Mistakes To Avoid Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency


 11 Sep, 2020

Mistakes To Avoid Before Hiring A Digital Marketing  Agency


In the era where enterprises have shaken the dormant domestic companies by penetrating international markets, it has become a wide phenomenon that digital marketing is next gen-technology that carries the magnitude of elating business to new heights.

Those days have gone where traditional marketing helped marketers to convert potential buyers into leads, the force of digital marketing has been so strong that it has almost wiped-out the traditional stock trading market too. 

 digital marketing agencies

Know what are the specific set of reasons behind digital marketing agencies being hired by the business owners. It is basically because of these three major reasons.

  • Business owners get help from digital marketing agencies to grow their business.
  • Digital marketing agencies offer more robust web presence
  • Advertising agencies are fully resourced with the right set of resources.

Digital marketing companies prefer good SEO companies to fix all the mistakes of their previous SEO agency.

But why are millions of business owners worried prior to their collaboration with any ad-agency? The reason is extremely viable because nobody knows which marketing-communication agency will market their goods to the great heights.

Currently there are many digital marketing agencies who aren’t able to offer the brand-presence to products that are needed. In other words, products launched by them aren’t able to scale the top presence in the market, owing to which many of the business-minded people like you felt a terrible loss of money after associating with them. This is because neither their brands appealed to the audience nor minted any revenue.

Benefits of associating with the communication marketing agencies are surplus but the chances of your brand not being able to come-up as you expected remains all time-high.

Here are some mistakes that you as an upcoming business should avoid

  • Falling Into the trap of shiny packaging
  • Hiring an agency offering cheap digital marketing services
  • Going for a known communication agency instead of one whose reputation in the market is no beyond being local.
  • Not researching the history of the company before associating with them.

digital marketing agency

Some of the most common mistakes that are made by B2B marketers while collaborating with the digital marketing agencies are given below-

Mistake One-Falling For Shiny SEO Presentations

This mistake is counted as the bigger one and a business person should keep it mind before framing any decision to invest in any company. As there is a saying that a book can never be judged by its cover, similarly a marketing communication agency can never be trusted unless and until you see their area of work.

What is the bait-type strategy formed by the communication agency that traps the minds of business people like you?

Generally, digital marketing agencies create beautiful, high-tech marketing pitches to allure their clients and most of their clients create decisions after looking over them. But this is certainly the wrong channel for them to make any sort of decision.

Know the hidden secrets of SEO agencies

A very particular group of SEO agencies that often claim to be the market leaders are the ones that drop a lot of money in creating their own sales presentations. This is why they are classified as the enterprises where executives spend less time and effort on the actual clients.

Spare some seconds to think about this thought

  • In-depth Analysis-It is quite true that almost each and every company is equipped with a finite set of resources and the ways through which they allocate their budget speaks a lot about their set of priorities. For example you can get a complete detail about the number of employees working in the sales and client servicing department.
  • Prefer the advice of marketing professionals-Before choosing any digital marketing agency, do take the advice from the army of marketing professionals and salesmen who plan, strategise and think of creating different ways of selling the goods.
  • Verification in-detail-Because it is normal for anyone to get blinded by seeing the shining things thus one should take a deeper look about what exactly the content should look like after your commercial website is being made.

Mistake Two- Falling for “Secret Sauce” Pitches that often seem too good to be true.

Never lean to the digital agency that brags “Secrets Success to Do Business” or self-appoints itself as “Proprietary SEO tactics”.

Here is the reason why you should never fall into this trap

  • Need of Right Strategy-There is no “Secret Ingredient to Success” because the process of SEO is well documented and is easily understood by thousands of experts across the globe. The line of difference that parts a successful campaign from the one that falls flat lies in formation of accurate strategy and execution.
  • Thorough Research -Isn’t it not true that in life whatever happens do occur because it is meant to be? Of course, it stands true when we talk about digital marketing too. Never get sold on empty promises, always look-out for an SEO company carrying a proven track record that matters a lot.

MistakeThree- Choosing a Cheap Digital Marketing Agency

Hasn’t it been true that digital marketing is the real channel for an enterprise to generate revenue? Absolutely it is but there is something more to it that you should know.

  • Never Prefer Cheap Services-Most cheap SEO service providers prefer the black-hat techniques that include paid links, cheap content and keyword-stuffed optimizations. Perhaps, this is the reason why Google has created most black-hat techniques where a user carries higher chances of being penalized than succeeding with these tactics.
  • Gain Expert Advice-If you have ever fallen into love with the digital marketing company, thus you cannot afford to take risks and they will be consulting you to get the expert advice.

Mistake Four- Choosing a digital agency on the basis of their locality

No wonder what made you think that SEO happens only when your company gets associated with a local SEO agency but before collaborating with it do analyze its potential in dominating the domestic market.

The most beautiful thing about web-technology is that it can be linked from almost anywhere implying that a user is not restricted with the limited use of SEO companies.   

It is the gospel truth that nobody quite likes face-to-face interaction and perhaps invests in flying account managers to the clients through regular basis. Thus, it is quite vital for a client to search for an SEO company that offers enough business revenues to the clients.

Never collaborate with a foreign SEO company, know the reason why?

  • Damage the Functioning of the Company-Since your targeted audience is local, therefore collaborating with a foreign SEO company can prove to be damaging to the functioning of your company. 
  • Audience Differs-The offshore SEO agency may allow you to buy extremely cheap digital marketing services but in others it will have a worsening impact on your business because the targeted audience of yours differs a lot from what they marketed.

Although it is the most legit digital marketing practice, cultural difference might obstruct the path of generating revenues. 

Mistake Five- Least Preference Given to Research

Mistake Five- Least Preference Given to Research

  • Use Google Algorithm-As a B2B marketer, the first and foremost step of yours includes thorough research and analysis. Your research can be derived from Google Algorithms.
  • Prefer Case Study-Another way of analysing the results can begin from studying the case study of a particular marketing-communication agency.
  • Read Testimonials-Talk to their clients, read their blogs and do go through testimonials because they are the perfect testament of its overall growth.
  • Lay Emphasis on Research-Try to research whether the company is showcasing the documented results stating the number of companies that have benefited after opting for their services or not.  

Why to never go for a local SEO agency?

Perhaps, there is no good signing on with an SEO agency that offers an average output and ultimately lets you switch to another agency. Although, this type of situation is messy and can bring down your brand’s image on web presence and other than that it also consumes a lot of time which gets wasted in running your business.  

Mistake Six- Not choosing the most affordable digital marketing company

Pricing has always remained the most major constraint for many bigger companies but if you are getting along with the cheapest digital company then it could damage the reputation of your company and decline the brand’s image on the social media platforms

Why is preference given more to a reputable marketing agency?

Because if a business person collaborates with the reputable marketing communication agency then it might enhance the brand perception instead of damaging it. Perhaps, this is the reason why it has become much more essential for business enterprises to set a reasonable budget while dealing with the ad-agency because it also expects them to pay a quite high rate for quality work.

Mistake Seven- Never Approach any agency without an aim

Form a concrete plan-It is quite important for you to plan, create strategies about how effectively your marketing campaigns can be run. Probably this is a reason why many business marketers are told to be quite clear in their approach before switching to the digital marketing agency.

What is the major need that a business person should comprehend before signing on the deal with any marketing communication agency?

Enhanced Brand’sImage-A business person should understand that his product’s image on the web will take months to grow and deliberately seek the efforts of the right digital marketing team who duly understand their marketing plans and target the audience while creating digital-marketing campaigns.

Mistake Eight- Not attaining the right plan from the digital agency

Whenever you initiate any work with the company, it becomes quite essential for you to create a plan that comprises timelines, objectives and platforms that are certainly used to enhance the brand’s image.

Measure Your Brand’s Success-Although there are chances that your company might record heavy success if its products are promoted on Facebook and Instagram this is bound to happen only when your organization’s niche is retail. 

Reap the Benefits we look at the other side, it may help your organization reap the benefits of gaining traction on LinkedIn and Twitter but it will occur only when your business works primarily on a singular channel of business model.

Email marketing and newsletters when circulated at an effective marketing rate carry the chances of popularizing your products on a larger scale and exude more customization within.

Mistake Nine- Never work without owing to any budget

Market Budget is the Need-It is a truth that almost every company needs to have a marketing budget for the particular year. One has to consider the exact percentage of the budget that will be spent on creating the digital marketing campaigns.

Areas where the maximum allocation of the budget is required

Impact of Beautiful Website-In the world where an attractive entity sells without a delay of a second, it has unprecedented the need of the marketer to get a beautifully designed website that charges almost nothing in a month and carries only one time cost.

Running of Ads-Moreover, running ads on digital marketing platforms can increase the brand presence on the social media platform too. Perhaps, it is mandatory for one to set a budget so that they might not end-up overspending the expenses.

Mistake Ten- Not valuing the work with a full-fledged marketing communication agency

Almost many companies claim to offer digital marketing services like social media marketing but they usually end-up in offering only a lone service as a huge subset of these agencies’ lack in terms of creativity and management too.

Since these types of services usually work in cohesion, it becomes increasingly critical for one to request a demo and verify the services prior to accepting it.

What are the certain features that you should look before collaborating with any marketing communication agency?

Expert Web-developers-The digital marketing team should comprise an experienced web-developer who is capable of creating the robust website as well as in launching the appropriate digital marketing services.

Marketing Experts-The company should contain an army of digital marketing experts who are thorough with ways of maximizing the views of a single ad-copy.

Offers Monthly Reports-As it has been said that a reputable company is self-sufficient in providing monthly reports along with insightful analytics to highlight factors such as bounce rate, impression clicks and other sets of viable information.

Why are measures necessary before consulting a marketing agency?

Protect From Unknown Mishaps-No one likes to suffer the consequences of his/her actions because the business decisions being made by them might backfire them or even put a hold on their finances. As the field of digital marketing is expected to grow more than what anybody could expect, thus it is necessary for the small business owners to never fall for the tactics of the large-sized SEO organizations.

Assist Small Business Owners-Since the first-time clients aren’t able to fully comprehend the nuances of the business organization whereas the small business owners do often fall for the tactics of agencies that claim to provide best-in-class digital marketing services.

Offers Clarity as there is no short road to success- Though the reality is more shocking than what one could expect because there is no secret ingredient to mint money in the short span of time. But the opening-up of many avenues can be counted as the doting presence of the digital marketing spectrum.

Avoid Heavy Costs-It hardly matters whether a business person runs a successful business for years or is probably running a newly undiscovered start-up where digital marketing is expected to take your business to a new level. However, for gaining high-profits, one generally needs to avoid costly mistakes.  However, to mint more revenues there are chances that a company can face heavy expenses.


Hiring a digital agency is not a big-issue but overwhelmingly relying upon what the marketing people convey without focusing on the quality of SEO work is the degree to which one can afford the quality SEO work.

Thus, analyzing and researching the companies that have benefited the business enterprises will be the ones to fuel more effectiveness in your marketing strategy.

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