What is W3C Validation and Why it is important for your Website?

 16 Dec, 2019

What do you mean by Validation? It is one of the utmost factors in influencing the quality of web design. It allows the user to check HTML and XHTML documents/files with the defined W3c standards.

What is W3c?

The World Wide Web Consortium(W3c) is an international firm committed to improving the web. It is made up of various hundreds of member organizations from different IT sectors to work on various web issues.

It is similar to that of checking the English sentences in accordance with the grammar rules of language in which it is written. Similarly, it is the case with computer programming where there are a set of rules which are to be followed during every web designing.

Now let’s see all the factors that play an important role in the W3C validation step by step:

How W3C Validation works for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Generally, W3C validation is beneficial for SEO. Validating your website is important because there can be code errors that can cause issues in styling the website. These types of errors generally do not allow Googlebot to leave.

How can you Validate your Code?

Validate your Code?

The best way to validate your code using the W3C validation tools:

  • W3C HTML Validation: This tool allows you to validate your HTML and XHTML files by uploading the file.
  • W3C CSS Validation: This tool allows you to validate your CSS by uploading the CSS file.

The importance of W3C validation is to get rid of unnoticeable bugs and coding errors that cannot be detected. This motivates the designer to integrate new styles and templates to the website.

Why is W3C Validation Important for a Website?

importance of validation

W3C validation is basically used to check the errors occurring in website code. If you fail to validate any page on your website based on W3C standards then your website is likely to suffer from traffic and will result in poor readability.

  • Help to improve Ranking in Search Engines

W3C validation helps your website to get a better rank in the search engine. Errors and bugs in your website and coding can affect the performance and ranking of your website, search engine when searching your website to check all the HTML and XHTML codes. If a search engine finds any error i.e. invalid HTML or XHTML code that does not follow any W3C rules, then your website will not be indexed by the search engine. If there is an error on your web page then the robot will stop searching your entire website.

Below are some reasons that Google Advises to Validate HTML

Google Advises to Validate HTML

  • Affect Crawl Rate: According to Google Search Console, if there is a drop or fall in crawling and indexing then it will result in invalid HTML. If your website is having broken or invalid content on your website page then it will not be able to crawl them.
  • Impact Browser Compatibility: Another reason that google advises to validate HTML is that Google helps the use of valid HTML code to ensure proper rendering of a web page. Googlebot render your website as a web browser, so if there is proper validation of HTML your website will render across all browsers very smoothly.
  • Provide Good User Experience: Google takes user experience as the main factor in ranking the website. That’s why if your website is mobile-friendly then it will make positive user experience and will affect your website ranking. If your website has a valid HTML it will indirectly affect the user experience and will create a positive impact on user experience because your website will render more quickly.
  • Ensure that Pages Function Everywhere: If your website is having improper HTML code then it acts bizarrely. This means that the browser is making a change on how your website is rendering. Generally, the website renders smoothly but sometimes it works incorrectly.
  • Useful in Google Shopping Ads: Google Merchant Centre is a tool developed for Google Shopping Ads. Google Merchant Centre suggests using valid HTML codes.

Merchant Centre detects the price that you displaying based on the structure of your landing page. If you are using proper and correct HTML code then it will detect the correct price of the product.

  • Validation can be used as a Debugging Tool

Validation tells you where are the errors in your code. If your website is displaying any error or is not responding then a validator will figure out where you are facing the problem and what is the cause of the error. Keep in mind that an invalid code might look fine in your document but may show an error on another browser this is because of the wrong code provided by you.

  • Ensure that your Website is Multiple-Browser Compatible

If you want to introduce multiple-browser compatibility to your website then you should use valid HTML codes. It has been observed that if a website is not validated properly then it becomes difficult to access the website on various browsers which will affect the accessibility among the audience. But is your website is properly validated then it will open seamlessly on any browser without any error?

  • Promotes Ethical Programming Practice

If you are using validation properly and correctly, then you can get used to ethical programming practice. If you practice and promote ethical programming then you are able to create error-free codes and feasible web solutions, which will help you in designing an attractive website.

  • Easy to Maintain and Code

A website that follows proper validation rule using W3C is formatted well and you are able to edit easily and it becomes easy for a designer to add a new page to the website. What are Important Factors for a Successful Ecommerce Business.

Now let’s discuss the advantages of W3C Validation:

advantages of W3C Validation

  • Web-Traffic: It is important for you to know that Google or any search engine gives you more traffic if your website has valid code than to those who do not have valid HTML code. If your website does not have proper valid code, it becomes a bit difficult for the audience to read the site and you might lose your potential traffic.
  • Professionalism: Your website is an extension of your brand. So, you should always make sure that your website is validated properly which will attract the audience and increase your website traffic.
  • Faster Loading: If you remove unnecessary code it will help to create smaller or fewer pages which will help your website to load more quickly. Fast loading allows a better user experience which will help in increasing the website traffic and will increase website ranking.


Keep in mind that every website should meet W3C standards if it is possible for them. It is not the only correct way to enhance the appearance of the website, but it has a long-lasting benefit also like extending website life expectancy, compatible with the various browsers, and much more.

If you are designing or redesigning a website you should always follow these W3C validation rules to make your website rank on the search engine and increase your website traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Just see all the points mentioned above and start working on the validation part of the website.

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