How to use social media for online reputation management

 5 Oct, 2015

Social media has become an ideal place when it comes to interacting with the customers and brands regarding the products or services they offer. There are instances in which brands take some very effective measures in resolving the customer problems when those problems are escalated by a customer in social media. This is because of the necessity of maintaining good online reputation in social media for businesses. It is also the best platform wherein brands can improve their online reputation management significantly.

Sharing positive reviews

A positive review by a customer in social media can help dramatically improve the online reputation for your brand. It is desirable to include notes or captions such as ‘Were we able to satisfy your expectations’ and thereby encouraging the customers to share their experiences in the social media page of your business.

Addressing consumer complaints

Most of the businesses have a separate social media account for dealing with the consumer complaints regarding the products or services offered by them. This helps create a good online reputation for the brand since customers are always interested in those businesses that value customer needs by caring them and finding time to understand and address their issues.

Sharing Real-life Examples

Try including some real-life examples by including some high-quality content where in you will be describing about how your products or services have helped someone. This helps create a personal connection between the company and the customers.

Monitoring the online presence of your brand

It is inevitable for brands to continually monitor the online presence of your website or social media page even if you are not posting anything since you never know what discussions are taking place regarding your product or service. There can be circumstances in which a customer might have posted a negative review or a complaint regarding the customer service offered by your company. It is necessary to identify such comments and give instant reply that would satisfy those customers so that it does not affect the online reputation of your brand.

Allow your employees to share content

Employees can provide a clear insight about the employee satisfaction within your company where as there might be even some employees who might post some negative comments about your website which might damage the reputation of your brand. If any of the employees are willing to post or publish good content about your brand, ensure they do so under a clear set of rules and also under the clear supervision of the management.

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