Blogger Need to Know Top Blogging Tools For Beginners

 28 Dec, 2015

Blogging Tools For Beginners

Blogging is one particular field which has evolved over the years. Blogging is challenging at the same time rewarding too. Several tools are available for enhancing the blogging skills. But some of the tools are quite essential for the bloggers to know before they get into blogging.


Buzzsumo is an ideal tool especially for those who are finding it difficult to create a popular topic to write about.

This is how it functions.

  • Navigate towards the homepage
  • Type the relevant keyword
  • Click the ‘Go’ button
  • A results table would be displayed

Buzzsumo searches for the blog posts and sorts them depending on the posts with the highest number of shares. Bloggers can also get details regarding which of the content types has done well. They can get ideas from those popular lists before deciding on the topics to write.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a popular content marketing tool that is available for free. All you have to do is to enter the URL of your competitor in the search column and click the ‘Search’ button. There is also another option named ‘social media tab’ which displays the pages of any given domains on the basis of social shares. This tool helps to analyze which of the blog posts are working well for your competitors and the content types that have to be written on the blog websites.

Open Site Explorer

This is a very popular tool that helps in sorting all the URLs present within a domain on the basis of backlinks. It has to be understood that the greater the number of backlinks, the larger the search traffic typically would be.  It gives the blogger a clear insight into what kind of blog posts are expected to bring more number of backlinks.

Yoast SEO

If you are a blogger looking forward to optimizing the blog post for search engines, then install the plug-in ‘Yoast SEO’  which helps considerably in adjusting the meta tags to the creation of an XML sitemap. It is available free of cost.

W3 Total Cache

A W3 Total Cache is a useful tool that helps improve the speed of the blog website by optimizing the blog code.  The below-mentioned video will describe how W3 Total Cache tool helps in optimizing your blog website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays a vital role in improving the search engine traffic of your blog website. However, three reports have to be taken into consideration based on which the rankings and click-through rates can be improved considerably.

The three reports are,

  • Queries
  • Landing Pages
  • Geographical Summary

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another popular tool for those who wish to improve the number of readers for their respective blog posts. However, the bloggers will have to follow the below-mentioned principles if they have to increase the number of readers for their blog post considerably.

  • Increase the number of headings, lists, and quotes
  • Better to keep the blog post word count below 1500 words
  • Avoid using too many pictures
  • Increase the size of the fonts and give adequate spacing wherever required
  • Include conclusion

Hello Bar

Hello, Bar is a tool that helps bloggers in attracting more social media followers and also helps in increasing the brand awareness. Hello, Bar is placed as a fully customizable bar towards the top of your blog website. The bloggers have to just sign up for a free account and pick the goals and Hello Bar will help them in achieving their objectives. This tool features A/B testing that arrives as a built-in function for the purpose of testing and in achieving the best results.


Qualaroo is considered to be a perfect tool that helps in generating ideas for the bloggers.  An unobtrusive box is created which allows questions to be asked to a reader. This gives an opportunity for readers to express their opinions regarding what else they expect in your blog website. The opinions will be analyzed and Qualaroo tool will find the common requirement based on the responses by the readers. Thus the bloggers will be able to understand what kind of topic the readers are expecting and start writing a blog about those topics. Writing blog posts about the topics on demand clearly signify the greater number of readers for the respective blog post.

Simply Measured

The free social media tools list offered by Simply Measured is worth to check out for bloggers.  By placing your blog post in one of the social media handles, the tool will suggest you the ideal time for sending a tweet or sharing a post on Facebook.

The reports will be categorized as:

  • The phrases or words that users expect to view the social media posts.
  • The time when users normally sign in to these social media platforms.
  • The list of users who follow your blog website and the time they usually log in.


Emails are considered to be among the most effective tool for bloggers to improve the popularity of their blog post.  Try to create email opt-ins by making use of tools such as Bounce Exchange or OptinMonster. Once a list is created, bloggers can make use of a service provider to email their subscribers about the latest updates regarding the release of any new blog posts


The above-mentioned tools can help bloggers to get a new way of improving traffic towards their blog website. Improving the reader base remains a topmost priority for most of the bloggers. A greater understanding regarding the topics of interest for the readers is essential for any bloggers who wish to increase the website traffic of their blog website. These tools provide you with new results, ideas and improve the number of readers considerably for your blog website. The above-mentioned tools are sure to simplify a blogger’s effort in promoting their blog posts and blog websites.

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