Top 14 Blogs You Can make Powerful SEO Strategy With


9 Apr, 2024


1. Introduction

Does reading SEO blogs really help? Yes, they do, especially when you are looking for some solutions and are desiring to take some help from experts around the world to strengthen your search engine efforts. We have shared previously “How Your Content Should Be Optimized In 2020” and “SEO vs Content Marketing — Do You Really Need Both?”

Today we are going to contribute to the best SEO blogs to help you create your remarkable SEO strategy for 2020. The world is changing rapidly so does the technologies & methodologies around. This is a smart age and mobile world. Most of the users are searching from their mobile devices and are getting literate about your product from the information you put into the internet world.

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And in parallel, search engines like Google are making changes to its search algorithms & protocols to rank & make a website easily searchable. Google was never in the favor of SEO and has always tried to implement new identical paths to overcome its effects and generate new trends in the market. Releasing the Panda, Penguin and other updates are the strong witnesses of its intentions. 

This is the reason why it’s more necessary for every business to address all the major actions & responses of Google to make their brand thrive in the eyes of online searchers. And there is nothing better than starting gathering perspectives & experiences from these legit SEO blogs.

2. What is an SEO Blog?

An SEO blog is a section on a website dedicated to expanding knowledge around how the world of search engines & complete digital marketing touchpoints revolves. It educates you with the latest changes in the SEO world, Google & other search engine’s algorithms, and passes down the latest & relevant insights of automated marketing & email marketing. Addresses measures to every wrongful optimization practice you end up doing over search engines. 

All in all, it provides compressed yet comprehensive knowledge on how you should go about your SEO, ranking, traffic generation, local searches, and online marketing game plan.

3. Why Should I Read These Dedicated SEO Blogs -- You Might Ask?

Before you approach a professional SEO company, it’s crucial to have an understanding of how SEO works and what all goes into the funnel of making a standout SEO strategy. Reading such blogs will help you:

  • Get a fresh or expert perspective to streamline your SEO goals & efforts.
  • Evaluate your existing standing in terms of search engine optimization practices.
  • Find the possible gaps stopping you from gaining that desired traction (organic reach).
  • Get tremendous assistance for any jargon you might be in, at any point of the hour.

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So no matter if you are a passionate blogger or a full suite corporate business (whose digital identity matters a lot), here we are sharing the top 14 Blogs that only talk about solutions related to organic reaches & multiplying of automated marketing efforts. Read them, share them with your partnered Digital Marketing Company to elevate them & ultimately your brand.

4. Top 14 SEO Blogs – You Must Read before Planning your Next Big SEO Strategy

The blogs which we are going to list are very informative and written by experts based on their personal experiments or understandings. Let’s see some of the finest blogs in the world to get you updated with the SEO trends. Happy Reading!

4.1 Google Webmaster

This is the most important blog you should keep visiting to learn new tactics. Google Webmaster blog is a conduit of information regarding official news on crawling & indexing websites for the Google Index. Google’s official blog helps you always unearth updated and accurate information regarding search consoles, robot.txt, AMP, and other things you should know. This blog never gets out of fashion and makes you confident to take action and prepare your SEO strategies accordingly.

Each blog post you will see is clearly explained like a tutorial, has explanatory videos, and FAQs based on real users’ queries. You should definitely read this blog if you want to get into the roots of how to improve the crawling and indexing of web pages.

Why to Follow Google Webmaster Central Blog?

  • The blog will relish you with tips around how to make your website crawl and index super fast.
  • It will enlighten you with topics like search consoles, AMP, robot.txt, and other things that will help you improve your Google indexing.
  • With this blog, you will pull out factors that are blocking your website from indexing on time. Which further, will help you solidify your SEO strategy from the base level.Google Webmaster

    A few more major players teaching you more about SEO!

4.2 Search Engine Journal

This bog is similar to a garden where you find a variety of flowers to pick the most suitable one. There are many different authors writing different topics and you get different voices & opinions to hear. This website gives you news along with videos to make the information more synergistic. And you can check with the comment box, where users express if something was uncovered for the respective topic.Search Engine Journal

This blog has distinct sections as SEO, Content, PPC, Social Media. In each of these sections, you will get deep-rooted insights about technical, on-page & off-page SEO, PPC campaigns, content marketing, all popular social media platforms marketing. They cover topics around Marketing analytics, digital experiences, link building, local searches, web development, optimization & marketing tools, mobile searches.

All in all, they give you deep-rooted knowledge round complete SEO & digital marketing efforts -- all from beginner’s level to advanced level.

Why to Follow Search Engine Journal?

  • The blog will enlighten you about A-Z concepts about SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media, link building, web development & optimization, Mobile responsiveness, Automated marketing, and more.
  • The platform pieces are contributed by different authors & real-life experts, which will give you more exposed knowledge & experience to rev-up your SEO & marketing efforts.

4.3 Moz

This blog is a full guide for those who are looking for something based on SEO and Inbound Marketing. This blog has a tremendous approach to divvy up the original research and Whiteboard Friday’s. This is a weekly update that comes with video podcasts for SEO advice, tools, and recommendation to follow. They also publish very advanced material to read.


The blog accepts the pieces from the industry’s top experts, wizards in the form of insights, how-tos, researches, experiences, best advice --- all to elevate your online marketing & SEO skills. They share expert resources & knowledge around SEO, content, search intent, ranking factors, page authority, Google ads, and lots of other topics to escalate your every query.

Why to follow Moz’s Blog?

  • The blog has original researched & practically implied posts around complete SEO & inbound marketing.
  • The blog will elevate your knowledge around crucial concepts of SEO, ranking, content, Adwords, search intent, and others that you should know to improve your SEO implementation strategy.

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4.4 Search Engine Land

One of the most important blogs for SEO, consisting of all of the information you are expecting. It is the fastest blog to update the news and indicates to you the ways to compete. Many experts share their understanding of one topic and you can easily find many articles to go in-depth.

Search Engine Land

They unearth you with the practical application of SEO with premier companies, the SEO do’s & don’ts, complete tutorial, tips, advice, ways from the CEOs, marketing head, authors of diverse startups or established companies. Every post you will read in this blog looks practically possible & applicable. The very short, doable length of the blogs makes you skim the knowledge on-the-go. You can definitely give this blog a try if you want to know what works & what doesn’t in SEO.

Why to follow Search Engine Land Blog?

  • The blog covers the latest news around SEO & marketing. You will find this blog’s narratives as real applications of SEO with real-time companies. This will help you peel what others are trying, to elevate their brand element.
  • The blog posts in the form of tips, tutorials, advice, from the companies, their CEO’s, marketing heads would add a broad & interesting perspective to your SEO plans. 

4.5 Search Engine Watch

The name itself suggests the activities performed on this blog. This is the most wonderful blog which watches and monitors the worldwide trend of Search Engine Optimization and shares with you. One of the best-designed blogs to keep you updated with the news and always creates new content very frequently to read.

Search Engine Watch

This blog unearths you on the concepts related to SEO, Google ranking factors, content, link building, social media SEO, PPC tips, social media ad management, analytics, social media, local searches, AMP, mobile searches, video optimization, web design & development. They draw and publish pieces from renowned bloggers or marketing heads. Every blog post is very short and skimmable.  You will find great infographics along with the content --- which makes it quite representable to read & get educated from.

Why follow the Search Engine Watch Blog?

  • Its blog posts are majorly about the latest trends & applications of SEO & web development in reality. 
  • It chalks tutorials, guides, tips on SEO, social media, PPC, web analytics, mobile SEO, web design & development, video SEO, and more.
  • A very interesting blog for beginners & experienced professionals trying to get wholesome knowledge about SEO and digital transformation journey.

4.6 Occam’s Razor

Avinash is a proficient marketing strategist, marketing evangelist for Google, and the bestselling author. He always keeps his blog full of Digital Marketing material and stuff (Digital Marketing Beast). And Occam’s Razor is his brainchild aka dedicated blog. You can keep coming to learn more about your queries and directly post your suggestions and questions for any solution over this blog.

Occam’s Razor

You will find plentiful information in his write-ups around mobile marketing & analytics, web analytics success, web analysis, user engagement, digital success, data mining, and more. You will find his blogs usually circumferencing around how to make the most from the user or target audience’s data. If you are willing to understand the behavioral traits of the audience, how to use their retrieved data to the maximum, then this blog is perfect for you.

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Why follow Occam’s Razor Blog?

  • Occam’s Razor blog is the brainchild of Avinash, who is a marketing evangelist for Google. His blog depicts clarity on web analytics success, digital success, user engagement, web analytics, mobile marketing & analytics.
  • He talks about how to address/analyze your target audience’s behavioral traits or their data in the best way. Which can be a great help, while chalking the customer persona during SEO planning.

4.7 Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute basically shares the latest news and trends, specifically suggesting the content strategy to keep yourself away from any impairment. This is a great resource for whitepapers, webinars, many guides to “How –to” and ebooks from content marketing innovators. 

The blog covers topics such as SEO, social media, strategy, audience building, visuals & video, content distribution, ROI & Measurement, and much more. They accept articles from a multitude of authors. They use a very explanative tone in their tips & how-to blogs. You will find the blogs based on content marketing, metrics, social media features & latest insights, and much more.

Why to follow the Content Marketing Institute Blog?

  • This blog is dedicated to impactful content marketing & writing tips that can directly help with soaring your SEO efforts high.
  • This blog covers content related theory for web, social media, search engine platforms, and more.
  • If you are willing to concrete your content marketing strategy for search engine visibility, you can scrutinize this blog to elevate your learning curve.

4.8 SEO Book

SEO Book is a blog that regularly publishes Google’s patent research for its visitors and deals with great learning for SEO and search engines. This blog is more into providing in-depth and technical information about search engines. SEO Book

This blog has micro to medium-sized articles that are seamless to read through. Each blog post has appealing graphics, screenshots, and videos embedded to empower the text. They cover A-Z latest updates about industries, SEO, social media to the core. You will find this blog discussing mainly about Google, its updates, ads, content marketing, traffic mix, SEO profit, aggressive monetization, and a lot of other things. And each micro to medium-sized blog has a link directing towards a standalone research document that gives you more ground-up knowledge on these SEO & social media’s brainer topics. 

Why to follow the SEO Book?

  • The blog has A-Z knowledge about Google, its algorithms, Adwords, Content Marketing, SEO profit, profit making, traffic mix, social media management, and more.
  • It has medium to micro sized blogs that give you more practical knowledge about the whole SEO & marketing concepts.
  • If you are willing to learn deeply about such topics in practical, you can go around and dive into their pool of blog posts.

4.9 SEMRush

SEMRush is a big and trustworthy name itself, doing more than blogging. They are one of the largest providers of this market for SEO site audit tools. This could be easily interpreted by their effective tools and strategy creation; they know their stuff and more about SEO than anyone else. They also allow the guest authors to portion out their knowledge and help the visitors of this blog. 

You will find oceans of expert knowledge around domains like --- SEO, Amazon SEO, Marketing, eCommerce, content marketing, social media, competitors research, brand management. All in the form of articles, news, opinion, events & lots more. SEMRush

Each blog post you will see at SEMRush is crisp to read, has a balance of rich infographics, screenshots to bring intensity for readership. Every piece is written by their in-house authors, who have carefully picked the topics that answer the users’ common query, cumulatively. 

Why follow SEMRush’s Blog?

  • Being an excellent SEO site audit tool, the platform shares great knowledge around eCommerce SEO, technical SEO, automated marketing, content marketing, social media, competitors research, brand management. 
  • Its posts are framed as articles, news, opinion, events & lots more with more skimmable content & infographics. 
  • If you are willing to read something that’s simple yet comprehensive to adopt, you can give this blog a try.

4.10 HubSpot

This is one of the best-designed blogs to keep you updated with the latest news and bites. One of the greatest things about this blog is the way it is written. You will find the information and articles in a very colloquial tone and the content in a very humanized form. This blog shares beginner to professional level knowledge around topics like SEO advice, Web, Marketing, sales prospecting, social media marketing, content management, email marketing, customer retention & experiences, sales process & qualification, and much more. HubSpot

Their blog posts consist --- informative articles, how-to guides, steps, templates. This is a complete toolkit for businesses, here as a business you will find SEO, marketing, and sales-related solutions (which is beneficial when you start approaching inbound leads). 

Why to follow the HubSpot blog?

  • The blog will give you complete knowledge around SEO, marketing, and sales as well. 
  • Its posts are drafted as simple to follow how-tos, guides, steps that are more achievable and simple for any beginner.
  • If you are looking for a blog that is very crisp, has detailed information explained in a very easy & simplified tone, you can give this blog a super try.

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4.11 Yoast


Yoast is a popular WordPress optimization tool that helps with generating meta & title tags for your post. Other than providing the tool services as a plugin to WordPress, it has a dedicated SEO blog too. That deeply discusses topics like keyword research, technical SEO, on-page & off-page SEO, mobile SEO, social media, website analysis, conversion rate optimization.

Its blog posts are presented as skimmable articles, beginner-friendly tips, end-to-end SEO guides. Which makes you get a broader perspective to improve your search engine visibility & traffic generation.

Why to follow Yoast's blog?

  • Being the most popular SEO plugin to WordPress, the platform shares wonderful knowledge around concepts like web analysis, SEO, social media, conversions, keyword planning & strategy, and more.
  • Each of its posts are quite relatable to your daily queries. By following its solution-centric posts, you can overcome your roadblocks to search engine visibility & traffic footfall.

4.12 Ahrefs


Ahref blog is another source to gather informative pieces in the format of opinions, case studies, comprehensive tutorials around SEO & Marketing --- contributed by top industry experts & marketing practitioners around the globe.  They post weekly about interesting insights & information around enterprise SEO, Technical SEO, ranking, website speed, SEO KPIs, meta descriptions, content marketing, and a lot of interesting topics that you commonly look out for.  Their blog posts are very simple to read & consume. 

Why follow  Ahrefs Blog?

  • The blog relishes you with the SEO & marketing related concepts in the form of detailed and well-researched case studies, tutorials, opinions from experts.
  • They share interesting & knowledgeable insights about concepts like technical SEO, KPIs, ranking, content, automated marketing, web speed & presence, and much more.
  • If you are looking for crisp, on-the-go learnings, you can follow their blog.

4.13 Neil Patel

 Neil Patel

This is a personalized blog that the most famous and most searched digital marketer on the Internet - “Neil Patel” writes from his personal wisdom & experiences. You will learn everything on this blog, from SEO, link building, social media, content marketing, conversions to anything you might need. You just think of a topic, and you will find it in his blog posts as detailed tutorials. Also, his every post gives you access to tried & tested SEO & marketing tools --- which is a bonus. 

Why follow Neil Patel Blog?

  • This genius brain & his blog has extreme knowledge about SEO & Marketing funnel. You will find solutions to any query (you might be thinking right now) in his blog.
  • This guy covers everything you need, based on his tried & tested experiments, be it SEO, link building, content marketing, social media management, and more.
  • Also, his every blog has access to certain free & automated tools for keywords, optimization, SEO audit, social media management, conversion optimization & more --- which is like water to tourists in the desert.
  • If you are interested in discovering insightful words as well as automated tools, you can follow his blog.

4.14 JanBask Digital Design (Our Very Own)

Our very own blog is also worth reading if you are looking for more allrounder information around topics like SEO, SMO, content, email, Ads, Social media conversions, web design & development. 

Our experts deeply analyze Google Trends to drive the most searched blog topics. We have lengthy yet skimmable blogs with every inch of information that is important for you to cover. We have beginner-friendly to advanced level guides. And the filter at the beginning of the blog helps you jump right onto the topic you are explicitly fond of learning about. 

And oh… by the time you are reading this, we will have updated new posts for you, because we bring you a frequent pool of knowledge that’s substantial to create a remarkable SEO marketing plan.

Why follow our brainchild - JanBask Digital Design?

  • We bring you well-researched & relatable solutions around SEO, Social media, content marketing, email management, brand building, web design & development trends, web security, mobile responsiveness, conversions, and much more.
  • Our blog posts give you simple & comprehensive knowledge about the topics that are crucial for your SEO & brand outreach success.
  • We distill the topics that you have most searched over the internet & couldn’t find astute responses to.

The above 14 blogs will help you in framing powerful SEO & Content Marketing strategies. If you are looking for a Digital marketing company or SEO services in Virginia, Contact Janbask Digital Design for bespoke SEO + Automated Marketing Services.   

Explore us to get your 100% workable expert SEO strategy that brings multiplying conversions & bankable revenues to your business model!

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