7 Top Strategies For Real Estate Landing Page For Higher Conversions


9 Apr, 2024


Have you ever wondered why landing page development is crucial in retail and other competitive industries? When working in a competitive industry, it is important to create a strong first impression to stay ahead of others. This is true for the retail sector and one of the most expansive industries, the real estate industry.

With the market expanding exponentially, the competition is also rising enormously. This calls for developing a convertible real estate landing page to help you reach potential customers while delivering the message intended most seamlessly. 

The website landing page is the most crucial page of a website. This is one of the reasons to seek the help of sophisticated website designing solutions for this purpose. But what makes the real estate web design perfect? Read through this article and get all the details about the real estate website landing page and the strategies to make it perfect.

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What Is A Real-Estate Landing Page?

The real estate landing page is designed with the main aim of offering information to visitors that can help to convert leads into sales. But before we understand this, let us briefly understand the landing page.

A landing page is an incredibly appealing condensed version of your main website. It affects whether website visitors explore your site further and click on any provided connections to additional sites. A landing page's primary function is to increase leads for your brand by bringing in traffic. Your real estate website development needs to be reviewed again if it is not carrying out these two tasks. This is where seeking the help of professional web development services is a must. 

The National Association of Realtors suggests around 97% of homebuyers use internet services to find the property to purchase.

This shows the importance of having a good landing page design. Now, let us understand the real estate landing pages. 

A real estate landing page is a specialized website with a single conversion objective. It is a URL on your website that contains all the information a customer needs to understand about a specific service you provide. This might involve purchasing, selling, or anything in between. 

In other words, these are the fundamental single pages on your website that you link to your real estate social media platforms or other websites. Visitors "land" on your landing page when they tap on your adverts. Landing pages' sole purpose when visitors arrives is to collect their contact information. This is the reason they are popularly called the conversion landing page.

Its main uses, as defined by real estate web design companies, include:

  • Display real estate that is for sale in a certain neighborhood or place.
  • Share important details about a house, such as a floor plan and the locality.
  • Give sellers information about your selling, concierge, or staging services.

Based on the utility, there are different real estate landing pages. 

Types Of Real Estate Landing Pages

As per Campaign Monitor, the landing pages have an average conversion rate of only 2.35% across the industries. 

So, to be in that 2.35%, you must have the right real estate landing page design. Here are the top types of real estate landing pages as suggested by the top real estate web designers:

Types Of Real Estate Landing Pages

1. Home Value Landing Pages

One of the most common and prominent landing pages realtors uses is designed to help sellers. The basic idea behind this is to set up an ad that invites people looking to sell their houses. The service which is usually linked to such ads includes the property valuation. The promotional ad will allow the sellers to know their actual house value while the realtor will gather the contact details, which will lead to a positive conversion. Under this, there are two types of landing pages:

  • Instant Home Value Landing Pages
  • CMA Offer Landing Pages

2. Free Content Landing Page

This is another landing page that the real estate website designers most prominently develop. These pages are designed to gather contact information in exchange for lucrative deals or offers. This is the reason these are also called lead magnets. In the case of real estate, these pages are considered to be high-conversion landing pages. The leads gathered through these pages are funnel leads you can use in drip campaigns to gain high benefits.

3. Home Search Landing Page

This is quite similar to the web design landing page. These pages are similar to your website's homepage, so you can use the same. The idea behind this landing page is to gather potential leads. Most of these websites are fully functional IDX sites that help leads search for homes and store their top picks. After a few minutes of searching, they are prompted to enter their contact information to use the site. The main aim is to get the visitor to sign up on the platform.

Though having a real estate landing page can help with conversions and gathering contact details, there is more to this. These landing pages act as business card for real estate companies and offer them an opportunity to connect with potential leads. But in the end, every landing page is a standalone page that aims at helping the business gather the right information at the right time to be used for growth. 

Knowing the actual needs and strategies can help you select from the best real estate landing page templates and stay ahead in this competitive environment.

Need For Real Estate Landing Pages

Real estate landing pages play great in this competitive environment and support the business in generating positive leads. A few reasons for having the landing business for your real estate business are as follows:

  • Helps with the passive promotion of the business on social media platforms
  • Maximize the traffic to your website, which in turn helps lead conversions.
  • Gathering details using landing pages helps create an email list that can be followed up and nurtured to turn in leads.
  • Give details of your new constructions, rental properties, or real estate services.
  • Creates a sense of urgency by giving a sneak peek into the real estate market. 
  • Helps to evaluate the campaigns and access the metrics to know if any changes need to be made.

7 Successful Real Estate Landing Page Strategies

We are sure that you must be looking to develop the best real estate landing pages. Being a crucial part of digital marketing, it becomes very important to know the right website design tips and strategies that can help develop lucrative landing pages. 

7 Successful Real Estate Landing Page Strategies

The top strategies that the best real estate website design company adopts include the following:

1. Optimized And Transparent Copy

The first rule of sales is to be precise and simple. When you connect with real estate web design services, you will find that these companies will offer you a clear and concise copy of the landing page. A simple landing page will make it easier for visitors to understand the agenda and the offering. 

Your visitors will see that you are a trustworthy organization with nothing to conceal if you communicate with them honestly and clearly. Your potential customers will click on your CTAs without hesitation because of this feeling of reliability and security.

A few factors that come under the good real estate website design ideas are as follows:

  • Use a simple template to capture the data from the visitors.
  • Avoids asking for too much information, as this can make the visitors leave the platform.
  • Keep the length of your offer short, as this will compel the visitors to read.
  • When you get the information, ensure to share the email confirmation of the data received.
  • Allow the partial submission and saving of the form so visitors can complete it later.
  • The CTA should be to the point and effective.
  • Ensure that the language you use is simple. Avoid jargon and complicated terms.

An Unbounce survey suggests that using a two-step landing page can be 30% more effective when compared to others. 

2. Use High-Quality Hero Images

The things we see are remembered in a better manner as compared to the things we read. Also, when the images are clean and bright, it positively impacts the visitors. This is one of the features of the best real estate website design. 

A few stats that reflect the importance of images in website landing page design are:

  • According to Venngage, when you pay attention to the visual content on your website and make it right, you can increase traffic by 400%, leading to better conversions and revenue.
  • According to VWO, switching out a generic image for one of a specific person will considerably increase your conversion rate.

Think about it. A simple image change to a high-definition, clear, and positive image can bring about an immense change in your business offering. Some tips that you should know here are:

  • Ensure that image speaks about your CTA and agenda.
  • Highlighting the vibrant interiors can be helpful for conversions.
  • You can also use the image of the surroundings and place to give a visual idea to visitors.
  • A slideshow feature can be helpful as well.
  • Make sure that the landing page with the image is professionally designed.

The landing page should follow mobile responsive design best practices to ensure that visitors can see images irrespective of the device used.

3. Auto-Play Background Videos

As per the Smart Insights team, when you add a video to your landing page, your conversion rate increases by 86%.

Videos have a great impact on sales. Consider the ads that run on television or social media platforms. These are indeed the best click baits that can result in conversions at a greater speed. You can have a video that displays your property or even shares the story of some happy families. But you must ensure that the video is in the background and is subtle, or else it might make the CTA and the rest of the content obsolete. Also, keep the video silent, as this will have a better effect.

4. Attractive Lead Capture Form

The first and most important aim of developing the real estate landing page is to capture the leads, and this is one reason it is also called a lead magnet. To succeed with your forms, you must adhere to the same principle as your copy, which calls for keeping them easy to understand.

The first step in perfecting your form design and improving conversion is to refrain from requesting too much data. The best real estate website design keeps information simple and easy to understand. 

According to 46% of marketers, customers' decision to click on your landing pages would be influenced by the form's style.

So, be cautious when you are designing the layout of your form.

5. Responsive Design Is Key

Though there is various importance of web design, the most important one is to offer the visitors a responsive design. A responsive website design is compatible with both mobile and desktop. This is important to offer omnipresence to your visitors.

As per Nifty Marketing, 86% of the top landing pages are mobile-friendly and 82.2% require optimization.

A few things that you can do to ensure that the website is responsive are:

  • Create a landing page that is compatible with all social media platforms.
  • Make sure that the landing page is interactive and simple to comprehend.
  • Adding graphics, data, images, video, and multimedia can be helpful.
  • You should place CTA appropriately.
  • The speed of the page should be optimized.

6. Social Proof Play Key Role

As per Nifty Marketing, 36% of the top landing pages provide testimonials, while 11% have reviews. 

In today’s competitive environment, having social proof is a sign of authenticity and credibility. Social proof is now considered to have a psychological impact on customer decisions. It is because it is where individuals copy the behaviors of others to ascertain which is the proper behavior in a particular circumstance.

It ensures that the business is working with the same agenda and confirms the positive image and history of the work. A few social proofs that you can add to the landing page are:

  • Testimonials
  • Number of trusted clients
  • Press logos
  • Trust badges

Apart from these social proofs, there are a few other factors that you should consider:

  • Select the right font and color.
  • Avoiding the navigation bar is good.
  • Place the CTA appropriately.

7. Lightbox Pop-Up CTA

Last but not least is the CTA. You should add Call-To-Action rightly, as this is the part that will help to convert your visitor to a potential lead. One of the biggest mistakes people make is adding multiple CTAs to the landing page.

As per Unbounce, adding only 1 CTA to the landing page increases the conversion potential by 1.6%, while 2-4 CTAs reduce the same by 11.9%. 

Making it clear what you want readers to do is the best method to get them to take action on the real estate landing page. Whether it's asking for their email address or scheduling a conversation, limit yourself to one simple and alluring CTA.

In the end, remember, if you wish to have a better stand, try using personalized CTAs. Hubspot says personalized CTA offers 202% better performance than the rest.Lightbox Pop-Up CTA

3 Ideal Real Estate Landing Page Examples with Images

Following the website navigation best practices, various real estate landing pages act as samples for excellence. Though there are multiple examples, the best real estate landing pages are as follows:

1. Keri Shull

This real estate business has proved that keeping it simple and sharing the precise message can help you go a long way. An excellent illustration of a local realtor expressing what a potential customer is thinking is on this landing page by Keri Shull. The image is subtle, and the message is quite clear. Keri Shull

2. Sundae

Potential clients are continuously reassured that they have found a good home-selling partner thanks to the straightforward tagline and the repeated benefits. Sundae does a nice job of minimizing friction with a drop-down option that makes it easier to fill out the form and by requesting crucial information that helps qualify leads. Additionally, by identifying the precise location of the house, it provides Sundae with an address to look up for simpler lead nurturing and follow-up.Sundae

3. Douglas Elliman

This Douglas Elliman illustration demonstrates how to create a landing page for a real estate agent that motivates homeowners to list their property with your business. This amazing conversion copywriting technique heavily uses social proof by showcasing the firm's ranking as the top brokerage in New York and its 46,000 annual deals. If visitors consider using Elliman's services to sell their house, they immediately feel more at ease when they land on the landing page.

Douglas Elliman


It's crucial to comprehend your target market as you develop high-converting landing pages. Developing distinctive landing pages and campaigns that address various wants is better. Stay focused on the action and employ succinct copy and straightforward, eye-catching design.

When you accomplish this using the best real estate website development, you'll be able to build your business online and convert more internet traffic for greater benefit. 

Connecting with field experts like Janbask Digital Agency is the best solution to do the same. With years of experience and knowledge, they can offer you the best service and guidance in creating the conversion landing page for your real estate business.

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1. Is using real estate landing page templates a good idea?

You can use the real estate landing page templates that are available online. But you must ensure that the templates are updated and customized per the company. Adding the CTA, image, and other elements should be considered to ensure better reach and lead generation.

2. Why is quality over quantity important in creating a real estate landing page?

The landing page quality offers visitors exceptional value and is crucial for a good landing page design. Two aspects define quality over quantity:

  • Adding a high-quality image that can add value to the landing page is important.
  • Ensuring the use of the right words can help better conversion of the leads.

3. What are the critical elements of a real estate landing page?

Critical elements in great real estate landing pages include:

  • A compelling heading that makes it clear what the page is about.
  • An alluring offer to persuade readers to keep reading.
  • An obvious CTA that instructs visitors on what to do next.
  • To increase trust, use social proof.

4. Is it possible to make updates once the landing page is live?

Yes, you can update the content on the landing page once it is live. It is advised to consistently create valuable content that resonates with your target audience and add it, as this will make the visitors informed.

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