Top 7 Important Tips To Learn SEO For Beginner


 20 Mar, 2018

When someone either an organization or individual enters into the wide wondering world of SEO, he may feel anxious due to the presence of huge data volume and concepts present to learn. As a number of SEO optimization professionals are there in the market for a decade who are learning new concepts every day and launching new theories and updates to give a new boost to your business.

Obviously, for the new learners, there are lots of new concepts to learn and the learning curve is quite deep. To become a proficient SEO professional, they have to learn the new concepts and strategies thoroughly to face the challenges present in the current scenario.

As SEO has two major types, one is White SEO and other is Black SEO, so this article covers all tactics required for White Hat SEO. SEO has many new concepts which are easy to learn and adapt and if we will see carefully then new SEO concepts are pretty learn able and not tough to learn.Learn SEO For BeginnerFollowing fundamentals are necessary to learn to all SEO learners, which can enhance their technical and applicable skills:

  • Appropriate Content: Before taking your content designing strategy one step ahead check the relevance of your site content. Site content must be optimized so that it can improve the site rank in Google search engine. Content relevance can make your site trustworthy and authoritative for Google search engine. Inbound links, high-quality content, solid UI metrics and brand mentions can be key factors.
  • Good Page and Domain Authority: Any SEO learner should also learn about page and domain authority. As they predict the site ranking. Moz provides the domain authority to the site owners if they are trustworthy which is measured by the quantity and quality of inbound links to the site. Higher domain authority means more are the chances to have a better rank in organic search. Similarly, page authority is quite page specific and a better page architecture can improve the page ranks. It also depends on the volume of inbound links and authority of the pages.
  • On-site optimization: There are a number of on-site techniques which are simpler to implement and make your site more visible and indexable to the search engines. These most used and popular tactics are optimizing meta description and titles by including or inserting top keywords and by making the site code clean and error free. Moreover, there should be lots of relevant content on the pages of your site. You can check on-site page optimization techniques for more information.
  • Strategic Content Marketing: Content marketing can be considered as a necessary and distinct element for any site SEO. You can optimize your target keywords by timely providing high quality and relevant content to your reader or audience. You should know what the latest concepts and happenings are in the market and provide the relevant information to your audience.
  • Effective Guest Posting and Link Building: Guest posting is one of the most used and popular tactics for link building. Through guest posting on higher authoritative sites. You can create your company’s brand on other website and publicize your services. You should build quality links and learn the tactics to make them more effective beneficial for your business.
  • Optimized Heading and Sub-Headings: Here usually SEO professionals follow the W3c guidelines to organize the structure of their web pages. According to this, there should be only one H1 tag for the page and it may have one or more subheadings. Moreover, try to keep blank spaces as minimum as possible on the page. You can fill them with paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists.
  • Linkable and Sharable Content: It is a well-known fact that content is the king and any site content must have following listed qualities in order to make it relevant and effective:Meaningful Content, Original Content, Linked Content, Content with Facts and Figures with References, not blah blah content, either create a product or run a service etc.

Other Considerable Tips:

Apart from the above-listed tips, there are a few other considerable fats and tips for site optimization like analyzing and finding broken links, validating HTML and CSS codes, creating a roadmap for SEO, using sitemaps either Google sitemap or XML sitemap, removing duplicate content from the site permanently and many others.

One other fact to consider that try not to overload the site with too many keywords and content. Google can unleash the overly optimized sites, so keep it quite simple. For this, if you are finding keywords for your site then try to opt only five or six keywords and optimize the site only for those keywords rather than using too many keywords for a single page or site. You can use Google keyword planner tool to select the keywords.

Final Words:

To learn SEO, it is must be having the basic knowledge of all core concepts of it. By practicing for any concept or tool you can optimize the site and definitely start on the right foot. Reaping more benefits from the site can make it more effective. By adding more visitors and improving its ranking you can even increase ROI and even lead the market.

From a learner perspective you should not only aware of the latest tactics of SEO, instead must also know the tools to perform SEO in a good manner. Learning SEO can help you in making good campaigns for your site and give a right boost to your business that is necessary to go higher.

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