost of hiring a website designer are-

Influencing factors

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website Depends Upon The Website Project’s Scope

As a customer, you may think website design includes things like a designing landing page and a couple of inside page formats, however, website design is a lot more than that. Shouldn’t something be said about call-to-actions, tabs, and images? Shouldn’t something be said about the design flow? Shouldn’t something be said about your navigation, headers, footers, and any side components for up-selling items? Essentially, the design incorporates every one of the components of your site, and they all need to stream with your colour plan and business idea.

The extent of your website composition will be to some degree corresponding to the size of your webpage; however, you may have other realistic components you need to incorporate. For example, a few people need their website designer to create collateral materials like a logo, favicons, or email layouts.

Factors influencing Cost of Website Development

This is the place a decent innovative brief can enable you to map the majority of the components, pages, and things that you may require from the designer. A keen and all-around characterized inventive brief will help you in avoiding the scope crawl, influence your project to run easily, and set expectations in advance that will help you to attract a website designer who can convey the outcomes you’re searching for.

The Website Requirement for Which A Designer is Required Determines The Website Cost

How much does it cost to build a website? Much depends on the type of website you wish to get designed. Status websites, custom-designed, project wise design, or customized websites. Static websites are the best solution for small businesses whether they don't need any customization or frequent updation in the site. A static website contains web pages with fixed content. It is easy to develop and cost less and so when you are the cost of getting a designer on board.

When you need a fully customized website that is unique and differentiates you from the competitors you will need a think-tank who can research the best of features and come up with a web design. Herein the cost of hiring web designers will be somewhat higher and so will the overall cost of development.

How Much To Charge For A Website Depends Upon The Geographical Location Of The Website Designer

Each area has its own particular typical cost for basic items, and this will influence a website designer’s rates and thus, your website design’s budget plan and the website cost. You can locate an independent designer from anyplace on the planet, however, there are a couple of contemplations to be made before contracting somebody who isn’t near to you. Time zone and how it influences the course of events and spending plan is an immediate result of a consultant’s location. 

On the off chance that your planner is 10 hours ahead or behind your time zone, correspondences will be slower. This influences your course of events since you’ll likely get a response 24 hours after you have sent your inquiry. All of this adds on to the budget of hiring the consultant.

The next factor is language. Despite the fact that website composition doesn’t require somebody who talks a similar language, it’s critical that your designer comprehends your necessities. This can be more troublesome in the event that you don’t talk in a similar language smoothly. You can meet a designer to clarify your necessities and figure out their comprehension of the task before you start. 

Normally, consultants in areas with a lower average cost for basic items will diminish your expenses. Just make sure that you have taken into consideration the time zone differences and have factored the same in your project.

The platform that would Host the Website Also Effects The Website Cost

The kind of operating system and hosting doesn’t make a difference much for design, yet the platform is a big factor here. For example, on the off chance that you require a WordPress theme, the designer must work with the WordPress subjects and redo them in a way that a designer can plausibly code in CSS or JavaScript towards the front. 

In the event that you utilize another CMS, the website designer must work with those components. Most of the designers are experts in particular platforms, so scrutinize their portfolios carefully and experience for particular platforms before you welcome them to offer your website building project.

Another factor under the same head is the kind of configuration that is required. A gaming web page likely has got a significantly more detailed design than a standard, personal blog. The complexity of your website design is also a considerable factor while hiring a website designer, and how much does a website cost.

With design, some little programming factors are also an important part of the specific tasks. For example, the designer may need a fundamental comprehension of JavaScript or jQuery for sliders and activity components. This will likewise factor into your cost, and the consultant will let you know whether these coding components are required or not.

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Need for an E-commerce Functionality Determines The Website Design Cost

E-commerce functionality is another budget controlling factor for hiring a website designer that may require a noteworthy consideration in the overall design and advancement to make it utilitarian. The expansion of online business usefulness requires broad testing of shopping baskets, installment choices, and transportation frameworks, and also the time spent in setting up items and guaranteeing their individual pages show accurately to customers, etc.

Normally, there is no extra cost involved in hiring the website designer to add the e-commerce functionality. How much does it cost to build a website, or the cost originates from the measure of the time it takes to guarantee each part is working, the securing of the payment gateway, and any extra exertion you may require to coordinate your e-business store with transportation or tracking systems facilitated somewhere else. While it might just require one single investment on your part, e-commerce inclusion can highly affect the cost of hiring a website designer.

Turnaround Time Required Affects Cost Of Building A Website

Cost varies a lot as per the timeline you need for website delivery. If you are going for a highly optimized and feature-rich website which may generally take 1-2 months for development, and your desired turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks the cost for hiring the web designer will be expensive.

Multimedia Functionality Determines How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website

Regardless of whether you want to have an interactive and eye-catching demo for your site or you simply need an intriguing header, interactive media configuration is the thing that you require. Website cost fluctuates from firm to firm, however, the investment in a multimedia design can give your site a precious component that connects and appeals to your website visitor.

Intelligent website design can be exceptionally cheap, or it can be to a great degree exorbitant, contingent upon the usefulness of what is being created. For instance, a basic media slider may just cost a couple of hundred dollars, while the production of an intuitive on-site application or device to visualize hues, designs and so on could cost a lot more to make especially when they have to be developed from the scratch. On the off chance that you need to establish an intense impression on your visitors, it can turn into a colossal piece of the cost of hiring the website designer accordingly.

You can tally the website cost involved with each and every aspect that has been discussed and get a fair idea of how much it would cost for you to hire a website designer. Here is a screenshot was taken from the website of that gives some estimation as to what would it cost to hire a website designer-

Web Design Costs Dashboard

Responsive Website Design Affects How Much Does It Cost To Have A Website 

When you require your website to be responsive which means compatible on mobile devices it needs advanced technology for development. With responsive website design there is no need for multiple websites, one website is good enough for any device, it can adjust images, font, loading time as per the requirement. So, when you hire a website designer with this level of expertise they may charge somewhat extra.

SEO Friendly Website Affects How Much Does A Website Cost

It's not the time that you need a website that is great to look at rather the website should be SEO friendly and searchable. The web designer should have experience in developing a blend of images and text, managing website loading time, using a proper theme, and eradicating unnecessary plugins, so that the website is loved by users and Google.

These are some of the key factors that affect the cost of hiring a website designer. However irrespective of your website requirements you can manage the cost and try keeping it on the lower side with some great UX web design tips as mentioned in our further section.

Factors That Can Help You in Cutting the Costs While Hiring a Website Designer

Here are a few pro tips that can surely help you save some money while hiring a Website Designer-

  • Working with an experienced web designer as they have will get you the best ideas for a responsive website that can be developed quickly and at minimum cost. This will reduce the overall cost. The best way to work with an experienced designer is to collaborate with a professional web designing company.
  • Look for the right set of skills when willing to work with a web designer. Ask about the skills and expertise of the designer. If they have more specialization in multimedia and your website does not have much multimedia requirement you may go ahead with another designer. This will get you the best person at the right cost.
  • Ask about prior or ongoing commitments. If the web designer has too many work commitments going on they may not be able to give too much time to your project which may increase the turnaround time and so will the cost.
  • Hire a designer from a country whose GDP is lesser than yours as the payouts of that country would be lesser than that of your country.
  • Use as many DIY (Do it Yourself) methods as you can because with much free software aiding you, there is a lot that you can do on your own.
  • Make a list of all the things that you want and engage the designer only for those things
  • While hiring an agency, always look for an agency that is nearest to you.
  • Try to engage a designer for the entire project and do not hire him on a page-to-page basis as that would really save you a lot of money in the end.


Everyone judges the book by its cover. This makes it very necessary for you to have a website that is very attractive. If your website is not eye-catching or interesting the visitor would just leave your site for some other site in a matter of seconds. Viewers these days are more driven by the visual appeal than by the content of your website. 

Therefore it is necessary that you hire a designer that can instil a breath of fresh air on your website. We have already discussed the factors that would influence how much does a website cost . You also know the ways of cutting down the website costs. Choose smartly as your website is the gateway to your business and that gateway needs to be beautiful.

Know what your futuristic website would look and cost you with a professional website design company. Try us, we offer free analysis & estimates!

Looking to Create a Custom Website?

  • Well-optimized landing pages
  • Strong & visible CTA
  • An intuitive website layout

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