Statistics that prove the need of digital marketing for your company

 2 Nov, 2015

Unlike past where companies can decide whether to prefer or not to prefer digital marketing, things have changed a lot and digital marketing has become a prerequisite for many. Gone are the days when only business and technology savvy users used to interact with customers on social media. Now almost all of the companies have a social media account to take their brand popularity to the next level because of its global reach. Having a strong online presence has become a need of the hour for most businesses.

In this article, we will take a close look in to the major factors that prove the need of digital marketing for your company.

Internet has become a product research tool for customers

Most of the customers nowadays rely on internet in researching the products or services offered by brands. Customers do the research in internet mostly for areas that are located nearby. These customers most likely compare your products with other competitors when it comes to understanding the price, affordability, discounts and reviews which provides an insight regarding the quality they can expect from certain products or services. Usually prospective customers do Google searches, browse your desktop website and even visit your social media pages for understanding more about your products or services being offered. If your website or social media page is not up to user expectations, then you are likely to lose to your competitors. Studies have suggested almost 97% of consumers to be researching the internet for product comparisons.

First Page in Google Search Results Matters a Lot

It is very necessary to remember that most of the customers, almost 94% as per the reports rely on the Google Search Results displayed on the first page for the search keywords entered and are less likely to move to the second page. This means, search engine web page rankings has become extremely important than ever before and if you do not make it to the first 10 results, then it can adversely affect your business.


Blogging for improving web traffic

If you are finding it difficult to rank in the search engines, then content marketing has become a new way of improving your website popularity. All you have to do is to create high-quality unique content related to your brand products or services by getting in a content writer who can write articles and blog posts interestingly. The blogs should be informative and entertaining by providing real value for readers of your blog posts. Reports suggest almost 55% of web traffic increase can be expected for your brands by blogging.


Majority of internet users are active in Social Media

( reports have suggested almost 80% of internet users to be using social media. Increasing number of users irrespective of age are using at least one of the social media websites. For brands, it is very important to have a strong online presence in both Google search engine and social media since prospective customers are likely to check for a social media page for your business even though they find your products or services impressive in the web.


All these above-mentioned factors increase the importance of digital marketing in the present business atmosphere for brands across the globe.

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