Gear Up Your Business With The Best 10 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

 29 Aug, 2022



It is a sunny summer day; the temperature is soaring high, and you have the perfect ice cream to sell. The sparkling solution for those craving something cool, and refreshing to beat the summer. But, you are selling it at the best tourist spot where Ben & Jerry's is also available, so why would anyone come to you? Have you told them about your USP? 

No??? Well, that’s the reason why you need a robust marketing strategy, or if you already have one, then revamp it before it’s late.

To ensure that you have the art of the war to make a buzz and come up with a bang, we have got you the best eCommerce marketing strategies for business growth and return on investments. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, a startup or an enterprise, an entrepreneur, or a marketer, this article will answer every question related to marketing strategies for eCommerce Websites.

How have we shaped this blog for you?

  • Why do businesses struggle or shut down?
  • 10 eCommerce marketing strategies that will fuel growth in your business.
  • The secret behind some of the best brands.
  • Performance tips for your eCommerce business.

We may go gaga about the Business marketing strategies without connecting you to reality. But, unfortunately, the reality is that 90% of startups fail because of the wrong marketing strategy. So here’s a sneak peek into what exactly goes wrong.

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Why Do Certain Businesses Fail?

This may seem demotivating, but knowing the facts will help you ensure you don't make any of these mistakes. 

  • Poorly designed website where customers are confused about what they need to do and how to search for their requirements.
  • Poor content leads to the devaluation of your business. Be it product descriptions, images, or videos.
  • Not reaching out to the right audience.
  • Not paying attention to social media and its activities.
  • Spending ample amounts on advertising without any proper planning.
  • Not optimizing for SEO, Google advertising
  • Not measuring the marketing efforts.

These are some of the reasons that slowly and gradually widen the gap between investment and return, leading to massive liabilities. Therefore, you need to understand the best eCommerce marketing strategy, determine which one works for you, and then make an execution plan.

Winning eCommerce Strategies You’ll Not Like To Share With Anyone!

Winning eCommerce Strategies

We say with confidence that you’ll keep these strategies a secret because if you plan and execute them right, you’ll be the following extensive case study in the making.

1. You Can’t Ignore The Reach Of Google Ads & SEO For eCommerce Marketing

Are you looking for ways to make your website more visible? Or getting traffic and sales is your objective? On-page SEO is the go-to thing in any of the cases. If someone wants to have the best dressing tip for their interview, they will search it on Google, and if you rank on the first page not just with the best tips but the best product with amazing offers, you did hit the bullseye. 

You gain better visibility and competition-cracking traffic!

The magic wand here is Search engine optimization (SEO).

What is the best way to do SEO - the right eCommerce promotion ideas?

  • Make a list of the pages on your website that need to be optimized first. These should be the pages with the most important products or with the highest traffic.
  • For better search and user experience, optimize headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure as an essential eCommerce marketing strategy.
  • Make a list of keywords that are relevant and related to those pages. Ubersuggest and other similar tools make it simple to find related and long-tail keywords.
  • SEO necessitates a number of unique requirements. This includes selecting keywords, adding metadata, accurately identifying your photos, adding image alternative attributes, and incorporating relevant keywords. So, check your bandwidth or delegate the task to a professional SEO marketing agency.
  • The aim of your eCommerce SEO strategy should be to overpower competitors. Examine the websites of your top competitors and their SEO efforts. Then, determine what you can do better in your eCommerce promotion strategy.

Focus on Google ads in your eCommerce marketing strategy

Do you know Google has a whopping 90% of the global search engine market and 5.6 billion searches done every day? You can’t afford to give Google Ads a miss!

Your ads are placed on the top side of search pages or at the bottom by bidding on keywords. 

What are the best Google Ads you should include in your eCommerce marketing?

Google Search Ads  - Google search ads are the ones that appear in text form on the top, bottom, or side of search results. Based on the search terms, a shopper clicks on these ads. The headline, display URL, and description are showcased to the visitor. 

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) - You may opt for this format with a comprehensive inventory. In that case, the DSAs format offers automatic element optimization to boost results. An example of DSA is shown in the image below.

Dynamic Search Ads

Google Remarketing Ads - The best way to create a recall in the customers' minds is remarketing. This happens when you search for a product, and then it keeps following you in your subsequent searches. Many remarketing ad types include customer list remarketing, display remarketing lists, dynamic remarketing lists for search ads, and video remarketing, which you may consider in your eCommerce marketing.

Google Shopping Ads - These are again must-to-do Google ads for eCommerce marketing. These include captivating product information, such as a product image, price, and brand or merchant name, and are displayed as per the search criteria.

Google Display Network  - Image and text advertising appears as an image or block display ad on third-party Google Partner websites. This website can be that your customers visit. 

Things to keep in mind when going for Google ads

  • Define your Google campaign objective, is it brand building, lead generation, or product launch?
  • Define the audiences for your Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Choose your Google ads budget and bidding strategy.
  • Add Google ads extensions to your browser.
  • Organize your ad groups.

keep in mind when going for Google ads

2. Discounts and Coupons Are Traffic Builders

Traffic Builders - Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Everyone loves discounts! And, it is a great way to capture the audience's attention, get them talking on social media, and create a buzz. Create your discount eCommerce marketing strategy keeping your goal in mind, which may include:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Promoting new product
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Moving out unsold products

How to create the best eCommerce marketing strategy using discounts?

  • Come up with a customer-focused discount pricing strategy. For example, let’s say you are selling cosmetics and offering offers targeting a female audience.
  • Abandoned Cart Discounts offer special offers to customers who have added products to the cart but have not taken the next step. It may be an extra 5%-10% off on your selected time.
  • New customers discounts wherein you have given a discount referral code and coupons to ensure they make the first purchase.
  • Subscription Discounts come with different pricing for yearly, monthly, or quarterly subscriptions.
  • Exit intent popup discounts. When a customer is about to close the shopping window, and a pop-up of an extra 200 off on your selected range comes up, it will make the shopper rethink purchasing that product.
  • Value-adding discount for customers loyal to you. You can either offer a small free gift or free delivery to the customer’s address.

3. Add Video Advertising In Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

No doubt, video advertising is one of the strongest ways to reach out to your audience. As per (Animoto), video ads were the best way consumers get to know about a brand they purchase later. Even data by YouTube certifies the fact that videos make consumers aware of a brand much faster. 

Here are the types of video ads that are productive eCommerce promotion ideas

Native video advertisements - Every day, Facebook users watch over 8 billion native video advertisements. These videos are usually longer than 30 seconds and appear to be more natural than advertisements.

YouTube video ads - There are two types of YouTube video ads. TrueView and Pre-roll. TrueView advertising is more opt-in because you only pay when someone watches your video ad for more than 30 seconds.

User-generated content - User Generated Content, world well when a brand has a large fan following and can showcase much of the content that comes for the users themselves. It is natural and gives you an organic reach.

The best way for video advertising

  • Keep the video brief and interesting.
  • Make the video relevant to your target audience.
  • Make an emotional appeal to the buyer.
  • Finally, put a call to action.

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4. Add Personalized Email Marketing In Your eCommerce Marketing Plan

Personalized Email Marketing is what works nowadays, especially with eCommerce, and what is better than sending personalized and well-thought-out mailers? But what kind of email will work for you? Here are the details:

Abandoned Cart Emails - New and repeated customers who have logged in to your site, added products to their cart, and then departed will receive abandoned cart emails.

There are two different sorts of abandoned cart emails. First, this email serves as a reminder to consumers about the products they left behind. This usually happens within a day of the cart being abandoned.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Emails - Customers who have purchased an item are sent up-sell and cross-sell emails. The objective is to sell them more items. Maybe you've just introduced a new product line or festive offers.

Emails to Re-engage customers and reward loyalty - Customer and re-engagement emails aim to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

5. Try Out Affiliate marketing As A Critical Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

It is not easy to get customers to like your product, especially if there is stiff competition. Affiliate marketing works well as an eCommerce promotion strategy. Without paying or investing too much, you can increase traffic and sales for your eCommerce platform. You may research some great websites that are not your immediate competitors and enjoy heavy traffic. You may come to terms with them for promoting your product and vice-versa. In some cases, you pay once the deal is completed.

Examples of Affiliate Program Payouts:

  • Direct Sales are the case when you pay a commission when sales happen.
  • Pay commissions for things like email sign-ups, social network following, form submissions, and content downloads, among other things.
  • A cost-per-click model might be used by an advertiser wishing to attract a high amount of traffic.

6. Influence Your Audience Through Influencer Marketing

Influence Your Audience Through Influencer Marketing

Do you know being an influence is a proper profession nowadays? These are the people who have a tremendous fan following or followers on social media, and video platforms. People love watching and listening to them and get influenced by what they suggest. So use the power to convey your message to your target audience. Some of the purposes that influencer marketing helps in and why it is an ultimate answer to how to do eCommerce marketing are:

  • To draw the audience's attention to your store.
  • Make use of influencer testimonials on multiple platforms.
  • Promote a discount. 
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Getting A New Client

7. Make Social Media Marketing Part Of Your eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Instagram. The social media platform focuses on visual content.

Sell products and services on Instagram wherein you have amazing images to put up. Tag them with relevant hashtags and wait for them to go viral. Then, start using IGTV, an excellent eCommerce marketing strategy.

Twitter. If most of your product is text-based, Twitter is a good option because it allows you to summarize your services, share content with relevant audiences, and get user comments. 

Facebook. Consider using Facebook Live, Link to Facebook Messenger from Your Website, and Invest in Facebook Ads.

Pinterest. This is another social media platform that is heavily focused on visual appeal and images. The benefit is that others can tag your product or website images that will show on their wall and automatically create an underlying link that points to your specific product page.

Linkedin. If you want to target business-minded individuals, then nothing better than Linkedin.

8. Add Content Marketing in your eCommerce Marketing Plan

Through content marketing, you create and distribute content that is informational, engaging and serves a purpose to its audience. The purpose can be to increase sales, communicate the brand message, highlight product USP or increase customer loyalty.

Content Marketing

Best ways for eCommerce content marketing

  • Answer questions on
  • Respond to subcategories.
  • Creating a video series may be DIY, educational, unboxing, and much more.
  • Comment on relevant blog posts and videos.
  • Seek out related podcasts.
  • Create valuable assets like infographics.

9. Get The Pulse Of The Market Through Local Ecommerce Marketing Strategy 

Any business must get the word out about its products or services to the most likely to buy them. When a company services a particular geographic area, its marketing plan must be tailored to local customers.

Ways for local e-commerce marketing:

  • Get a mobile-friendly eCommerce website and promote it at a local level. Look for email campaigns and Google ads to boost conversions. 
  • Opt for the Google My Business listing, and add detailed information about your business and location. 
  • In your site's metadata, include "near me" keywords.
  • Customers should be encouraged to leave evaluations on your Google My Business page.

10. Add Voice Search To Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Voice Up Your Brand By Adding Voice Search

When you optimize your website for voice searches, you're making them appear verbally when a potential customer conducts a voice search. When your pages are optimized, the voice search device used by the customer can read them out loud. The key here is to understand the difference between typed and spoken searches.

While a typed search may just require three or four words, a voice search is more likely to be conversational, with people asking questions like Where can I get the best pastry? In that case, instead of standard keywords, use semantic SEO that focuses on subjects that might come up in a voice search. 

Along with using semantic SEO/keywords go for natural language when optimizing your content for voice search. 

Optimize searches for questions. When optimizing for voice searches, you must consider this and also think about how they will ask a question. For example, there are certain words they may always start a question with like Who, What, Where, Why, and When.

What Are The Best Offline Ecommerce Marketing Strategies?

Offline eCommerce marketing is a traditional kind of advertising, but it has its positives. Try some of these best eCommerce marketing strategies:

Pop-Up Shops - The concept of pop-up shows coincides well with the season or holiday. Like during Christmas, you may come up with a pop-up shop of your best choc-chip cookies and cakes. A pop-up shop is a great approach for many online firms to test the waters. 

Create Hype Through Public Relations - PR stunts are awesome and generate a buzz both offline and online. Here is the classic of NIKE, where it asks its audience to run and take a quick breath before sitting on the nearest bench. Here is the campaign in the image below:

Create Hype Through Public Relations

Trade show participation - Ecommerce stores can also network with possible suppliers offline at trade exhibitions; you may encounter competitors at conferences, whom you may analyze to understand their strengths and flaws better. You might even establish collaborative partnerships with competitors in some cases. 

These are some of the eCommerce marketing strategies that will outshine your business. The big question is how to go about these marketing strategies, how you will find the right one for you, and whether you have the bandwidth and expertise to handle it.

Essentials Tips For Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Wondering whether to go first for SEO or social media advertising? What is the right content strategy for you? Have you invested too much? Hold on and check out these tips for eCommerce marketing that will smoothen up the journey for you.

Look for a digital marketing company - Working with a digital marketing agency is not an expense but a long-term investment that you make for yourself and your business. The depth of expertise and knowledge that a skilled marketer can bring to your company cannot be overstated. As a result, you may put your time and effort into more meaningful work instead of learning about and putting together digital marketing efforts. 

Get a perfect content marketing strategy - Whether online or offline, marketing can never go right if the content strategy is not robust. A content strategy means what kind of content is right for your business. For example, let’s say you sell baby products then. Is Linkedin the right platform for you on Facebook? Think about it! What content should you come up with for baby products, when and where will you post it, what should be the frequency, and much more is part of the content marketing service

Use technology to your advantage - Do you have the infrastructure to manage all of the promotions, or even if working with an agency, do you have the right support system?

There is no thumb rule - Don't go by the marketing book; it is not necessary to start with brand awareness and then focus on conversions at last. To test the waters, you may develop, question pilot plans, and simply focus on conversions as a hit and try the method. Set aside a portion of your eCommerce marketing budget to try out new ideas.

Don’t spend carelessly - When talking about digital marketing tools, almost every platform has free trials or short-term plans; try them first, see what works for you, and then accordingly set a budget.

A Case Study To Inspire You Become The Next One!

 Case Study To Inspire You Become The Next One

Let's assume you are looking for a luxury watch. In the beginning, you will search the options, read product descriptions, compare price features and then many brands will start sending you some great offers, emailers, you will find many relevant blogs, and so on. Now that you are aware of the right product but not sure to buy content that shares the USP and some executive offer that will definitely get you going to buy. Isn't it? This means content needs to change as per the funnel. 

Here’s a brand that nailed the art of content correction according to the marketing funnel. It’s Beardbrand - they know that writing a 6000-word blog every week is not going to do the magic but writing by understanding your audience and what stage of buying they may be will give the required push. 

A millennial searching for how to grow a beard will find some interesting content by Beardbrand. This is the ToFu stage. They have a comprehensive tutorial on how to grow a beard, in addition to a solid backlink profile:

Their content creates interest in the mind of the reader to grow and take care of your beard and with the decision of growing bread, they move to the next stage of the funnel i,e. MoFu. Now, this set of science will see content about beard styles, maintenance, along with some gentle advertising. And if the users show some interest in their products the next post will have a call-to-action (CTA) button to buy their products in that blog post. 

There is no doubt that the internet loves Beardbrand and so is its audience making it pioneers in the domain. 

Did we leave you thinking how some brands become market leaders by just doing it right! Think about it...

Final Thoughts!

Building an eCommerce website is a bold and commendable decision. The eCommerce industry is competitive, agile, aggressive, and needs a solid eCommerce marketing strategy which requires:

  • Understanding your business objective
  • Figuring out the right target audience
  • Doing market research and making a business plan
  • Getting your finances and resources in place 
  • Then come up with solid eCommerce marketing strategies which should focus on highlighting your USP not one time but consistently. 

Do you have an apparel store or a cosmetic brand or are you offering some essential services? We have plans for each one. Share with us your business idea, or if you are stuck somewhere with your marketing strategy, we want to walk along and make a difference!

If this blog has got you something new, or some ideas to work upon don't forget to share and like!

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