Expand Your Business With These Out-of-the-box Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

 14 Jan, 2022

Introduction On Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

The real estate business has been showing record-breaking growth in recent years across the globe. 

However, something which might be the biggest problem for most real estate agents is that they are unable to make it to the market during their initial periods. 

There can be many reasons for the same: some real estate industry leaders are already doing exceptionally well and replacing them could be a tough nut to crack. Some which could be helpful here are marketing tips for real estate agents. 

As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average income for real estate agents for many years was approximately $56 730. Nonetheless, more than 10% of these agents earned more than $150 000 per year.

So you must be thinking, is there a way we could earn profit as real estate agents without spending so much?

Do you know what is the difference between these two classes of real estate agents? Why are some of them in the top 10% and why are some spending so much? 

Well the answer lies in the unique marketing ideas for real estate! 

In this blog, we are going to talk about the best marketing ideas for real estate, with examples to help you succeed in your business. Along with that, we have will also talk about:

  • The importance of real estate marketing ideas. 
  • unique marketing ideas for real estate from the top experts and a lot more

So let us begin our journey and know more about the best marketing ideas for real estate such that we can build a brand, get more & more prospects who trust you as well as crack the best deals in the near future.

Why Are Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Or Marketing Tips For Real Estate Important For You?

According to reports from reliable sources, the real estate sector is estimated to increase by more than 2.3% year on year. An increase in residential as well as non-residential buildings is expected in the near future which means better deals will be finalized in the coming times.

The Real estate agents might be busier in the coming days and in turn more and more agents will join the industry. This will overall lead to rising in the Real Estate Sector. With the rise in competition among real estate organizations or agents, demand in the market will also increase. Then arises the question: how will you stand out from your competitors?  

Well, the new normal which is creative marketing ideas for real estate agents will surely help you. And not just this, here is a list of other added benefits which you can expect from unique marketing ideas for real estate agents.

1. Most of the people look up for search engine for relevant information 


Most of the people look up for search engine for relevant information 

These days, almost all of us go online to search engines when we want any sort of virtual information. When a smartphone or computer can deliver information in a matter of minutes, no one wants to waste time asking a friend or next-door neighbour for information.

As a result, you'll want to establish an online presence to raise brand awareness. After all, this is where your leads gather, and you don't want to miss out on individuals finding you through their searches. For example, when you wish to buy property, you would not go door to door asking for the same, or you would not find time to visit all the real estate brokers in your locality. The best way is online search on search engines. 

2. Mobile era & wide-spread of videos help in gaining maximum attention of real estate investors 

Mobile ad campaigns have been demonstrated to be more effective than other online standard approaches in several studies and it is considered as one of the most effective marketing ideas for real estate. Because of the ease, it offers, so many people browse their websites from their mobiles. 

Also, search engines rank video content, so this way you will be able to reach your audiences. Google is always on the lookout for interesting information, and it's been proven that sharing a video increases interaction (not surprising, given that YouTube is the second most visited website after Google). 

3. Helps you establish credibility among real estate buyers

Helps you establish credibility among real estate buyers

There are many ways such as online reviews, which are a part of unique marketing ideas for real estate and they help in establishing credibility online. And credibility is quite important for all small, mid or large businesses online. When potential clients decide to try your business for the first time, a few positive reviews on your page will help them trust you. In the real estate market, when you're trying to persuade customers to part with their money to make huge property investments, trust is especially vital!

4. Helps in proper performance tracking of property performance


Helps in proper performance tracking of property performance

Physical or offline ads or prints might look like a deal to some of you when it comes to social media marketing ideas for real estate. But do they lead to conversions? You might not be very sure of the answer to this question. You can not track the number of people who have visited you or have made a purchase. However, this is not the case with online social media marketing ideas for real estate. You can track your performance with the help of tools and other methods. Hence you will be aware of where the traffic is coming from and whether or not your social media marketing ideas for real estate are working.

5. Makes it easier to reach your specific and target audience

Makes it easier to reach your specific and target audience

You can be specific when it comes to online marketing ideas and hence reduce or rather channelize your money, efforts, and time only for the target audience. Not necessarily everyone is interested in buying a specific property, with unique social media marketing ideas for real estate you can target them or reach them. 

Apart from this, there are many more benefits of the best marketing ideas for real estate, which can help you go paperless, use many creative options to showcase your brand, and much more. So, help your brand reach online, where every other brand is present. 

To stay ahead of the competitors in the real estate sector, you need to start taking marketing ideas for real estate agents seriously, as they are pivotal for building brand awareness for your brand along with widening exposure and attracting more eyeballs to your business. 

What Are The Best Marketing Ideas For Real Estate?

There is a real hype around unique marketing ideas for real estate and we all know the benefits offered by them also. Nevertheless, the big question here is what are the unique or best marketing ideas for real estate!? Let us try to find out:

real estate marketing ideas

1.Get-set-go SOCIAL!

No matter what your market is, you will always need professional as well as dedicated profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to develop your online presence. 

These are relatively inexpensive as well as have the ability to help you reach a wider audience. 

Along with that, you can also advertise on popular search engines such as Google as well as Bing by purchasing ad campaigns and much more. You can look at the top real estate agents and see how they focus on building relationships with the help of social media. Branding through social media is one of the most popular marketing ideas for real estate agents. Also, these platforms can give a boost to your real estate business with the help of a professional feel which you present to your visitors on social media.

2. Work on your online presence 

To make a good first impression and lay a solid basis for all of your digital marketing activities, make sure you have an up-to-date, professional website

According to a collaborative survey conducted by Google and Loopnet, about 80% of customers or investors utilize the internet to make lease and purchase decisions. This means that your website is essential for increasing brand awareness, acquiring new leads, and driving sales and lease-up activities. Present-day, working on enhancing your online presence is considered as one of the best market ideas for real estate. 

Furthermore, the user experience of the website presented on their device is becoming increasingly important in terms of reaching and attracting more potential tenants, brokers, and investors (as well as banks).

3. How is your CONTENT doing?

Today, one of the most valuable currencies on the Internet is high-quality content. 

Okay isn't going to cut it! You'll need to create outstanding, well-written blog entries, instructional articles, high-definition HD movies, market study PDFs with interesting data, and other educational stuff that will draw prospects to your website and motivate them to buy property. 

High-quality content aids in building audiences, creating trust as well as allows you to use other distribution tactics which we have mentioned. You can help your customers gain knowledge related to the real estate sector with all your blogs, pdfs or other related content pieces. 

4. Email-Marketing Campaigns- ever heard of them?

Email marketing gives the option to connect with leads, build relationships, as well as gradually reach towards selling more deals. 

As said, old is gold. So, instead of going for new and unique marketing ideas only for real estate, old techniques like email marketing are quite effective presently. With the help of email marketing, we can save, sort, and segment the contacts. We can have complete control over the messages that we want to send across. While you're busy acquiring new clients to sell homes, you can also use real estate marketing automation to send the correct message to the right individual. 

You may also look through our list of the finest marketing automation software to see which solutions are the most effective. Basically, you can send an email on any property-related topic.

5. Scale-up the game with Digital Marketing

Apart from their hectic schedules, most individuals nowadays choose to use the internet to search for real estate listings that meet their needs. Many real estate platforms are accessible via the internet, where they can shortlist appropriate properties based on affordability, lodging, and proximity to basic services.

If you're still relying on cold calling, handing out fliers, or posting ads on local bulletin boards, you're missing out on a big number of potential customers. 

Traditional marketing has fallen out of favor in favor of digital marketing or online marketing. For real estate agents, it's also cost-effective and considered super effective among the real estate marketing ideas. 

You can reach your target audience while making a great, long-lasting impression with the help of a real estate digital marketing agency or real estate marketing ideas.

6. Work on Brand Awareness

Branding distinguishes you from the competition. 

You can create a real estate logo for the sake of having one, but you'll be missing out on the actual power of branding. It's critical that the visual interactions your clients have with your real estate company are consistent with your standards. This is an important point when it comes to creative marketing ideas for real estate agents. 

Visual touchpoints can be found in any top listing photographs, social media posts, infographics, flyers, banners, brochures, PPT presentations, email campaigns, and more in the real estate industry. 

7. Leverage, Analytics, Automation and other tools

Clearly, real estate marketing necessitates the use of analytics. You're shooting yourself in the foot if you don't have analytics set up on your website. Set up Google Analytics to measure a variety of indicators throughout time as they relate to your content and website visitors. This is an excellent technique to determine whether or not your efforts are paying off. 

How are your blog postings doing? 
How many people come to your website? 
Have you set any objectives for yourself? 
What is the average number of sessions per person? 
What about the bounce rate, or the rate at which a user leaves your site? 

It may appear perplexing at first, but as you get to experience analytics, it will all make sense and derive more results. 

Creating a lead generation page is a terrific way to market real estate. This is referred to as a squeeze page by sophisticated marketers. What is the purpose of a squeeze page? Because you're attempting to wheedle an email address from people who may be hesitant to do so. This will aid your email marketing efforts in the future. So, what constitutes an effective lead generation tool? You can create a house appraisal tool or another tool to help with the real estate transaction. When the form is finished, simply ask for the results to be emailed to the user. Any real estate tool that would be useful to potential buyers or sellers, as well as sendable results after the user completes the form, would function here. 

8. SEO strategy should be looked into

Whatever business you are running, you must first ensure that people can locate your website on Google, Bing, or other search engines before they can visit it. This must be one of the top marketing ideas for real estate and for every industry.  And, in order for your website and blog articles to rank higher in Google searches, you must use real estate SEO

This is where the impact of your blog postings is felt! Conduct extensive research into the keywords that people use to find real estate homes, brokers, and agents on the internet, and then compose articles around those keywords. 

Ahrefs and Moz are SEO tools that may assist you in determining the best keywords to target as well as keywords to put in your post so that it ranks higher in local searches. When there is a lot of competition in your community and you need to stand out in search engines, this real estate marketing technique is crucial. 

The Ahrefs and Moz blogs are both excellent resources for improving your Search Engine Optimization skills. 

9. Track and analyze your reports

As mentioned earlier also, ensure that Google Analytics is installed on your website to track marketing performance and that you review the data at least once a month. 

Among different real estate marketing ideas, it will enable you to make better, more educated marketing decisions and determine whether your website is having an impact. It's time to examine and take action if your website isn't producing leads for your company or property.

Make a list of the tools you'll need to implement your real estate marketing strategy. Choose an email service provider, project management software, event management software, website construction software, and other brand-building tools.

Define exact metrics to use in determining success. Use goals that can quickly notify you if you've met your objectives within certain timeframes.

"I will improve my lead flow," don't just write this, instead work on it!

Create a goal that reads, "In the month of August, I will generate 500 new email subscribers." At the end of the month, you'll know for sure whether 500 new leads were generated or not. That is how it works!

10. Look professional with videos and photos

Real estate marketing ideas need the use of photographs without any doubt!

During their decision-making process, 89 percent of all homebuyers say photos are helpful.

You can go the DIY way and take your own shots, but nothing beats professional photos for making a terrific first impression on potential buyers. People are more likely to call you or come to an open house if your marketing materials make an impression.

Virtual tours on the internet are another approach to create an immersive experience for your potential clients. Virtual tours can also emphasize particular amenities, such as neighboring schools and hospitals, which can aid in the decision-making process for home buyers.

NOT just that! Virtual tours can also be useful in commercial real estate transactions where customers are too busy to visit each alternative in person. Camera drones are one of the most popular photography and filming devices. Only 14% of realtors, on the other hand, use a drone while filming marketing materials. This provides you with a terrific opportunity to stand out from the crowd by using eye-catching aerial images.

11. Relationships, referrals, and a lot more…

Building a referral system is one approach to boost your online real estate marketing efforts. 

You could incorporate this into your email signature to make it more passive rather than active, but it doesn't hurt to just ask for a referral at first.

 After a few successful transactions, network with your customers and ask them to refer you to their friends. You may also consider offering something in exchange for recommendations. It may be an Amazon gift card, any other gift card, or something completely different. Whatever it is, come up with a unique method to pitch it to your customers, and then make sure you treat everyone fairly. 

You can even ask your happy clients to review you wherever possible. Once you've completed a successful transaction, invite the buyers or sellers to leave feedback on Yelp about their experience.

As long as you provide a lot of value and always look after your clients, you'll be able to build a strong profile here.

12. Organize webinars: One of the most creative marketing ideas for real estate 

Free webinars or free ebooks could surely add to the knowledge base of your customers. 

Something which you give for free helps in building a trust base. And when you have a customer base created with loyalty and trust you can surely see conversion. Not just that, these customers tend to remain associated with you for a longer period of time. Plan for free webinars and make sure they are informative enough. 

You can also ask some renowned top experts from real estate to give more insight on topics such as best marketing ideas for real estate. Through their popularity, your brand will gain attention and loyalty.  

13. Budget your expenses to deliver the best marketing ideas for real estate

What you are spending on real estate marketing ideas vs what you are getting from them? 

There has to be a balance between these two. You need to use the tools wisely to make sure you are not just able to see through your expenses and efforts clearly but also able to understand how many benefits you are able to get from these. 

You can also hire freelancers, or some expert professional who can track these things for you and in fact suggest you some creative marketing ideas for real estate which are not heavy on your pocket but help you gain results. 

Just make sure to be specific about the expenses you want to make and the results you are looking for in return of those expenses.  

Just make sure to be specific about the expenses you want to make and the results you are looking for in return of those expenses.  

14. Work on your customer services

Marketing ideas for real estate would be incomplete without proper customer service.

You need to plan some benefits which you offer to your loyal customers and some additional services you can offer to those who are visiting you for the first time. 

Not just that, the post-sales services are almost pivotal and it is important to make sure you are able to give the best there. You can use some CRM software in case you own a midsize or large company. 

In case you are a small company and have a clear vision about scaling up with the best marketing ideas for real estate, don't forget to leave the benefits of CRM software or tools, such as Salesforce, etc.  

15. Strategize in advance and see how your plan is working; and Keep yourself up-to-date 

Last but not least, Make sure to plan in advance. 

Keep a check on your team and make sure they are able to adhere to the planned strategies. You can also make some changes in the marketing ideas for real estate agents as and when you feel like these should only be result-oriented. 

You can follow the real estate top marketers or agents to make sure you are up-to-the-mark with the latest trends of the industry and aware of all the latest marketing ideas for real estate.  This might need some quick changes in your strategies, do not hesitate to do them.  

Read more: How to make better Marketing strategies?

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents From Top Experts

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents From Top Experts

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents From Top Experts can surely be life changing, let us find out what they suggest. 

1. Pam Danziger

“Pam Danziger believes ineffective marketing rather than more marketing. She suggests telling stories about the house, rather than just highlighting the features of the house you want to sell. When she says she means any property for that matter. Along with that, she emphasizes the role of content and how important it is for you to hire a professional writer who can help you with the desired content.”

2. Bob Gordon

“Bob Gordon talks about the importance of blogs, interaction on social media, benefits of video content as well testimonials of the clients. This is a low-cost, natural way to get leads. In addition to blogging, you may share your content in social media groups, use your postings as content for a drip marketing campaign, and even include client testimonials in your blog. Interact with others on social media networks, particularly in groups.”

3. Luca Alessandrini

Luca Alessandrini says that “Building as well as maintaining the relationship online, creating and developing coincidence with the help of social media and showcasing your abilities is important. When it comes to maintaining online relationships, the newsletter plays an important role. It's a good idea to keep previous, present, and potential clients informed about your activities, such as listings, speaking engagements, closings, open houses, and even personal occasions like weddings, births, and graduations. This contributes to enhanced trust, referral opportunities, and the development of relationships. Newsletters are a more direct form of contact than social media or blogging, two other popular ways to create relationships”.

4. Karim Wabha

“Karim Wabha focuses on the price under market value, and limited showings as well as working on your deadlines when it comes to unique marketing ideas for real estate. By limiting a property's showings to one open house, many purchasers will come in to see the house during this 3 or 4-hour window, as it will be their only chance to see it. An open house will almost certainly be filled with potential purchasers as a result of this. The more packed the open house, the more purchasers believe that everyone else is bidding on this property, so you will be the highest bidder. “


5. Sam Williamson 

“Sam Williamson focuses on retargeting and talks about the power of retargeting. Email retargeting is perhaps the most successful marketing tool for real estate. The emails can be saved in the customer's inbox and referred to when he or she is ready to buy real estate. 

Most people who are considering buying real estate think about it for months before making a decision, and they frequently use the Internet to research the many alternatives accessible to them. This implies they've most likely visited your website multiple times to look at any available properties, which makes retargeting an excellent option.”

6. Blake Philpott

“Blake Phiphott Speaks about Facebook Ads, professional videos, photos as well as drone shots, and their importance in marketing ideas for real estate listings. Along with that, he mentions considering highlighting the special events. You can also use other businesses to take advantage by building a network according to him. “ 

7. Alex Barshai 

Alex Barshai says that Images sell, so consider hiring a professional photographer.  We are visual creatures by nature, and great photography brings the property to life. Realtors who invest in real estate photography sell properties 32 percent faster and for ten to twenty percent more money, according to Alex. 

8. Jay Seier 

“Jay Seier believes that you need to do marketing which is trackable. Here are the tips provided by him:

Use distinct URLs for each of your properties and track them with Google Analytics. In all of your advertisements, including tracking numbers. To trace incoming calls, you may utilize a toll-free number with extensions or local lines that you rent.

Make sure that all printed materials (flyers, postcards, etc.) include a link to these specific phone numbers and websites.”

9. Sep Niakan

“Sep Niakan believes that professional pictures are more powerful than anything else. 

And you should talk directly to your potential clients through every marketing campaign. Don't just repeat the location's characteristics. Instead, place those characteristics in the context of the target purchasers' everyday lives. Consider the most likely buyer profile for your house, and tailor your marketing to that person. “

10. Sacha Ferrandi 

 “Sacha Ferrandi says that face-to-face marketing generates better or higher leads, and social media powers when used helps in getting better results. Along with this, you really need to have a professional website, so do not forget to work on this by hiring professionals.  

Did you think that our marketing ideas for real estate were also similar to the ones mentioned or suggested by the top experts in the industry? Well, feel free to comment below what you think.”

Conclusion on Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Unique marketing ideas for real estate have surely worked for many out there. And they will work for you as well, the only thing which you need to consider is the fact that personalization is the key. 

Every brand is unique and so are their marketing ideas for real estate agents. Every tip from the experts can help you plan a strategy that is not just doable but also helps in gaining results. Always remember to be consistent while implementing your real estate marketing ideas. 

So create your real estate marketing ideas such that you are sure to influence your potential customers as well as attract them to your services.

Creating SEO-optimized content that resonates with your target audience, boosting your web presence through branding, and uploading videos are the most effective real estate marketing ideas. For more suggestions on how to make the most of your marketing efforts, you can connect with our website design company for real estate

Feel free to drop in comments in case you have any questions or you wish to add some more out-of-the-box marketing ideas for real estate!

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