Link Building Tactics That Really Work

 5 Nov, 2015

Google has begun to devalue links it considers of low-quality through its Algorithms, but that does not mean that backlinks are not desirable. Backlinks still play a vital role in the ranking of the websites and web pages. Quality backlinks are still desirable, the ones that come naturally from other websites considering the presence of quality content on the website that is worth linking towards.

It is always a necessity for SEO companies to work hard towards improving their link building tactics for getting better traffic towards the website.

New Link Buiding Tactics to Improve the website Ranking

Here are a few link building tactics that are essential for online marketers to watch out for.

Competitor Links

Keep a close watch on how the competitor websites are performing and the backlinks they are receiving. Instead of waiting for a longer duration to get natural backlinks, you can try to introduce new tactics that will help your website receive those natural backlinks which your competitors are getting.

  • Check for the close competitors that cover the similar topics as that of your website. This could be done by searching for the similar blog posts in Google by entering the specific keywords. From the list of search results obtained, figure out the most recent blog post and ignore the older ones.
  • Make use of tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic etc to search for the best of the shortlisted blog posts. Most of these tools would display the links for the past seven days by default. You can check more if required using these tools. Check how and why the website got backlinks from other websites.
  • New ways have to be found in getting those links which are not an easier task. Some of the ways in attracting the backlinks received by your competitors include introducing a guest post on the similar topic, creating new content ideas so that the author of the website can quote it or else introducing yourself as a conversion rate expert etc.
  • Continuously monitor for getting high-quality links and thereby improving the traffic towards your website.

Standing out unique from competitors

Choose a keyword and start researching in the SERPs which is the primary step to do.

While choosing the keywords, you will have to take into consideration the keywords with decent search volumes.

Make use of the best keyword research tools such as Adwords Keyword Planner. Then search for the keyword based on your main niche. From the list of relevant keywords obtained, shortlist the best results which get the most searches in a month.

Now create the best content by making it more in-depth, longer and impressive as well as informative and thereby ensuring the content is valuable and worth reading. It takes a lot to convince the website owners that your guide is worth improving their articles in a considerable manner.

Once the content is ready, it is time to go ahead with an email outreach campaign. Make use of online tools such as Scrapebox to get the list of competitors for the targeted keyword in the Google search result. Then copy those competitor links into a spreadsheet. Avoid the website links that have less than five links using tools such as Ahrefs.

Categorize each URLs backlinks by exporting the backlinks to a new sheet. Go through each of those web pages which have links to the competitor’s web pages and send them an email asking to include your links too in their web pages. Even though it is a time-consuming task, it can get you a lot of traffic for your website.

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Infographics are considered to be the best ways to receive backlinks for your website. But with the increased popularity of the Infographics, the competition has also increased which has led to website owners looking for other ways to improve the link building process. However, it is still relevant among online marketers as a useful link building technique. One of the best ways to make use of Infographic to increase the backlinks is by checking the Infographics made by your competitors in the past and checking out those who republished those Infographics and linked them towards their website.

You can check the Google Images and would be able to find that the Infographics are either created by your competitor or shared by your competitor. However, the original URL of the Infographic is what has to be taken into consideration ignoring the shared URLs of the Infographic which should be considered only if it is that much relevant to your niche.

Organize the search results of the Infographics URL list obtained which are highly relevant to your blog. Again do the same categorization for each of the competitors. Then insert the URL of your website into a backlink analysis tool and check the backlinks. Find out which of the URLs are linking towards the Infographic’s page which you want to get the backlink for. You will get a contact email address in each of the websites. Try to convince them by sharing the template of your guide which would help your website also get the backlinks.


Even though speaking is a skill that not everyone might have, but it can still be among the most effective link building tactics as of the year 2015. For those who have a good reputation in their respective niche, they often get podcast interviews. But if you are a start-up in your niche and looking for greater prospects in your business, then a little extra effort would be needed to increase your chances of getting podcast requests.

It is better to get in touch with a low-medium podcaster who are having a harder time getting good website owners for the interview. If you can give them a podcast interview, it can be a win-win situation for both you and the podcaster. The podcasters will then display the show notes on the website they have partnered with and you can send in four to five links towards your website after the podcast interview which they would do without any difficulties.

  • Search for the podcast in the search engine
  • Find out the niche that suits your website
  • The search results of the podcast that matches your niche will be displayed
  • Find out the popularity of each podcast by clicking the ‘Stats’ option
  • Find out the rankings of each podcast and how well they are performing
  • List them in the order of most popular podcasts to the least popular
  • Shortlist the least popular podcasts and send an email to them and give a five-star rating for their podcast if you really like the show notes

Thus if they are impressed with your requests, they will create a podcast of your interview which would help build solid links towards your website.

Link Roundups

Link Roundups are the link collections of the latest and the best resources that are related to your niche. The Roundups publishing websites publish them once in a month or once in a week on their blog websites. It is considered to be an important link building technique and the link Roundups are created almost for every niche.

  • In Google search, type in your niche with the keyword Roundup.
  • You will get at least four to five pages of the search results for each niche and the best ones would be the weekly and monthly roundups.
  • Get in touch with the Roundup creators who usually look for including the best resources to their Roundups if possible. If you are having a valuable content that is informative and related to the Roundup niche, then there is a greater chance of them accepting the content of your website. It is desirable to convince the roundup creators with the content rather than sending them email requests since they would think that you are sending the email request just to get a backlink rather than appreciating the quality or the content of the Roundup.
  • It is desirable to start posting good comments for the Roundups related to your niche and then start sharing those roundups. Once you post comments and share the roundups, it is desirable to ask the roundup creators to include your link that might be relevant to their topic.

Reviews and Testimonials

If you are writing good user reviews for the websites you wish to get backlinks from and also provide them with good testimonials, then they are going to be impressed with your website and will certainly link your website. Create a list of the products that you use for your blogs and just mention that the particular product has contributed a lot to the success of your business. If you really have a genuine reason to convince that the products have really helped you in improving the popularity of your blog website, then get in touch with the production company and offer to provide a testimonial. Thus if they find your testimonials really useful, then chances are high that they might include your links to their testimonial pages or within blog posts etc. Thus it can help as a useful link building technique for your website.

Link building is still considered to be an important aspect of the growth of traffic towards a website. It is not desirable to spend the whole time in link building process, but at least contribute some of the time for effective and natural link building process on a regular basis. The demand for exceptional and unique content along with getting the most reputed websites to see your website content will be the driving link building factors this year.

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